Thursday, 9 July 2015

Travel : Budapest,Hungary Part 2

Some more pictures of Budapest.There is however,a difficulty when we were there.The limited choice of halal food.We came across few turkish shops,but most of them are doubted that they serve halal food.But at the end,we did find one where I saw few malay looking people inside the shop and some surah verses displayed inside the shop itself.

As for the baby facilities,this city is still lack of it,or maybe we overlooked.I did not find any single baby changing room and only had to change Alayna on the grass.But those did not stop us from enjoying this city.

InsyaAllah,if we get chance again in the future,we will for sure come back to this beautiful city.

The German-Malay girl wearing baju kurung top in Budapest,her papa's idea :P

St.Stephan Basilica

Heroes' square,to commemerate the formation of  Hungarian state

One of the oldest metro systems in the world is believed to be the one in Budapest

Both Buda and Pest side seen from on top of Gellert Hill

Pest side over Danube

The famous statue of Citadella on top of Gellert Hill

Family Selfie.I think before the word selfie exists,everyone did this very shot and it was not a big deal at all until everyone starts calling it "selfie" :P

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Travel : Budapest,Hungary Part 1

Budapest is the first Eastern European city I've been to.To be honest,I always had a doubt to go traveling to an eastern european city,but Budapest proved me wrong.

We had a really great time in Budapest despite the weather.As the trip was a memorable one,I'm sure we will travel to more eastern side in the future :)

A little fact of Budapest.

Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank, with Pest on the east bank.
Cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Budapest's extensive World Heritage Site includes the banks of the Danube.

Well,one and half day there was definitely not enough to explore the city,but I tell ya,Budapest is a city with its own uniqueness,its own kind of architecture,many of its historical buildings and its metro system which is believed to be the oldest in the world.

Well,let's explore Budapest from the pictures :)

Matthias Church on the Buda side

Husband took a break at Fisherman's Bastion,a place worth a visit on the Buda side overlooking the Pest side.

Me at Fisherman's Bastion overlooking the unique parliament building on Pest side

The Hungarian Parliament.If only we had extra time,we would have taken a tour inside as it was a very amazing architecture from inside according to my husband who was in this city a couple of years ago

Fisherman's Bastion

At the entrance of Buda Castle which today serves as a museum

The famous Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest sides crossing the Danube river

I personally think that Budapest is all about the scenic view mainly because of the Danube River.I really enjoyed the view of it during our short trip

The Parliament building

Parliament from close after we crossed the river by metro

Monday, 6 July 2015

Travel : Vienna Part 2

Part 2 and last for Vienna trip.
Vienna is quite a big city and it offers many interesting places.If we had a longer holiday,we would have definitely spent more time in this city.

On the second day,we went to one of the famous castles in Vienna,which is also the UNESCO world heritage site,Schloss Schönbrunn(Castle Schönbrunn).It has a quite large garden going up hill and the visitors can top off the scenery of the castle with Vienna city as the background from there.

This castle is not much different than any other castles I've ever visited in Germany and this castle is also attached to the Vienna zoo.

In Vienna halal food cafes are scattered all over places.So do not worry and there are many choices of food variation too,from turkish to middle east to Indian and what not.We had Indian and Lebanese food while we were there.

Vienna is also famous of its old amusement park that ages more than 100 years,and the original ferris wheel that has been operating since its opening over a decade ago is still there and still operates well.

Till then people.

The original giant ferris wheel at Prater,Vienna

We went to the Donau River for a sightseeing but most of the river bank is privatized,so we walked and stumbled upon this lake.The curvey double buildings on the right side is the UN buildings

Selfie at Schloss Schönbrunn

Schloss Schönbrunn

Schloss Belvedere,another famous castle in Vienna