Saturday, 31 March 2012

Recipe 5 : Margherita Pizza

I am a big fan of Italian food.I love Italian food,and I love cooking it.
Here is a recipe of Margherita Pizza.
It's very simple and you won't miss trying it!

White Flour
A spoon of yeast

Tomato paste
Mozarella Cheese
Olive Oil
Basil leaves
Black Pepper

How to make

1.Mix flour with yeast,salt and water for making pizza dough.
2.Leave it for about 30 minutes at room temperature.
3.In the meantime,pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes or so.
4.When the dough is ready,spread it on a baking pan,or plate
4.Grease the pizza dough with olive oil
5.Spread the tomato paste,and oregano(optional) and put few Italian Basil leaves(I didn't find basil leaves,so I didn't put them on.Basil will give a good Italian pizza smell).
6.And then spread the mozarella cheese.
7.Lastly,put some drops of olive oil and bake at 180 degress for 12-15 minutes(not too long)
8.When the pizza is ready,put the black pepper and it's ready!

Friday, 30 March 2012

My Proclamation

I’ve been meaning to write this as a reminder to myself and to anyone that also is contemplating with the same problem as mine.
I have been thinking many times,that my life isn’t just about buying clothes,wearing them,and dying in them one day.

I have one secret,well,technically my dream that I was always afraid if I might just leave my current job now to pursue my desire.I always wanted to be a visual merchandiser,or personal stylish and shopper because of my interest in fashion.
As much as I want that,I know that I wasn’t born to be just one.I was an engineering student and my hardcore now and then always involves engineering and I do love my job very much.

That said,I have plan to expand my career future one day to a bigger and renown company like Mercedes or Borsch if I ever made my way to Europe/Germany one day(Even Ramon doesn’t really know about this I’m sure).
But,in my past time,I make fashion as my focal subject,to mainly have fun and because I love beauty,inspiration and being creative with what I pick for myself.Or,once or twice,create my own originality by making my own fashion statement ;-)

What I do realize is,I have become one of those girls that desire for everything that I believe,almost none of them are items I really  need.It’s just, I crave for something beautiful and I told myself,I must get one.

My finance is quite stable for me to do that,but I am afraid that this might become the one path of life I will live,and at the end of the road,I realize,clothes are not everything I ever wanted in my life.More than that,I need an accomplished life,with future husband and kids,and a stabile and very enhanced career future.Who wouldn’t want that?

Well,I talk a lot now,but the main point I want to highlight here is,I really want to stop massive shopping.I have been a big spender long enough.Long enough since I first went to college and until now,I cannot stop my shopping habit.

To achieve that,I want to proclaim here,that I don’t really want to do massive shopping anymore(can I do that? :P),and be wise with my finance,be more creative like saving more money and go travel around the world,or buy something more beneficial to me and others like buying gifts for more people,or donate money to people in need(Then at this point I do realize,I don’t mind to spend RM100 just on some cloth,but I do mind to spend RM50 to donate to people in need,bad ,bad me)

So,for that,in my future entries,you’ll be finding the label of clothes(mainly),and shoes,I’ll be putting the “last seen here” description with the link of the entry that you last saw me wearing the respective clothes.

How’s that sound to you?By doing this,I believe it will help me from doing massive shopping because you will have idea what is new and what’s not from my entry.If it’s totally new or the first time I wear it,I will indicate as “new”.

Why don’t we be more creative and instead of shopping new clothes everytime,we recycle what we already have,and mix match creatively(at least this point applied to me :P)

And ,I really,really want to organize more gieveaways to people out there,people who read my blog(including you silent readers :P),so I’d like to know your opinion about  this?Do you agree if I do giveaways?

Let’s see how long can I survive this mission :P
But,I do not want to hold my desire so long until I vomit or become sleepless thinking about one thing I really like but do not want to buy because that will just kill me :P

So,people,let’s be more creative !

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Yay or Nay?

I am bored wearing dress with skinny jeans.Today I tried dress with palazzo.What do you think?Yay or Nay?

Jacket:Unbranded/Dress:F21/Palazzo:Thepoplook/Sandals:F21/Bag:Mango/Bracelets:H&M and Random

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Butterflies in the pit of my stomach

Out  for movies alone today.Not much to say today,
just,I miss my baby boo so much.

We've been on distance long enough :(

Till then.
Top:H&M/Blazer:Unbranded/Pants:H&M/Bracelet:H&M and random/Bag:Mango/Shoes:F21

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hot Air Balloon

Well,today hasn't ended just yet,because after a visit to my company's event this morning,in the evening we decided to go to the Hot Air Balloon festival taking place in Putrajaya.

Not so much too say,nothing much to see or to enjoy.We can hardly see any balloon in the air but we didn't give up just that easily.

According to Ramon,he was there in 2010 and said the climax of the event happened at night when they released many balloons to the air and the sky was full with hot air balloons like lanterns or lighters at night.

That just didn't happen too until we decided to leave because we were just starved  :P

Nevertheless,for the rest of the day,it was still fun.


@Proton Power Of 1

As weekend arrived,I planned to go to my company's big event, "Power Of 1" held at Bukit Jalil Stadium with my friend.

Bur rather than being a visitor to this event,I presented myself as a spoke person to my friend by explaining to her about Proton's project ,Research and Development .Not bad,not bad :P

My friend said my explanation was rather easily understood and attracted her interest in knowing more about our nation's automotive industry.

Eventhough I felt like someone went missing,and the reason why could be that we went there on the second last day,so not many interactive things take place today,but I hope visitors could learn something new about our automotive industry in Malaysia.

So,if you haven't headed there,hurry up because tomorrow is the last day.Besides,it's free!

Speaking of my outfit today,I wore Dian Pelangi's Balloon Top I purchased last week.There are many other colors as well,but this one has taken my attention the most.

Gonna head to Hot Air Balloon soon,perhaps ;-)


Top:Dian Pelangi/Pants:H&M/Bracelets:H&M/Bag:Fossil/Shoes:Payless

Friday, 16 March 2012

Proton Power Of 1

My apologies for writing this a bit late.I was real busy starting on Monday until Thursday participating an adjoined training and finally I have a little time to write about this event here. 

I know it's school holidays and think this is the best time to spend time with your family,bring your kids(if you have any) or your spouses or partners and come to our Power Of 1 event held at Bukit Jalil Stadium to promote our brand,Proton and to give chance to our Malaysian people of an exposure to automotive industry in Malaysia,what's the latest technology trends and what development that Proton is up too at the moment. 

You'll be able to have a sneak peak at out soon-to-be launched model and I was informed the model soft launch took place several days ago. 3 more days people!

I will be there myself too,so please come.

*For more info,please  visit

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Recipe 4 : Mushroom Fried Rice

My interest in cooking has become visible lately.Today it poured cats and dogs and I was real starving,so I cooked mushroom fried rice.

I leave you with the recipe here


Rice(cook first)
Shitake mushrooms as many as you like
Red chili
Green chili
Red onion

How to make 

1.Blend Red chili,green chili,red onion and garlic and this will be used as fried rice paste
2.First saute the paste above for  few minutes until strong smell pokes your nose and you'll sneeze :P(seriously,I sneezed during cooking)
3.Put chicken,and let it cook for a while
4.Put rice and mushrooms
5.Lastly season with salt.

@ Dian Pelangi's Newly Opened Boutique

Hello peeps! 
Happy sunday everyone.As the title suggests,I was at Dian's tutorial session this morning though I was wayyyy late due to some reason. It's not a good beginning this morning,I was rushing to her boutique in Bangsar,no time to choose any proper outfit,and to make things worse,I had a stomach upset while driving there.

When I arrived,I had eye sore due to air-cond in the car and  cracked lips when I forgot to bring my lipbalm. My advice is,always be prepared the night before the event,don't silent your phone to make you awake on time in the morning,and foremost,always be punctual for an event like this because it doesn't wait for you. 

 Anyway,I had a lovely time at Dian's boutique,and gosh she is so stunning in real life.Oh,did I mention she is also super tall, and so slender? 

 But what attracted me the most about this girl is her humbleness and friendliness to everyone coming to her event.We even spoke like we've been knowing for ages (Ok,I exaggerate a bit,because I was still shy to meet and talk to  her in real!) 

 Today we had a little pot of luck because every purchase(not includes scarves) was given 10% off,and so I picked 2 items to bring home with me today. 

 Oh,oh,I forget to tell,I met Wawa Tasliman,a blogger fellow and she is so pretty too.I got most of the info about this event from her,and thanks for that,Wawa ;-)

 Later that day,we had a brunch at Alexis and chit-chatted with each other. So,guys head to Dian's boutique and check out her gorgeous collections by yourself!

Wawa and Ayu,a colleague

She is a real beauty,isn't she?

I Picked one of those to bring home

Wondering how will I look like in Dian's collections

Maxi Dress:H&M/Scarf:Mango/Bracelet:H&M/Jacket:Unbranded

Please visit her boutique here:
No 17-2 Jln Telawi 2,Bangsar (Opposite to La Bodega)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Make Kony Famous

Let's spread the word.Show our support by making Kony famous,making our world a better place to live in.

Please take a look at this documentary and put ourselves in these Ugandan kids' shoes,and imagine how suffering their lives have been over 2 decades ago.When the other part of the world is connected with each other more easily each day with the most spectacular technologies on earth,this part of the world becomes invisible to us and little that we know,they have greater human issue that needs help from each of us to solve.

Please spread this video and let them live peacefully,it's our responsibilities now.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Recipe 3 : Sweet Sour Chicken

It has been long time ago since I last cooked and posted the recipe up here.
Sorry guys.But here I am back again with another simple recipe for you to try out ;-)

Today I cooked Sweet Sour chicken,only to realize I forgot pineapple,as pineapple is the main ingredient for this recipe,hence explains why its name is Sweet Sour Chicken.Well,of course,you also need chicken :P


Chicken breast (cut into cubes)
Corn starch/Corn flour
Red Pepper
Red Onion
Chili Sauce
Black Pepper

How to cook

1.To prepare chicken fillets,mix chicken with corn starch and fry until they turn brown.
2.Remove chicken onto a plate and heat a little bit of oil in the frying pan.
3.Put Garlic and fry for a  few minutes and later on add water.
4.Put all the vegetables and let them cook for a while.
5.Put ketchup,chili sauce,salt and sugar.
6.Put chicken,mix well,and lastly season with black pepper.
7.Tadaa!Our Sweet Sour Chicken is ready.And serve it with rice!

*You can also substitute chicken with fish fillet*

Happy Birthday Sweet Scent!

Today is my blog's 1st year!How time flies,when I was a little bit reluctant to start a fashion blog on my own a little bit over a year ago,I was encouraged by many people and inspired by fashion bloggers themselves that I have nothing to be afraid of,and so I decided to open up this blog.

Many thanks to my sweetheart,Ramon,for always encouraging me to do what I love to do in life and without him,I would never have courage to start fashion blogging,to my best friend,Sabrina for always going through good and bad times with me,to my sisters who were also my photographers at the beginning of this blog,to my parents,and not forget to everyone of you,my lovely readers.

Though I'd rather describe myself as a shy cat,who don't really want to expose about either myself or this blog to the eye of the world,but I have taken a baby step at the beginning and turned it into a big step.

Once again, thank you for keep coming back here,reading and to those who commented on my posts,I appreciate every single effort by you,guys.