Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Weekend : Nuremberg Xmas Market

Assalam guys,
This is my third post for this month when we already entered the last 10 days of December :P
I was a bit busy before this preparing for my theoretical exam to obtain my driving license and afterwards,after some time off from blogging I found myself losing the mojo for a while :P

Although I have a lot to tell you guys about.Last 2 weeks we were in Berlin and since this is the christmas season,we went to a number of Xmas markets all over Germany.Germany is famous for having the worldwide famous Xmas markets,and one of them is Nuremberg Xmas market.

This is our second time since last 2 years.This Xmas market is a good place to find local "Lebkuchen",or widely known as gingerbread cookies as there are several local manufacturers producing it,and one of them belongs to my friend's family.We found the Lebkuchen from my friend's family is pretty good,so we bought for us and some friends.

And here also another attraction and difference than any other Xmas markets is the Kids Christmas market .Well,Kids and little rides are inseparable.This time we let Alayna ride the choochoo train and the carousel :)

She was so happy but understood that we had to go afterwards as she didn't cry after we left :)

To the Xmas Market we go!

Kids Christmas market

"My first train ride!"

Waving at mama from the carousel

Secrety wishing for another ride.Next time ok , baby

This is the Nuremberg Xmas Market where all the hidden gems are

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