Saturday, 12 December 2015

Travel : Venice & Lake Garda

Salam guys,
So sorry for no updates these days.I have been a bit busy studying for my next test next week.I am about to obtain a German driving license because my Malaysian driving license is not valid here after 6 month of my arrival.

Still owe you guys the update of my Italy trip last month,when in fact we were in Berlin last weekend :P

And with the coming christmas and new year holidays,we are planning for the next trip!

Here is the second day of our Venice trip and from Venice we drove to our guesthouse in the north Italy,stopped at Lago di Garda/Lake Garda on the way for some early dinner and to catch the sunset of the day because the weather was again very nice.

We left our hotel in Venice very early in the morning when many shops were still closed and the sellers were still setting their booths that day.

Many shops were still closed when we started our walks that day in Venice

The Gondoliers were about to start their business

Grand Canal of Venice,this is near the Rialto Bridge

The cafes and restaurants were only open for breakfast

We walked in between the small roads and came across the Venetians' houses of the locals

Local Venetian houses

Again at Grand Canal

The Gondolas out of service that day

This is the end point of Venice we reached that day by walking.This is the church that I saw the day before from the lookout tower and I thought before that visitors can only reach here by waterbus

The lookout point tower at the back

Had last Gelato in Italy that day.The top is Pistacchio and bottom is Stracciatella with choc chunks

Around noon,we decided to leave Venice to our next destination which we were not sure yet at this point where should we head to.We have two potential places on the way to the guesthouse to visit,but we can only choose one because it will get darker earlier.There were Verona and Lake Garda,Verona is famous with the Juliet's House,while Lake Garda is famous as a tourism place with lake as its view.

At the end we chose to stop at Lake Garda because I wanted to indulge in Italian food by the lake :P
And turned out I made a good decision because I had what I can say the best Spaghetti Frutti di Mare in Italy.It was so good despite the quite expensive price for a bowl of spaghetti,but the seafood used were so fresh I can taste its sweetness from the seafood.

Lake Garda

My Spaghetti Frutti di Mare and husband's Pizza Margharita

Dining Al-fresco with the view of the lake

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