Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yellow Mellow

Hello Girls (& Boys),

How have you been?I have a blast today,after been contemplating whether or not I watched the new movie "Breaking Dawn" all alone,I finally decided to hit the cinema today.

Why I say whether or not I should watch it alone,is because I thought the movie is romantic,and thought that I should watch it with my beloved ones,like Sabrina or with Ramon who will come over here next month.

The thing is,I am an impatient person,I don't want to hear the story from mouth to mouth at the office next week,so I watched it today.

Oh,boy I wanted to cry and you know what,that movie has hit me.Not only for its story line,but also it hit me that one day,I want to have a forest wedding too!

Very seldom people talk about forest wedding,but why not I told myself today :P
Which I am so unsure whether that can be done in real life or not.

Ok,back to the outfit story.So,when no one is around,I took my own pictures.It's just a simple outfit,comfortable for movies and leisure.

The yellow dress is actually a maxi dress I bought from thepoplook,but unfortunately,the dress was too short for me.So I cut half of the length,and made it into a long sleeve.

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Dress:Thepoplook/Lace top:H&M/Skinny Jeans:F21/Necklace:F21/Bag:Coach

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I Left My Heart in Paris...

These pictures are the examples of my boredom :P
I googled for some picture editor websites and stumbled upon this website.I gave it a try and browsed through my old pictures from Paris last June and decided to give a little touch to each of the pictures.

Ah,I miss this city so much,a city of complete difference from any other cities I've ever been in.

Hope one day I'll come back here again.

What do you think of the pictures anyway?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ocean Breeze

On Sunday I went to Port Dickson,a quite famous beach in Malaysia,but to tell you the truth,it's only a tourist trick spot,where it cannot offer much.

One trip is enough I guess,but not second third or fourth :P

Anyhow,this was the outfit I put on yesterday,and again,enjoy the pictures ;-)

Parka Vest:Bought in Japan/Scarf:Bought in Paris/long Sleeve:F21/Skirt:H&M/Pumps:Summit/Knapsack:Carlo Rino/Aviator:Ray Ban/Bracelets:F21 and my sister's

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A little Peek of ... bag collections!I know,not many,because I have either donated to friends and siblings or they were torn out so I had to say goodbye to them.But,these are exactly my favourite ones at the moment,though I plan to add some more,but not so soon :P

Oh,did I tell you that from now on,I will stop my massive shopping and save more money for travel and FUTURE?Finally,I can think money as a crucial item,and only use it when necessary.Doesn't mean to say that I will stop on shopping completely,but once in a while,I will buy some stuff according to my need,and hunt for more items come in good quality ;-)

I just bought another closet last August as my second one,but guess what,my second closet still cannot keep all my clothes ;-(
Which is also a sign that I should really stop on massive shopping.

What do you say?And have you been contemplating with the same problem like mine?

Maybe next time ....A little Peek of my....Shoe collections!

Friday, 11 November 2011

On a Beautiful Cloudy Sunday Afternoon

Hello lovely readers,

Happy Eidul-Adh to all muslim friends out there.I know it's quite late already to wish everyone,but better late than never ;-)

I spent great moments at my parents' house last week,one of those few times we all as a family gathered together.Speaking of which,I feel a bit sad when to think that every one of us has grown up so fastly,leaving home for a new place and only meet each other only few times per year.Well,that's the biggest price everyone has to pay for being grown-up :P

Nothing on outfit look this time,I had a small accident at my parents' house last week,a small broken glass got into my toe palm and it hurts quite a lot.

I'm not being able to walk normally nowadays,and walk slower than usual,also no heels for me at this moment ;-(
Well,that sounds a bit depressing for me,because I can't just get my feet in flats all the time.Sometimes I need to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in heels.

This won't be any better in a couple of weeks I see,but I hope for it to get better from day to day.

So,till then.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wrap-up Sept/Oct

Here is my wrap-up for Sept/Oct.How time flies,only 2 months left until New Year!