Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cat Lovers

Hello everyone,
First of all,I'd like to apologize for these mundane pictures,for my sister and I took so many pictures today at Botanical Garden,Putrajaya,and I just couldn't pick few,hope you won't vomit seeing all these pictures.

Nothing really interesting about this outfit,but last year's season was full with animal prints,printed tops and dresses,so I chose this dress I bought not so long time ago,but never had a chance until today to wear it.

It was still hot today,apparently,but it was windy too,so it helped my photoshoot session today :)

Have a nice day everyone.


*Pictures credits to my sister,Atiqah*
Location : Botanical Garden,Putrajaya
Dress&Belt:Vintage/Jeans&shoes:Japan/Cardigan:Colors,One Utama/Bag:My aunt's vintage/Bangles:Forever21

Saturday, 23 April 2011

I am addicted and I just can't get enough....

Hello everyone, How was your weekend?Mine was great,I enjoyed quite some time out of Kuala Lumpur where I headed to Penang,to visit my grandma.Oh,I was instantly in love with my grandma's place because it is a vibe of a countryside,so you can easily see paddy fields and coconut trees on your right and left. I wish I could have another day there,unfortunately,I had to drive home after a short visit. I also drove to Penang Island,where it is very famous among tourists as one of the must visit places in Malaysia.Eventhough I'd say,there is nothing really interesting about the city itself,but I really had a blast! For traveling,I am always comfortable in maxi dress since the weather in Malaysia is always hot and humid,so,I don't want something to be stuck to my hips,so most of the time,I avoid jeans and any fit pants.I need more comfort when doing travel :) Enjoy the pictures and have a nice day everyone :)

Jacket:Sense Boutique/Maxi dress:Self-tailored/Cardigan:Colors,One Utama/Bag:My aunt's 10-year-old vintage/Clincher&Ring:Forever21/Sandals:Charles&Keith/Canvas Bag:Gifted by Ramon :P
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Locations : My grandma's,Fort Conwallis,Penang

Friday, 22 April 2011

OLP (Obsession with Leopard Prints)



Miss Selfridge

I swear I wanna get one of these.I am an OLP freak.I am :P
I wanna get everything with leopard prints from head to toe.

Anyway,I am off to visit my grandma in Penang over the weekend,plus one of leave on Monday,and I am looking forward for more outfit photoshooting in countryside :)

Have a nice weekend,everyone :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow....there is gold :P

Hi all,
I've been complaining about the hot and humid weather lately,I know,which is not good,but don't you feel it's freaking hot lately? :0

Anyway,I don't have an excuse not to dress up today.Weekdays I only stuck in company uniform and a pair of skechers,so why not on weekends I wear something different,which at least to distinguish my life from work :)

So,suitable to the hot weather,this time I opted for something in light color,and light material with good sweat-absorbency.

But,to highlight the light color itself,I opted for some colorful scarf from local store.

Which at this time reminds me,weekend is coming to the end and I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow for work.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

I am wearing :

White tee:Forever21/long
Cardigan:Forever21/Belt:Dorothy Perkins/Straight cut Jeans:Uniqlo,Japan/Open toe ankle boots:The Glam Market/Messenger bag:Dorothy Perkins/Jewelries:Forever21

*Pictures credits to my sister,Atiqah*
Location:Alam Megah Park,Section 27,Shah Alam.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Put Some Color in Life

Hello everyone,
How was your weekend?My weekend was a very productive week compared to previous weeks.While Ramon was busy for some state election event,I was busy shopping and visiting some nice places in KL,and busy cooking too :P

I think red is my favourite color of all time.Except that I am not sure if I want to have a pair of killer red heels although I don't mind other stuff in red.What is your favourite color?

So,enjoy the pictures :)

Oh,I had so much fun today,ate a lot of good food,despite the weather.Have a nice day everyone.

I'm wearing:

Top:F21/Pants:Padini/Scarf:F21/Rings&Necklace:F21/Sandals:Charles&Keith/Glasses:Tangs/Leather Bag:Fossil/Leather Belt:Soda Pavillion

*Pictures credits to Sabrina*
Location:National Monument

Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Know a Place Where the Grass is Greener...

Hello everyone,
How was your weekend?
Mine was ok.Nothing much I did,except went to gym and on Sunday,I met one of my friends for one more outfit shoot.

I think I am a big fan of black maxi skirt,which I admit,I should get my hands on molor colors from now on.As I said in earlier post,I aim to put on more colors for spring!

Well,I am "naturally" not a big fan of big belt,but this time I could not resist to match it with my skirt,which at some point,it makes me fall in love with big belt as well other than tiny belt I always put with my pants/skirt.

Have a nice day everyone :)

I am wearing :

Top:Kitschen/Maxi skirt:F21/Shoes:Vincci/Leather Bag:Fossil/Jewelry:Vintage+F21/Belt:F21

Location:Kota Kemuning Park
*Pictures credits to Lat*