Sunday, 12 May 2013


Salam ladies, 
How have you been?
Believe it or not,this is my first entry of May,when it's almost middle of the month already.
Alhamdulillah,my wedding preparation goes smoothly,except some small hassle I have to get through.Don't really feel like writing it up here,but let's say,I seriously don't like to make business with people who don't know how to keep good reputation and professionalism of themselves.

Well,I practise "everyone needs a second chanc"e,but only if I can still hold on tight to my patience,I will give them what they deserve.

Oh,my,sorry for my babbling.If you notice clearly,I don'T feel like to dress up nicely these days,or wearing heels,the main reason why is because I need to walk in heat from one place to another to run errands.

It's not easy as most of the time,I have to do it all alone,considering my fiance is far far away,and there are times when I lost my mood to do all these things :(

Well,long distance isn't easy at all,but I hope at the end of the day there'll be a bright future for both of us.

Thank you for reading this!!

P/s:Guys,I am sorry I took so long to announce the winners of my 3rd give-aways.
The winner for my H&M card worth RM50 goes to SHARZ and the winner of my make-up set by Forever21 goes to ASYIK!!
I will email you guys for delivery details soon.
Thank You for participating/

Congrats again,will do more give-aways in the future for you guys!!

Maxi dress:Thepoplook
Necklace:Old,from Japan


  1. love you dress and bag..
    *eh I menang giveaway tuh ke?mmg i nak yg makeup tu pun..betul ke i menang?warghhh..thank you2..:)

  2. hidaya always looks stunning!! :D

    btw thanks pilih kite utk giveaway tue!! :)


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