Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Welcoming Spring

Welcoming spring with the new face of our living room.
We spent most of our time of the day lounging on the couch and for that matter,living room is like the most important place of the house.

I have started redecorating our living room since my early pregnancy,that time I needed a new environment in coping with my morning sickness :P

Later I have started to change here and there until we came up to decorate it like in the pictures.Well,this will depend on my mood.In the future I might change here and there again because my mood also changes with season :P

Till then.

It's tulip season these days.Our house is always cherished by them :)

The dining table.Had to remove the rug under the table due to Alayna always dirts it :P

I love to put real plants in the house,and from my observation,ppl here like to grow plants in their house and now I'm a new follower :)

Monday, 30 March 2015

Midnight Shopping Fest

Can't wait for April as we are patiently waiting for several events.First my husband will start his parental leaves in the whole month,and for that matter we have few travel series to complete.

And April is also the month of our knowing-each-other anniversary.This year we'll turn 5 :)

Just on Saturday,we went to the city center to buy a buggy stroller for Alayna for our convenience when going travelling.

We got one and went home because it was  a midnight shopping day,so apparently there were so so many people.

Can't wait for our road trip again next week.

Till then,bye.

Finally time to bring my sunnies out

She was chewing her favourite brezel when I snapped the picture,thus the face

"mak kau dah kenapa?"

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Hello guys,
March is coming to its end,and I haven't written up so many stories so far.
It has been that moment that I need to pay extra attention to my little daughter.She is a lot active these days and only few seconds of letting her to play alone could also lead her to be in danger.

Just like several days ago,we found out her new "achievement".She started to climb up the stairs to the top!

On Tuesday,however,we were in Bonn,the old capital city of Germany before Berlin.
There we had chance to visit the city center,and my husband showed me several government buildings including the residence of the chancellors and presidents before.

We also went to the National German historical museum and lastly we went to buy some souvenir at Haribo factory outlet!

We brought back a lot of jellies and they were all halal(vegetarian/vegan friendly)

Till then people.
Altes Rathaus/old city hall

The statue of Beethoven as Bonn was the birth home of this famous composer

Me in Haribo gallery

Cherry blossoms come early in Bonn,but not yet in Stuttgart

Ocean of Daffodils!

Those jellies!