Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Save the Date

Assalam guys,
Seems like I have abandoned this blog for like in forever.
It wasn't my intention,believe me,but as you guys know,the big day is coming real soon,so I still have to prepare whatever necessary,and at the same time,enjoying my Ramadhan month to the fullest ;-)

How is your Ramadhan so far?Mine is great,and so is Ramon's first time Ramadhan.He's doing very great since the first day of fasting in hot and long days in Germany(people there fasting for 18 hours) and since last week,he has arrived in Malaysia,I can see how determined he is with fasting and all.

So,as the day is near the corner,I'd like to share my happy moment with you guys.
Sorry that I never really had time to explain the preparations I did so far,but it's better kept that way.
I always put in mind

"Selagi benda tak jadi,it's better to keep things to ourselves only"

Happy Ramadhan again and Selamat Hari Raya.

I will be updating my blog more actively from now on ;-)
What to write?Well,OOTD,my wedding moment,little honeymoon :P
And well,the lists go on and on ...

Till then,
Please pray for my event to be a successful one.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wedding Prep Part 2

Assalam guys,
how have you been?I'm sorry for my absence these days.Too busy preparing for my big day that will happen in less than a month!

Alhamdulillah,everything is almost ready,and I'm still working on several stuff before I leave for my parents' home on last weekend of Ramadhan.

Here is my second and last preview of my wedding preparation part 2.

1.Reception dress
The reason why I haven't done a preview about this dress is because I had to go thru many difficulties to get this one ready.This is the reason why I had a meltdown last mnth as I almost gave up on how to take care of this one problem.If you wanna know,I was cheated by the tailor that had sweet-mouth saying this and that about preparing our reception dresses,but the end result was like hell*pardon me with my word*.

She was lucky because I'm not a fussy person when it comes to this,because to tell the truth,money isn't a problem at all for me,and I am just too smart for her to have an arguement with.I believe Allah is very merciful,He will always hear my prayer in condition like this.

*Tak berkat pun dapat duit hasil menipu orang*

Just one advice,if you are preparing for your big day and plan to get your dress sewn,please hire for a proffessional tailor,or designer.I know many of us can't afford designer,but they are amateur designers that do work professionally,and their artworks are to die for.

If I knew things like these will happen to me,I would have gone with young designers that are still affordable.

Anyway,my dress is almost ready and I will pick it up at a friend's friend's house this Friday.She is btw the savior to this dress,she was willing to fix and accessorize for me ;-)

2.Hantaran from him to me
Theoretically,the hantarans decoration shall be made by groom's family to bring for the bride on the wedding day,but I guess many couples "cheat" on this :P
Most of the gifts I bought by myself,and he bought his own presents,and I did the deco as well :P
Westerners don't have this hantaran culture in their wedding :P
But,of course Ramon bought me some priceless hantarans like ring(present ring,not wedding ring,Swarowski bracelet,Cambridge satchel,German chocolate,and watch)

So,I did the hanataran deco by myself.It's not that bad I guess :P.Oklahkan?

I told Ramon,to be fair,he needed to prepare something when I spent a lot of time DIYing here.So,I asked him to prepare for few signage since his mom has a printing company,so it's a good thing he can get printing done for free.
4.Door gifts
He also was willing to prepare bookmarks for guests.Just small stuff for the guests alongside other gifts in the doorgift bags.

5.Hantaran from me to him
And this is hantaran from me to him.Basically we go for 9-7 hantarans(exclude mas kahwin and ring).I also did the deco by myself.
Before I forget,I want to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa and salam Ramadhan to all :P
Please pray for my event to be a successful one.Amin.