Saturday, 19 March 2011

Here we dance under the tree.Come dance with me

Hello everyone,
I wish I could have another day off of the office tomorrow :P
Weekend was great,but I did piles of laundry on Saturday,and today went out to buy some electronic stuff with Sabrina again.
So here's the outfit for today.

Believe it or not,I only used two pins to do the Pashmina.If only you could catch what I meant by pashmina,heavy textured and wide.But it was very comfortable :)

Have a great weekend everyone !

I am wearing:

White Tee:F21/Jacket:Sense/Harem Pants:Topshop/Bag used as clutch:Korea/Pumps:Vintage/Scarf:Pashmina/necklace:F21/Leather Belt:Soda Pavillion

Location : Shah Alam Park,behind Blue Mosque
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Hidaya Shamsudin

Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone,
Sorry for lack of updates lately.I have been finding a regular person to snap my outfits photos,which I found it quite hard to get any.
I wish Ramon were still here to take zillions of my photos like he did always.

Anyway,I will keep my promise and update more frequently from now on.

Well,On-other-side-of-the-world it's the beginning of Spring.Except we don't have it here in Malaysia.

As much as I choose to become a minimalist at choosing my outfits,I can't resist getting my hands on lots of colors for spring!

Here are some of my wishlist for spring/summer this year.
Which some are so last year,but fashion is in,everytime right?

Christian Louboutins Inspired Platform Heels

Red Skinny Pants

Zebra Printed Scarf

Forever 21 Ruffled Top

Forever21 Denim Shirt

Forever21 Lace Top

Monday, 14 March 2011


Hello everyone,
First of all,I'd like to apologize for not mentioning earlier the reason why I opened up this blog.
Well,apparently,this blog I dedicate to document my fashion every week(that's the most frequent updates I can do every week due to my tight schedule during weekdays),which according to what I call,MY WAY.

I started to google more on high-street fashion of people in Europe and also muslim women all over the globe,and I practically found a lot of ideas through their fashion,and I ensemble it my way.

Being a muslim woman doesn't mean that fashion is not relevant according to the religion,it is the matter with how you do it,according to the righteous regulations,what you can wear,and what you cannot wear.

I'd say,I practically don't like to buy a lot of clothes or accessories every month,but I'd rather mix and match my outfits.Which means,I like to combine stuff A with stuff B,and other time,I combine stuff B with stuff C.

This can also help me to organize my closet to not be overloaded with stuff,which I admit,I have been struggling with organizing my closet since years ago :P

So,again I'd like to dedicate this blog to my parents,my siblings,my friends who always support me,be it friends from Malaysia or from Japan,and to anyone who thinks my idea of opening up this blog indeed,is a good idea.

And to you,all my readers.

Hidaya Shamsudin

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Autumn is Made Here

Hi guys,
Black maxi skirt is like a must for every muslimah,because it fits with almost everything.Also plaid shirt is back on fashion track again :)

I'm wearing:

White Tee:F21/Plaid shirt:F21/Skirt:Bandung/Necklace:F21+DIY/Bangles:Vintage+F21/Shoes:Japan/Bag:Vintage

Location : i-City,Shah Alam,next to Federal Highway
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Hidaya Shamsudin

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Back to Basic

Hi everyone,
This outfit is very basic.If you have any inquiry or question,please feel free to leave me comments.
Have a nice day :-)

I'm wearing:


Location : Jaya One,PJ
*Pictures credits to my sister,Atiqah*

Hidaya Shamsudin

Friday, 4 March 2011

Weekend Blast

Hello everyone,
This is the outfit I took photos of around 3 week ago.
You can also hype me at my lookbook account.

I'm wearing :

Top:F21/Long dress worn as skirt:F21/Scarf:F21/Necklace:F21/Sandals:Charles&Keith/Bag:Dorothy Perkins
Location : Putrajaya
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Hidaya Shamsudin

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hello from Sweet Scent

I don't know how did I end up choosing this name,but everyone loves sweet scent,I also love sweet scent.

Sweet scent here refers to any sweet aromas or smells,be it perfume,food,coffee,flowers,or everything that makes us feel like fly to the moon,and truly makes our day.

I'd like to dedicate this sweet scent to document my fashion ensemble,my way.
So,please come back for more :)


Hidaya Shamsudin