Saturday, 5 May 2012

Playing with Pastel Colors

I am not a big fan of pastel colors normally,but felt like trying it out today.
Besides,I told myself I MUST wear this Pussy Bow Top(What a name for this feminine top :P) more frequently because I only wore it only once since I bought it last year in Paris,and for my money it was quite pricey.So,I must use the best of it.

Today was hell lot of a fun.We started by going to the book fair at PWTC by train!
I can't imagine myself using the public transport as I haven't done so for almost 3 years since I bought my car in 2010.Well,most of the time,you feel inconvenient to use public transport when you already have your own transport,air-conditined especially.However,to my surprise,the train I haven't used in 3 years was very good!

And also today for the first time in 8 years,I went to Times Square!
Haha,it was so long time ago since I stepped foot there,but this place has grown bigger,merrier and cooler.
There are many trendy fashion shops here,not the normal fast-fashion brands but they are pretty cool.However,we were already exhausted to finish exploring all shops there,so we just grabbed one or two stuff,and left.

If you're a determined kind of person,you'll find a lot of cool stuff here.
For sure,I'll come back again ;-)

Pussy Bow Top : H&M (Last seen here)
Skirt : H&M (Last seen here)
Inner : F21 (New)
Shoes : Summit (Last seen here)
Bracelets : Random
Belt : Bought in Bangkok (New)
Scarf : Unbranded (Last seen here)
Bag : Unbranded (Last seen here)


  1. cantik pussy bow top tu..:)
    ingt nk pg juga book fair tu td tp xsempat..huhu

  2. u look soft in pastel color, :)


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