Thursday, 30 January 2014


Salam guys,
Hope everyone is doing fine.
I am finally in my 2nd trimester.Upon entering 12th week,my morning sickness faded away a little bit,but starting the 13th week,it came back again,but not as bad as the first trimester.

I am glad and thankful for the opportunity given by Allah to carry this baby.My sickness is nothing compared to this beautiful gift God granted for me.

And with me finishing my exam with flying colors a couple of days ago proves that I can still do all things good like ever before :)

Hope this baby will also learn a lot while attending the class with me :P.All I need to teach him/her is to be able to speak malay,his/her other mother tongue :P

It has been almost a month since my last update about my Italy trip during Christmas holiday.After Pisa we went to some more places like Vincci,the birthplace of the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci,and later we went to Florence/Firenze,another famous city in Italy.

So,before I will forget about my trip there,here are some overal pictures of the city.

We'll continue with my Italy trip next time,and I will let you know the last destination I went to which was also my favourite city out of all Italian Cities we went to.Can you guess where?

The city art approved by City Hall.You'll see this interesting artwork everywhere in the city

And Italy is famous of its small cars,like this one

Thursday, 16 January 2014

I'm back!

Salam guys,
I'm trying hard to get my blogging mojo back.Last time I said I may shut this blog down for uncertain reasons.

Well,I have certain reasons for that.But when to think of it back,I feel guilty because once I was very fond of setting this blog to emphasize my interest in fashion,travel and recipes,but in a matter of a second I wanted to shut it down.

Sounds stupid,I know :P

Well,my condition doesn't permit me to blog frequently these days,I am not feeling the best in the moment since December last year,and at some point I also feel I am not my normal self these days.

The reason why is because......


Finally,I have the guts to break this news.It has been almost 3 months already(today little bean inside me is 11 weeks and 2 days old).

Throughout this pregnancy so far,I felt worried almost all the time because this is my first experience in my lifetime,and during this 3 months my body went through very little changes,I thought "Am I really pregnant?" until last week when we met my doctor in charge here,and the moment she showed me the picture of our little baby,I knew for sure I am pregnant :)

 Our little baby at 10 weeks

I always wanted this baby,well,that's natural for married couple to brighten their lives with the presence of their own offsprings.

I admit that being far away from Malaysia,my family and my friends had somehow taken my good mood away.

I was very homesicked to the core,I was happy at one moment and cried the next until my husband didn't know what to do with me.

 Mutterpass(Mother passport) that document all infos about my health and baby's health till delivery

Alhamdulillah,I don't have any bad allergy during this pregnancy like vomitting,but I have little nausea,butterflies in the stomach,constipation,very bad starving and I feel exhausted easily.

But,I never regret a single minute of this pregnancy,because I knew I will love this baby very much.

 We keep my pregnancy journey in a diary so that when our baby is big,he/she can read about my pregnancy of him/her

Well,my stomach still hasn't showed,I pretty much look like the same person as I was before,and I guess from now on,I will post POOTD(Pregnancy outfit of the day!).

Till then guys,
Doakan saya selamat mengandungkan dan melahirkan.Amin.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2013 Wrap-up

Oh,my,where is my blogging mood gone to?Each day I told myself that I need to update this site,and what I did was,"Never mind,tomorrow will still come".

Guess approaching 3 years writing in this blog has somehow dragged my focus of life away.Too long already.And as the first time you knew me from this blog about 3 years ago,I am not who I am today.

Married,living in another country nowadays,and the biggest change is that I have more priorities these days than what this blog supposed to be for since its early purposes.

Fashion is still my passion,though I have lost that a bit tad,travel somehow has taken over most of my blog posts since October this year,and yes,family is another story of mine these days.Not that we already have a big family ,but my husband is the biggest element of me now.

 Singapore,March 2013

Germany,end of 2013

France,Dec 2013

Italy,Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

2013 had also changed my life 360 degrees.

From being a single lady to a married lady,meaning also the end of our long-distance relationship for the past 2.5 years and me moving to Germany.

 Our wedding,August 2013

 Moving to Stuttgart,Germany,October 2013

All happened within just few months,and what can I say?My life is perfect now,small hassles come and go with time,but hey,that's what we call life,isn't it?

Not just that,I am one lucky girl to be able to learn foreign languages in my life for a good reason.Starting with Japanese I firstly learned about 10 years ago(which somehow my japanese becomes poorer and poorer each day :( ) and now I am learning German to adapt my life and be able to speak German,generally.

A language I never thought I would learn.

2013 had also thought me to cook more on my own and tried as many new recipes as I can.And especially with me moving to Germany nowadays,where the access of Malaysian food is close to zero here,I had no choice but to cook on my own,and these days my craving for Malaysian food has gone uncontrolled :P

Well,nak makan kenalah masak sendiri kan.

2013 is also a year when I finally resigned from my job position after being with my company,our beloved Proton for 4.5 years.Sad?Yes,I was and still am.Can't believe that I am now jobless,moneyless and on top of that,I missed my friends there so badly that have gone through ups and downs with me :(

Last but not least,when I was overwhelmed with so much joy and fun in 2013,I woke up one day with a gruesome illness I never thought I would get.Sudden Hearing Lost and Tinnitus.

Who would though a healthy and still young person like me could develop such an illness?I myself couldn't believe it.

Now I accepted it as a part of my life.I don't think it will disappear that easily,even if it would,it will take years.

I started 2014 with another joy of life,and hope it'll continue like this for more years to come.

And,one thing that I'd hope for is that,I will still have passion to write this blog,as it happened to me few times already,that I felt the urge to shut it down.

Well,for uncertain reasons.

Hope I would not.

 I wish you all a very good new year,may it bring more joy and happiness in your life.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Leaning Tower,Pisa

Happy New Year to you guys.First time celebrated the new year in Europe,but my home Malaysia is always the nearest in my heart.

We're now in Venice for two days,honestly,Venice is the most beautiful city I've ever been in Italy.
But before that,some pictures here from our trip to the Leaning Tower in Pisa.

As you can see it was a bright beautiful day and we had a nice day out and not forget,had our almost daily routine while being in Italy,eating Gelato!

Till then guys,

I forced my husband to do this pose :P

Last but not least,