Sunday, 30 June 2013

Movie Day

Hi guys,
Can weekend stay like forever?I need more and more holidays :P

Anyway,going through a wedding preparation is like preparing myself for a big exam.The closer it gets,the more relaxing I have become.Well,of course the things you have to consider and think getting bigger and bigger everyday,but I just pretend that everything is ok and no need to think that much ;-)

Today,I hit the cinema again to watch my favourite actor in "White House Down".Hehe,that's the first reason why I wanted to watch this movie,and secondly,as I always mentioned,I love watching a movie with history value in it.

As my wedding getting closer,I need to train my feet in heels once again,after I have taken a safe side by not wearing any pair for a few months already.The reason why is because I always drive from one place to another and have to walk in hot weather to run errand.

However,wearing heels is not a small deal.If your feet are not used to them,afraid on my wedding day I cannot stand in them for too long.

Till then.

Top:H&M men
Jeans:Brands Outlet

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Floria Putrajaya 2013

Hello guys,
Have you been to Floria Putrajaya this year?if you haven't,there's still chance running as tomorrow will be the last day of the floral festival.

I went there today to see the flowers all over the place.I've been there once with my fiance back in 2010,and I must say,I prefer floral festival like this than hot air balloons :P

Too bad,for my wedding I won't be using many real flowers,as the stock is quite limited in my hometown and furthermore,it's peak season,raya season :(

I;m so happy to be visiting place like this after working hard every night finishing my wedding prep,so weekend is time for me to stay relax,and enjoy it to the fullest.

The downside is,this floria festival was freaking hot -_-

Till then.

Mini dress:Thepoplook
Jeans:Brands outlet

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wedding Prep Part 1

Hi guys,
I once said that I would not be doing any of my wedding preparation review here.The reason why is because I'm too lazy to update in a proper way and I found instagram is an easier medium for me to snap pictures and post them right away with little description.

However,few weeks ago,my future SIL complained we didn't do any review on our wedding prep,and she was dying to know all since she doesn't have an instagram account :P

So,here today I decided to write some of my wedding preparation for my future FIL readings and for yours too.

1.Baju Nikah/Solemnization Dress
I opted for white,clean and simple color.And for the cutting of the dress itself,I chose peplum.It's a very simple dress because I have a principle that solemnization dress should be as simple as possible.I get it tailored at PKNS Shah Alam at very affordable price,and good service was given too :)
Only half of the size,sorry cannot reveal all,just wanna give some small idea

2.Solemnization Veil
I got it tailored at the same place as my solemnization dress.It's a long oblong veil and a bit heavy,but I love it to bits.

3.Wedding Invitation Card/Buntings/stickers

I ordered my wedding invitation cards,buntings and stickers from here.Since it's close to my house,we drove there and picked the stuff from its office too.Good service and affordable.

Currently,I am working on doing my prop DIY.It's a fun process,eventhough I have to admit that I always feel tired and what more with backpain,but I enjoy doing this all from day to day.

5.Official Photographer
For Photography,I chose photoaura crew to be our Official Photographer.Since my wedding will take place at my parents' house in Kota Bharu and whatmore our wedding will be held during wedding peak season which is during raya holidays,so I want the OP to be KB based,and I heard many good reviews and service from this OP.You can check their great wedding pictures here.The price is affordable too ;-)

Since I love doing DIY,I just made my own Guestbook.First I bought the Guestbook from Popular at less than RM40,I used several material like satin,ribbons,pearls/beads,some colorful papers,and decorate it by myself.

*Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.All pictures were taken with my iphone :P

Till next review!

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Hello friends,
One week of absence,and now I'm back!
It's has been very hazy these days,and this morning was the worse.I woke up and checked the window,only to find out the haze has gotten very worse since few days ago.

Not just that,I can also smell the smoke until inside my house since last night.So,my advice is try to stay inside as long as possible,and of we need to get out of house,just remember to wear mask and drink lots of water.

Well,I have technically stop buying clothes and shoes because I have few more months in Malaysia,so I can only think of ways how to transport my stuff without costing me a lot of money,so rather than transporting a lot of stuff with more cost,I want to stop shopping for a while.

The top I'm wearing in the pictures is the best top I have ever bought,and the skirt is also my favourite one at the moment.

I have long changed my scarf style from plain bawal to shawl since 2009.But nowadays,I realized bawal is back with more choices,cheaper and more colorful.I took this bawal from my sister and today I decided to try it on again after some years.

I forgot how comfortable bawal is :P
However,I still don't understand how can this type of scarf got named "bawal"?

Till then.

Top:Bought at Glam Bazaar,last year
Skirt:Bought at Weekend Bazaar,Subang Parade
Necklace:Bought at The curve Bazaar

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Recipe 27:Lemon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

What to do when life gives you lemons?Well,lemon cake,of course!
The story goes like this.
Yesterday,my friend gave me her lemon cupcake and I never tried anything fluffy and light-flavored like that.
Her lemon cupcake absolutely is crème de la crème!

And as I haven't been baking for quite some time now,I decided to make my own lemon cake.
So,here's the recipe for you guys

150 g flour
2 tbs baking powder
1 tbs Bicarbonate Soda
100 g butter
2 eggs
1/2 cup of milk
100 g sour cream
1 tbs vanilla essence
lemon zest
lemon rind
1 cup of sugar

1.Sift flour,baking powder and Bicarbonate soda together and set aside
2.In another bowl,whisk butter and sugar together.
3.Add egg one at a time
4.Add flour in 3 addition.alternate with milk
5.Add sour cream,and mix well
6.Add lemon zest and rind and mix well with spatula

7.Ready to bake at 170 for 20-25 minutes

8.When ready,cut the cake into two,and spread with cream cheese frosting.Recipe refer here.And spread the cream cheese all over the cake surface and sprinkle the top of the cake with lemon rind

Happy baking!!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pink Weekend

I think this weekend is called pink day,haha,yesterday I wore pink and today also I wore pink.
I love this pink top so much,it could be worn in many ways.I wore it with Boot Cut Jeans and my batik sarong for raya.And,it was freaking cheap I bought it at Jusco After raya last year.

So,every weekend,me and my friend have something to do.This weekend,we got my wedding dress ready before final touch which is beading and lace patching.I hope after this no more problem with that one thing until after my wedding day :)

Let's think positively.

Next week,we plan to go and buy special presents for Ramon's family and best friend who'll come for our wedding.Can't wait to meet them all after last time I met them was 2 years ago.

Scarf:Bought at Jalan TAR

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Summer Day

Hi guys,
Well,I'm stuck here,I seriously don't know what to write anymore.Hmm,today I got my second dress altered since the armpit hole a little too big and my best friend suggested to me that the dress should be altered to nicely hold my arms once I wear it.

Thanks dear friend who has been with me for the past 13 years through tick and thin times.Well,of course in between we were far apart when I was furthering my studies in Japan,but we never forgot each other till this day.

I told her many times to follow with me to Germany and so that we can always take care of each other.Well,this is the friendship that I believe will last forever.

She is also the one behind this blog,the one who always took my outfit pictures.Thanks a lot dear.

Well,talking about the outfit,I got the lovely fish tail top from Thepoplook,paired with black skinny jeans.It is a light top made of soft cotton,perfect for a hot summer day.*Summer la sangat :P*

Till then.

Necklace:Bought at bazaar,The Curve

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tie Dye

Hi guys,
What's up?How have you guys been doing?I'm doing great,if you know me personally,I am person  who can't be sad for a long time,maximum 2 days,and after that I can totally forget the crappy things happened,like nothing ever happened :)

Tomorrow is an important day for me,as my fiance is turning 28!Hopefully this is the last time we're gonna celebrate his birthday far apart.Well,for my birthday this year,we already plan where to go and what to do.Hehehe.

Well,I love this tie dye skirt I wore in the pictures so damn much.I never though this skirt that is made of jersey material so damn comfortable,and on top of that,it compliments my curves so well.
It's absolutely different from any skirt made of jersey material(I always doubt to wear skirt that is made of jersey or lycra material because they tend to hug your hips and butt),but this one is worth every cent I spent on.

Want to know where did I get it?I got it from weekend bazaar at Subang Parade from this one vendor I couldn't catch her name.And it doesn't burn my pocket at all!So,you can imagine how cheap it is despite its superb quality.

Till then,

Skirt:Bought at weekend Bazaar,Subang Parade
Necklace:Old,bought in Japan
2-toned scarf:Aeon Subang

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I got a hangover

I don't remember the last time I watched a movie at the cinema until last Sunday,I decided to hit the cinema by watching my favourite sequence,The Hangover 3.Hehe,such a funny movie,and I always expected more from the first sequence till the last installment.

I saw this Monster University background,and I decided to take my OOTD pictures with it.These days I always opted to wear something casual and easy,as I think the weather is hot lately.Cannot stand walking outside in layers of clothes,so single tops are always my choices these days.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Half Year

Hola friends,
How is everyone doing so far?Guess what,I have another day off tomorrow.I spoke about this matter with some friends,said they were jealous of me because they don't get extra public holiday.Hehe.

Ah,it has been a very stressing weekend for me.I am not gonna write something sad and something that can turn my mood off here,enough to say,I had a meltdown over the weekend.Though I am feeling  bit better now.

Well,guess what?I have less than 2 mnths and a half until my wedding day!!I was totally freaked out with the fact that the more I prepare for the big day,the less I see everything is ready :(
Haha,I guess it's a normal scenario for a bride-to-be rite??

Well,I guess many have been wondering about my future plans after marriage?I'm not gonna explain in details ,enough to say I will follow my fiance to Germany after we're married.So,you might see a slightly different direction if this blog one day.

Talking about the top I wore in the pictures,I bought it from Thepoplook and since it's a bit body-hugging,I lower the scarf to cover the chest area.