Sunday, 29 January 2012

Strolling in a park...

Domino - Jessie J

Salam to all lovely readers, 

I was out and about in PKNS,Shah Alam today and had satay for lunch(I love satay so much!!!!)and later went to One Utama for waffle(I love waffle too!!!!) 

 Don't know how else shall I spent my Sunday rather than just eating non-stop :P 

 Do you notice the shoes I have been wearing since few posts back?Those are the pair I bought at H&M Singapore weeks ago and I cannot stop wearing them just yet,because they are freaking comfortable,which makes me forget my resolution this year which is to wear more heels than flats :P 

 I regret not buying them in all colors available. :P

So guys,how is your Sunday story?Care to share?


Blazer:Vintage/T-shirt:Zara/Skirt:H&M/Shoes:H&M/Bag:Bought in Korea some years ago/Gold Cuff:H&M/Belt:Soda

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Long Weekend

Hi lovely readers, 
I'd like to apologize for my absence these days.Well,I was out of KL,headed to my parents' house in Kota Bharu and spent the long weekend there with my family! 

Everyone was at home and it was a real hectic weekend for me.Well,hectic with family,food,tv programs,food again and food again :P I think I can't stop eating while being at home,who would resist mom's cookings,wouldn't you? 

I had so much of interesting things to capture using my DSLR,but I was quite in hurry the morning I headed out to the airport,and so I left my SD card that I inserted in my personal laptop :O .I know,a stupid mistake.

However,my iphone had worked as my camera substitute and so I asked my sister to take my outfit pictures using it. I'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures,but somehow,I found it's quite interesting to take pictures using iphone and use instagram to filter the pictures. 

What do you say?
Outer:Vintage/Grey Tee:F21/Skirt:H&M/Shoes:H&M/Bag:Vintage 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Arabian Date

Hello guys,
These are the pictures from last Tuesday,on Ramon's last day in KL before we headed out to KLIA to send him back to Germany,which is also the end of his 4-week trip to South East Asia.Well,we didn't do much that day except bowling,finding some of his favourite groceries here in local supermarket,and I convinced him to buy a new pair of shoes for his sister's wedding and that's all.

We ended our day by having dinner at one of our favourite Arab restaurants,Tarbush in Sunway.Believe me if I say the beriani there is super awesome,but apparently,my stomach is too small to finish all,so I took home the rest after only finished 1/4 of the meal.But it was very good.
And what's your plan for the weekend?
Till then.guys.

Jacket:F21(S'pore)/T-shirt:Zara/Jeans:Mango/Flats:Fashion Club,Munich/Clutch:F21(S'pore)

Thursday, 12 January 2012


As promised,here are some pictures from short Singapore trip last week.This time I didn't visit many landmarks,as I visited almost every landmark here about 2 years ago.This time,I had chance to go to Singapore Zoo,just next to Night Safari and the zoo itself it pretty amazing.

And for the first time,I went up to  the newest Singapore landmark,Marina Bay Sand Buildings,and topped off the nice view of Singapore from up there.It was very amazing to see how this city has so many skyscrappers because I love skyscrappers so much!

A visit to Singapore wouldn't be complete without visiting Merlion,which I did after a shopping spree along Orchard Road and some malls.

When I purchased a few stuff from Forever21 here,I realized the prices here are slightly cheaper than F21 offers in Malaysia.For example I bought a jacket at $35,and I saw the same jacket in F21 here that costs RM140.(Rm2.40 equals to $1).
So,guess we Malaysians pay more import taxes here.
So,until then,see you guys in next post.