Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Salam all,
How are you guys doing?And how is your Ramadan so far?Sad that it's coming to the end pretty soon,and with the world tragedies that had happened and is happening in the world really give a big knock in the head,especially we, as muslims feel the agony of what is happening in Gaza,and the latest,another MAS airplane ill-fated tragedy that killed innocent souls.

Let's remember them in our prayers!

Last post about my trip to Holland last April.The next day after Amsterdam we went to Keukenhof,the largest tulips garden in Europe,and a fact about this garden is that,it is only opened 2 months in a year,starting from March till May,which I think is the peak season of tulips.

It was a lovely day,and I think I had tulip-headache that day,haha.

Till then.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

She's almost there...

This week,I already entered my 37th week of pregnancy,meaning also my baby is in full-term and she can arrive anytime soon.Still around 3 weeks to my EDD,but hopefully my baby will come sooner than later as my family is coming over in 10 days!

Fasting month is also very great for both of me and my husband,although sometimes,it really takes on my survival skills, as the long period of fasting here.But,I guess I can still cope as the weather these days really helps us a lot,it' s summer time here,but not as summery as one could expect,it's mild weather,not too hot and I just love the summer here.

Remember my summer days back in Japan,it was not as lovely as the weather here or in Malaysia.

I wish you all the best,guys!
Till then.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Salam guys,
how is your fasting so far?For me all goes well,though I did not fast fully up to today,but I am glad that my baby behaved so well in my tummy :-) .Of course,I decided to give her a break some time as the length of fasting period here is up to 18 hours.

And I am so glad that this year is the first year I fast as a wife and the fact that I am able to cook almost everyday for my beloved husband.Forget the Ramadhan Bazaar or dining out in a restaurant because we would not find those here,and besides,what is better way to feed your husband's tummy than your own cooked food? :P

Well,I still have to write my stories on my recent trip to Holland.Not so recent anymore,but I think I need to jot down here.

The second day we went to Amsterdam,the capital city of Holland,obviously.Well,what European cities without old buildings,right?But I tell ya,Amsterdam is a city that has good combination of old and modern buildings.

Hope your enjoy the pictures below!

See ya!

 House Boat

I personally love this pic of my husband imitating Johnny Depp

 Hey kiddo,you ruined my picture

Cruising Amsterdam cause obviously I was too lazy to walk :P

 Now,who does it better,me or Marilyn?