Friday, 28 March 2014

Babymoon London Day 1

Assalam guys,
Here I am blogging currently from my hotel room in London!
We arrived this evening and gonna be here for another 4 days.It's our babymoon holiday!

It is definitely my first time here,been dreaming of coming to this city I saw a lot in English movies since I was a little kid,and after SPM tried to apply to further my studies in UK,but Japan was my destination(Which is so far the best place I've ever lived in after Malaysia).

Thanks to my dear husband who made my huge dream came true.

Well,for the first day,we spent the whole evening at Tower Bridge and London Tower,riding the infamous double-decker bus and went to Piccadily Circus to see it at night.We'll come back there again one of this days.

And,It's freaking cold here,Spring definitely is not here yet :(

Here are some pictures to sum up our first day here.


Tower Bridge

London Tower

Tower Bridge at night and opened for a ship to across it

Riding the double-decker bus on the right side again :P

My other half

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Assalam all,
Today I'm so happy?You know why,because I got to experience Sakura Viewing or simply said by Japanese "Hanami" again in my life after a couple of years.

But well,the weather is a bit gloomy and cold today.And since Sakura is only a seasonal type of flower,which normally only lasts for 2 weeks,so we better grab the chance this week before it's gone this year.

The pants I wore today are simply so comfortable because they're strechable and I feel like wearing them all they long.I'm sure they're gonna be my favourite pieces along this pregnancy eventhough they look ugly :P

Day by day I have been waiting the moments when the baby kicks inside me non stop.It's simply the best moment ever in my life and sometimes I like the kicks she gave me from inside.Waiting for that moment is wonderful for me :-)

Too bad that my husband still could not experiencing it from the outside.Guess have to wait for a couple more weeks.

Till then.

Ah,I hate Mondays :P

Harem Pants:H&M

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let's go to Hawaii!

How are you guys doing?
Today is shopping day for me.Buy some stuff for myself in preparation for my growing belly :P
and also a little stuff for fun and for baby.

Tomorrow hope the weather will be a lot nicer than today and we're planning to go for some cherry-blossoms viewing and I might have a plan with my classmates in the evening.

Till then.

P/s:Rasa macam nak tukar bahasa blog ke ke bahasa melayu atas sebab-sebab tertentu.Still in between,though.

Baju kelawar:H&M

20 weeks 3 days

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Moist Choc Cake

I admit during my first trimester,cooking is the last thing I wanted to do.When I was very hungry,I'd rather eat whatever I found in the fridge,simply said I didn't eat proper meal.Now it has passed and I cook more often these days :-)

In fact,one day during my first trimester,I craved for a moist choc cake,bought ingredients but never succeeded to bake one.Only this time I had the chance to do so.

This is an old time recipe of moist choc cake I did during my university days.


1/2 cup of Fine sugar
1/2 cup of condensed milk
1 cup of milk
1 cup of vegetable oil
1 cup of cocoa powder
1 cup of flour
1 tbs of baking Powder
3 eggs
Vanilla essence

1.Mix sugar,condensed milk,oil,milk and cocoa powder in a bowl and mix well
2.In another bowl mix Flour and baking powder.
3.In bowl 1 add the eggs and vanilla essence and mix well.
4.Later,add the flour mixture little by little and mix well too.
5.Lastly,pour the mixture in the baking pan and make sure that you grease the pan first with butter and bake at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

How to make the Choc Ganache/topping

1.Melt a chocolate bar and butter in a pot on a low simmer and once melted,quickly decorate your cake before the ganache becomes hard again.
2.Now ready to serve!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Our Little Sweetpie

As I thought Spring is finally here,today it started to rain again,so no POOTD for today.
Last Tuesday,we went for my monthly check-up and guess what,we finally got told of our baby's gender!

So,we're expecting for a .......


Personally,I don't mind either gender,as all kids despite the genders are blessing from Allah,and we are the choosen ones by Him to raise our kids the best ways.

During the first trimester,my instinct said it's a baby girl,and later turned to a baby boy and my husband kept saying it's gonna be a baby girl until the day we went to see the doctor.

Well,he got it right :P

Till then peeps!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring is Here and My Thought on MH370

Assalam guys,
Finally Spring is here.We went out to the park on Sunday and I had a little weather shock as I had not seen sun for quite some time,which left me with light headache at first,and continues with quite severe headache later on.However I'm glad that my favourite season is finally here.Flowers blooming out everywhere.

As world was surprised with the news of the missing Malaysia Airlines Carrier,MH370,I as a fellow Malaysian feel it so much it hurts everytime I look forward to hearing further news since the day it was reported missing.

It was very shocking and saddening to hear such news.A world tragedy never had a big impact in my life till this one.

As a fellow Malaysian and a quite regular customer of MAS since it was the first Airlines that brought me to Japan to fulfill my dream,and it was still my number one favourite up to today,I feel how much of a lost world is having.

I will keep praying for a miracle for it to appear soon,and hope that every one of us will never lose hope and keep praying as well so that this airplane will make it come back home.

We are all waiting for you.


Till then guys.

Maxi dress:Bought at KB Mall

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here.How is your weekend so far?The weather gets a bit better than before,although still cold,but many budding flowers can be seen,meaning Spring is coming soon.

I love Spring,well a lot than Winter for so many reasons.

Already have some plan what we want to do during this Spring season,and this time around,before I hit my third trimester and before the belly gets bigger and bigger :P

A Little Update on the Pregnancy

Since last week,I had a terrible back pain right after I woke up from bed.When it happened to me 3 days in a row eventhough I sleep in the same bed from the beginning,I suspected it had something to do with me lacking of calcium.And I read that starting this week,the baby's bones started to turn harder than before,so probably the baby is absorbing my calcium.So,I have started drinking a cup of milk everyday ever since and I see some positive result since then.The back pain still comes and goes,but not as bad as before.

And starting from this week,I can feel the baby's making some stretches in my uterus.At first I thought it was just my own hiccups,but then I realized it's something different that what I experienced before.

The baby also has been very active inside me since my husband and I can hear some kind of bubble sounds  in the water quite frequently.At first I thought it's my stomach processing food,but it comes from quite under the stomach,so then I knew,it comes from the baby since I also read in some book and on the internet about this bubbles meaning your baby is doing very active in your stomach :)

Sweet things like these make me ponder a lot about life and Allah's creations :)

Till then,guys.