Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Paris Day 2

On the next day in Paris,we walked and walked in the whole city,exploring Paris.It was not a sunny day though,but the low temperature did help us a lil bit.During this trip,we focused more on touring Paris without really going inside the museums or interesting places.

We walked along Seine River to have a nice view of Eiffel Tower from other part of Paris.And we found Paris very own Statue of Liberty.Well,many tourists do not know of this one because Eiffel gains a lot more fame than this one.And then we walked to Trocadero,a famous place to take pictures of Eiffel.Later we went to Arc De Triomphe and walked the whole way from there passing Champs Elysees,and walked until Musee Du Lourve.Fuh,if you've ever been to Paris,you must have idea how long we have walked that day.

More pictures to sum up our day.Till then,people.

Pont Bir Hakeim,one of the famous bridges in Paris

Stopped to feed my baby

Jardin de Tuilleries

Musee du Lourve

Arc de Triomphe

Metro station in Paris

Place de la Concorde

Jardin de Tuilleries

Merry-go Round at Jardin de Tuilleries

Along the Seine River

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Paris Day 1

Salam guys,
About a week ago,we just came back from our trip to the city of love,Paris.
It was my second time there,and this time,we spent more time in Paris itself,minus Versailles and we enjoyed Paris to the max by walking a lot.Fuh.Wait,did I mention that we babywore Alayna during the whole trip?So can you imagine how exhausting it was for us to bring her around in the city while walking?We love this whole new experience,though.

Because of this experience,we decided to babywear our daughter a lot more after this and we made a new investment on a new babywearer lately.

Well,please enjoy our Paris pictures on our first night and day there.There're just too many good pictures to choose from,so I hope you won't get bored seeing.

Till then.

Eiffel at night

Bonjour Paris!

Costa in Paris,I just love its coffee to the max

The souvenir shop where I bought one of my favourite scarves few years ago

What a view!

Sacre Coeur

From another angle of Sacre Coeur

 The red parisian cafe

 Love of my life in front of Notre Dame

 Out and about in Paris,always mesmerized by the Parisian Apartments

 One of the bridges with love padlocks,Seine River

The love locks,Pont des Arts

 Ispahan,my favourite one from Laduree,I love anything rose-syrup flavored

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Singapore 2014

Salam guys,
Just yesterday someone commented on my previous post,asking me to update my Paris trip.Haha,can't believe that there is still someone who's reading this blog.

These days I am more active on Instagram,it's easy to update pictures there rather than blogging.But well of course,without blog,there is no instagram,right?

Well,before I update on my Paris trip,I still have to update my Singapore trip last time during our cuti-cuti Malaysia.

But since I've been there few times already,so I guess I might just skip the longer descriptions to shorter ones,and some pictures only.

Till then,

 We stayed at Fullerton Hotel.Not :P

 Went to Gardens by the Bay

The artificial waterfall at one of the gardens

I still have the baby fat :(

"I don't care mama,sleeping is a lot better"

Marina Bay Sands at night

Marina Bay Sands again

The Merlion at night

Friday, 12 December 2014

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Penang

Salam guys,
We just got back from our Paris trip on Wednesday,and it was a very nice getaway for us!
It was my second trip to Paris after the first one in 2011,and I was so mesmerized by everything in Paris.

It was also Alayna's first trip there,and the trip this time was a lot different than last time,considering we were with a baby.

But before that,I'd like to share some pictures of our trip to Penang when we were in Malaysia last time.I know too late,but better late than never :P

The main purpose we came to Penang was because to visit my grandma and other relatives,and at the same time we(noted:I) were on Penang food hunting,which turned out that many of the so-called famous Penang food is not up to my bud taste(boo on that),and basically to just relax,and have good time with each other.

Ok,these are some pictures from our last trip and Singapore and Paris trips will follow soon.


Penang and its street art

Roti Canai at Transfer road,hmmm bolehlah

Another street art

The sleeping beauty in her car seat

The infamous penang food,Pasembor,but to be honest,a lot has changed since I was a kid,banyak yg nak laku aje without considering the taste and the price wise is also ridiculous

Floating Mosque,Batu Feringgi

Friday, 5 December 2014


Salam guys,
How is it the weather in Malaysia these days?Last time,few days before we left Malaysia for Germany,it started to rain almost all day long in east coast,the beginning of the monsoon season.Here in Germany these days is also the beginning of winter,unofficially.

The weather and the temperature dropped drastically since the beginning of this week,making it colder than last week.

Also no more clear blue sky for us :(

Fret not,I still enjoy my time here although winter is not my favourite season,haha.
On the one hand,we are waiting patiently for the snow to come down one day.

Till then.

Schloss Solitude(castle),an old castle not far from our house

These look like ghostly trees,reminding me so much of Tim Burton's movies

Someone gave us the baby travel bag as a present back in Malaysia,which I don't have idea who it was.And I love the bag so much,perhaps the best baby travel bag and I hope it continues to serve us longer.Thanks a lot to whoever gave this to us

Monday, 1 December 2014

Vineyards in Autumn

One thing that we love doing whenever the weather is perfect is a little walking in the nature.Since I moved here over a year ago,I started to fall in love with the nature,as it costs us nothing and besides, that's the time I can spend some quality time with my family rather than just spending time at home.

Last Friday we went for a little walking at vineyards area,where the building next to it is the hospital where Alayna was born.

It's such a nostalgic place for us two :)