Thursday, 2 July 2015

Travel : Vienna,Austria Part 1

It has been few days since we come back,but Alayna still cannot adjust herself to the hot weather here and the surroundings.I find it hard for her to mingle with my family,because now she is a big girl already,most of the time,she refused to be taken away by other people even her own grandparents here.Also I think she misses her papa a lot because normally she is more of a daddy's girl,and goes oftenly to daddy compared to me.

But now her clinginess has taken my patience away :P.Can't wait for my husband to come here soon. I'm also down with flu at the moment which makes it a bit hard for me to handle the situation :(

Anyhow,another story of our travel last month.Early last month during my husband's birthday we had another road trip to the capital city of Austria,Vienna and to the capital city of Hungary,which is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site,Budapest.

It was a 5 day trip with miles of travelling of more or a bit less of 1000kms by car.
It was a very tiring journey for us this time,as I told in few posts before that the weather during our trip was very bright and hot,as hot as 35 degrees each day!

However,as both cities were never visited by me before,I was so intrigued to explore more and more of what these both cities could offer.

Starting with Vienna.This capital city of Austria has a lot to offer,mainly museums.Too bad that we had quite a limited time here so we couldn't really take time and enjoy every inch of the city and its attractions.

According to my husband,Vienna is one of the cities in Europe that was intact from being destroyed in the Second World War,thus many of the old buildings here are still in good condition,very much contradictive to many important and big cities in Germany.

I was also shocked to see how clean the city is compared to many other European cities I've ever been to!

Stephansplatz in Vienna city center.A famous shopping district

In front of Hofenburg,a museum,what kind of museum,I'm not so sure of :P

Uncountable roses at Volksgarten,thank God we found a lot of blooming roses here this time

Austrian parliament

Rathaus/City Hall

Stephansdom, a very famous cathedral at Stephansplatz


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