Saturday, 29 November 2014


It feels just like yesterday I met my first born and she was so tiny and too fragile for me to handle.And next week she'll turn 4 mnths old already.

How time flies.And because of that feeling,I sometimes feel the little sadness inside me that my baby girl grows too fast and I wish that she could slow down on that a lil bit :P

Mother's dilemma.

Too much to expect from a soon-going-to-be-4-month-old baby.Today you see she's behaving this way,next you'll see she'll be behaving totally different :)

As parents,we feel so grateful with this gift,seeing her growing up each day is very exciting and full of surprises on what's coming next.

Alhamdulillah,as far as we've seen,she's a very strong and healthy little girl and we pray that she'll have an easy way ahead.

Mama and papa love you so much,little darling :)

Anything for you,just for you.

Bosch Parkhaus,do you know that Bosch originates from Stuttgart?

My OOTD that gets simpler each day :P

"Higher papa!with mama's no fun,coz she's short"

The remaining of Autumn this year

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A little Excursion

Salam guys,
Last weekend was a lucky time for us as we had a perfect weather and for that,we decided to go for a little excursion to an old fortress castle not far from Stuttgart.

We took the countryside road and were served with beautiful scenery along the way.

It was a lovely day,indeed :)

 Burg Hohenzollen

 Road to the top of the hill

 Burg Hohenzollen on top of the hill

Monday, 17 November 2014

Colors of Autumn

We had a wonderful 7-week-holiday in Malaysia,and now we're back in our little crib here in Stuttgart.
As it's the fall season these days,we didn't want to take it for granted,because it will be leaving in a week or two,so we had a stroll in a forest not far from our home on Sunday.It's also not that usual that we're gonna have a perfect day with a perfect weather.

Bringing Alayna out to experience her first Autumn!
It was a nice day,indeed.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur

Salam guys,
After Kuala Terengganu,we continued our journey to Cherating and had an overnight stay there before we were off to the heart city of Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur.In KL,we had chance to visit many of our favourite places and eat our favourite food ,that some we have been craving a lot since in Germany and we also met some of old friends here and there.

I had the chance myself to meet former colleagues in Proton Shah Alam and it was nice moment,indeed.

With my best friend since high school who was also the photographer of this blog since the beginning

KL was so rainy in late evening when we were there

 Brought Alayna to our favourite place,lake Gardens

Lake Gardens

Petaling Street

Us in front of KLCC

Been craving for Tony Roma's ribs since I was pregnant with the lil one

From LRT station

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Aidiladha and Alayna's Aqiqah

Salam guys,
It was indeed a nice raya Aidiladha celebration this year for the rest of our family.Last year I reached Germany on the day of Aidiladha and only celebrated it with my dear husband,this year we got the chance to celebrate it with my family.

The next day after Aidiladha was Alayna and her papa's Aqiqah day,we made a feast with around 200 guests coming,and she was all dolled-up that day as a little princess.

More pictures to sum up the events.Till then guys.

Our little Family

Anak manja papa

"See,I can give a flying kick!"

On Raya Aidiladha 

I've long craved for nasi kenduri