Saturday 26 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Salam guys,
This year's christmas we decided to stay at home rather than going traveling somewhere.Well,we have travel plans after New year,tough,and we're expecting some guests tonight.So we as the hosts already planned several things to do and places to visit!It's gonna be a lot fun!

Last year we were at in laws' house on christmas,but this year we skipped christmas :P
We hope to make it again at their place next year.

Although we were just at home,husband cooked us a special german dish for the Xmas lunch called "Chicken Schnitzel" or for us Malaysians known as chicken chop but the chicken is cooked different way.Always enjoy this simple but tasty dish.

After that we decided to take a stroll at a hill nearby since weather was perfectly warm and sunny.Talking about weather,it feels weird that we have a very warm winter this year.As much as I hate winter coldness,but I have to be honest,I kinda miss it,especially the snow.

Well,winter is still long,so let's wait for the winter wonderland to arrive :)

How was your christmas holiday spent?

Chicken Schnitzel,the chicken is made flat by using special kitchen hammer,and then coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried with either vegetable fat or oil.


On top of the Birkenkopf.See how sunny the weather was.One can even see as far as the mountain yesterday from here

After coming home,I decided to make Eikrapfen/Egg Choux that is quite famous here during christmas season.Last year in Cologne,I ate tons of these and miss them,so I googled some easy recipe and started whipping the ingredients.

The texture of Eikrapfen from inside.It is the same ingredients used for making cream puff that is famous in Malaysia,but instead of baking them in the oven,I deep-fried them and coat with sugar like classical donuts.


Friday 25 December 2015

Travel : Berlin Day 1

Last 2 or 3 weeks(I don't even remember anymore :P),we went to Berlin,the capital city of Germany.It was my second time there since November 2013.I am always in love with this city because it offers a lot of things to see and do,ranging from history,culture,arts,shopping and eating!!

This time though,we decided to walk around town to enjoy the landmarks of the city.Surprisingly,we didn't go to any museum this time although Berlin is the home to many kinds of museums.We visited many already last time,and this time my husband was also not so interested in visiting any of them.

I was fine anyway,and to show him my appreciation for bringing me to Berlin again,I decided that we go to the famous Berliner Zoo our last day there.He is a big fan of zoos!It was also the second time of zoo experience for Alayna,as her first time was when she was just a few months old,that time she couldn't understand much what was around her :P

So,we started our first day very early because we planned to visit many places,and also because in winter,the day gets shorter,so we wanted to use the best of the daylight as possible.

The first place we went was Alexander Platz.This is the largest public plaza in Berlin and was an important landmark to the east of Germany before the reunification of west and east in 1989.Not far from here is the Berlin Fernsehturm/TV Tower and well basically famous as a shopping district

"Buddy Bear" scattered all over Berlin,and I found one here at Alexander Platz

Fernsehturm/TV Tower.At first we wanted to go up the tower but seeing the loooong queue we cancelled our mind :P

The world clock globe at the plaza,spot KL!

After that,we decided to explore Berlin the best by walking.Berlin is a big city and it's impossible for us to explore every inch of it by just walking,so other than walking we also took the metro to go to some places.But,I'd like to recommend to people to explore Berlin if possible by walking because there're a lot of things you'll miss on the way.

And Berlin is the home to many cool cafes,so if you need some refreshments after some long walks,you can always stop at any cafe and have a cup of coffee or tea.

We started walking from Alexander Platz passing by the famous Rotes Rathaus/Red city hall which was also in the east from post war till 1989,and later passing the Berliner Dom and the Museumsinsel/Museum Island until we arrived at one of the many Xmas markets in Berlin called Gendamenmarkt.

Berliner Dom

Museumsinsel.Given such name because it houses many museums on one island.Pergamon art Museum is one of the most visited museums in Berlin located on this island

Here is the Gendamen Xmas market as recommended by a friend.We even had to pay 1 euro each to enter the market but to be honest,nothing so interesting sold here.

After Gendamenmarkt,we walked some more until Charlie Checkpoint,one of the most famous tourist spots in Berlin.This was also the most famous principal checkpoint amongst others that separated the US and the Russian sectors post war.Not far from this checkpoint is Mauer Museum/Berlin Wall Museum,a private museum that collects all the details and history of the demolished Berlin Wall 1961-1989.We paid a visit last time and I suggest to others to visit this museum if you're interested in the history of the wall because it is very informative.

Entering the "US Sector"

People queuing up to take pictures with the playing armies,visitors have to pay few euroes in order to get some pictures with them

After Checkpoint Charlie,we decided to go check for some coffee at Potzdamer Platz,so we walked till there and passing by some remnants of the Berlin Wall next to the former location of GESTAPO(The Secret Nazi State Police) and the Museum of the Topoghraphy of Terrors,a museum that documenting all kinds of Third Reign brutality and cruelty during the war.I visited this museum last time but finished only half of it cause I couldn't stand to see all the brutal pictures of the victims of the WWII.

The remnants of the Berlin Wall

Another Christmas market at Potzdamer Platz/Plazza

At Sony Center,Potzdamer Platz

After some refreshments,we walked some more towards the direction of Brandenburger Tor,the iconic landmark of Berlin and stopped by at the Jewish Holocaust Memorial,not far from Brandenburger Tor on the way there.

As from what I read,this memorial is to commemorate the estimated 6 millions of Jewish and minorities who were killed in WWII under the reign of Nazi.

The Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Brandenburger Tor

Many flowers in commemoration of the deceased victims of the recent terror attacks in Paris in front of France embassy not far from Brandenburger Tor

 Not far from Brandenburger Tor is also a very important building in all Germany,Reichstag,the german Parliament.This is where the Parliament members incuding the Republic Cansellor have their debates and any official works take place.We had a private tour last time we were here to learn about the organisation of the parliament,and were accessed to go up the glass roof top(as seen in the picture) to enjoy the night scene of Berlin.This time though,we just had a stroll at the open field in front to take some pictures.

Alayna's first time in front of Reichstag

After Reichstag,we walked till the central station of Berlin crossing the Spree River.First time here and I was mesmerized by how big the Berlin main station is.It's nothing compared to Stuttgart Main Station.We'll see until the S21 project is finished,how big and facilitated the main station in Stuttgart would be.

Crossing the Spree River to the main station of Berlin

The giant christmas tree inside Berlin Main Station

From the main station,we took the rapid train to Friedrichstrasse,because from what I read,this is a historical station during the war where the first train will transport the jewish kids to the concentration camps all over Germany and its territories that time.

Friedrichstrasse station,the starting point of either "death" or "life".Here is where the jewish kids were sent off their "roads of destiny".To either continue their live in England or sent to the concentration camps to be terminated.

After this point,we had a quite empty stomach,so we decided to eat at our favourite indian/pakistan cafe in Berlin called Zam Zam restaurant.This cafe is generous with indian food selections,big portions and most importantly,affordable!

I had Butter Chicken Masala,while husband had Lamb Madras

Night was still early,so we decided to go to another christmas market in Berlin in front of the famous Charlottenburg Castle.Upon arrival,we explored the freaking big market,and this is by far the most interesting christmas market we came to in Berlin.

Christmas concert in front of Schloss Charlottenburg

End of our first day in Berlin.
Till next post guys!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Weekend : Nuremberg Xmas Market

Assalam guys,
This is my third post for this month when we already entered the last 10 days of December :P
I was a bit busy before this preparing for my theoretical exam to obtain my driving license and afterwards,after some time off from blogging I found myself losing the mojo for a while :P

Although I have a lot to tell you guys about.Last 2 weeks we were in Berlin and since this is the christmas season,we went to a number of Xmas markets all over Germany.Germany is famous for having the worldwide famous Xmas markets,and one of them is Nuremberg Xmas market.

This is our second time since last 2 years.This Xmas market is a good place to find local "Lebkuchen",or widely known as gingerbread cookies as there are several local manufacturers producing it,and one of them belongs to my friend's family.We found the Lebkuchen from my friend's family is pretty good,so we bought for us and some friends.

And here also another attraction and difference than any other Xmas markets is the Kids Christmas market .Well,Kids and little rides are inseparable.This time we let Alayna ride the choochoo train and the carousel :)

She was so happy but understood that we had to go afterwards as she didn't cry after we left :)

To the Xmas Market we go!

Kids Christmas market

"My first train ride!"

Waving at mama from the carousel

Secrety wishing for another ride.Next time ok , baby

This is the Nuremberg Xmas Market where all the hidden gems are