Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hello from my little hometown...

Hello all,
Today is the 14th day of Ramadhan,and what makes it more interesting for me is that I am now visiting my family in my hometown,Kota Bharu.

So,not much to say,I am in heaven of food!My mom cooked a lot everyday for Iftar and Sahur,eventhough I always tell her not to.

But,mom's cooking always the best!

Too sad to say goodbye to my hometown because this year we're gonna celebrate Eid day at my grandma's house in Penang.

Today's outfit is very simple,just a maxi dress I bought from Thepoplook not long time ago,and I paired it with long sleeve as inner(This is my first trial as I was always not confident with the shape of my arms before to wear inner :P).

I start to love this online shopping store more nowadays because they sell good products at really reasonable prices,fast posting and interesting packaging.

And also thanks to Shea from Myamethyst for this beneficial shawl style and I tried it out for the very first time.Very suitable way to cover the chest area and I like it a lot.

Thanks again.


Maxi dress:Thepoplook/Long Sleeve:Cache Cache/Bag:Vintage/Heels:F21/Pumps:Fashion Club@Munich

*Picture credits to my sister, Atiqah*


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