Thursday, 22 November 2012

Playing Tourist at Colmar Tropicale,Bukit Tinggi

On my way back from Kuantan,I had a stop at Colmar Tropicale,Bukit Tinggi Pahang.This is my second visit since last 2 years I went there with my sweetheart.

When I was still studying in Japan,I have a friend who was also studying in Colmar,a small city in France,and when I got back to Malaysia,a small "Colmar" exists,though I don't contact my friend from real Colmar anymore :P

As for the outfit,I chose to wear all black and white from head to toe,thus I name it "Black and White Day" :P

About 15 minutes after our arrival at Colmar Tropicale,it started to rain cats and dogs and we had to wait for at least 20 minutes,before we could explore the place and later on we proceeded to the next destination which is Japanese Garden and lastly Rabbit Park!

Overall,we had so much fun!
Top:H&M(Last seen here)
Blazer:H&M(Last seen here)
Pants:H&M(Last seen here)
Scarf:Fahrenheit88(Last seen here)
Bag:Fahrenheit88(Last seen here)
Shoes:Unbranded(Last seen here)

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