Saturday, 27 October 2012

Eidul-Adha 2012

Happy Eidul-Adha to all my lovely readers ;-)
As I write this now,I am at my parents' house in Kota Bharu.My flight bound for KL due tonight,and work starts on Monday :(

I had a whole lot of a new experience yesterday.Not sure whether I shall write it here,but let's say,I did something for a good cause and never I once thought to do it at this age.Alhamdulillah,God granted me with a blessed life and after all,that's what we are finding for in life,aite?

For the outfit,I just recycled my Aidil-Fitr maxi dress bought from thepoplook,and paired it with my first bought half-moon sakura hijab in fuschia!!To those who have been reading my blog,you know how much I love fuschia,but don't like pink :P

I wanted to buy this type of hijab in all colors available,but it's too expensive which I normally mind to splurge some money on hijab :P

Till then.
Maxi dress:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Half moon sakura hijab:Bought from a friend
Belt:F-block(Last seen here)

P/s:Guess what,since I got my 50th follower last week,I'd like to organize another give-away for you guys,woohoo!
So,stay tuned ;-)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A visit to an orphanage

On Sunday,I joined a group of new friends celebrating residents of an orphanage in Kajang.They are kids aged between 12-18 years old,and most of them are orphans,and some come from very poor family.

To be honest,this is my first time involved in such activity,although I have always wanted to contribute a little of my time and energy to visit the unfortunate ones.

We are lucky to be born on the "other" side of the "world",still have parents,relatives and siblings,and if not rich,we were born fortunate enough to live life,but meeting these kids gave me an image that there are more people out there who couldn't live at the same par as us,don't have enough money and food,whilst we whine over a small and almost pointless thing and not worth an argument.

I myself am not a perfect person,sometimes could be a spoil brat,but these kids had taught me how ungrateful of a person I am when I have everything more than what I ever needed.

This was my first experience celebrating these kids,I'm sure,if God willing,I will take part in more programs like this in time to come.

Meeting new friends as well,we come from different backgrounds
This is the hostel where these kids live in

See their happy faces?
We organized some fun games for them
A new friend,Jane
Jane,me and Laili
We also had a motivational activity for them,asked them to present how their future lives would look like
And this message made our eyes watered
Last but not least,a group photo!

What I wore
Inner:F21(Last seen here)
Boot Cut Jeans:Mango(New)
Bag:Mango(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Shoes:Charles&Keith(Last seen here)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Keep Calm and Think Wisely

All pictures taken with my iphone,yo!
Ooops,I did it again.As usual la,forgot my battery/sd card at home.

Guess what,I got my Chanel knock-off necklace at only RM39 from the weekend bazaar at Subang Parade :P
*Ampun ye peminat tegar Chanel :P*
Dress:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Denim Jacket:Mango(Last seen here)
Jeans:Mango(Last seen here)
Bag:Souvenir from Stuttgart(Last seen here)
Shoes:Charles&Keith(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Bought at Subang Parade Bazaar

P/s:Well,I'm just not sure what best tittle to put for this entry.Somehow,the tittle describes my condition at this moment.Let's say,I'm not whining or anything,I am just a normal human being,and to make story short,I am not at my best state at this moment,and a little dragged from my normal self,InsyaAllah,I am fighting this stupid feeling,in fact,today I woke up with a new spirit and I told myself "I can go thru this!"

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Recipe 14:Tom Yam

Another recipe for you guys! Who doesn't know Tom Yam,a spicy Thai food?I am Thai food lover,and Tom Yam is my first love of Thai food before I was introduced to other Thai food. 
Here's the recipe. 

Chicken Breast(Cut into small cubes)
One Red Onion*
Few garlic cloves*
Red Hot Chillis*
Kaffir Leaves/Bay leaves
Tom Yam Paste Cubes(I used Maggee)
Carrot(Cut into long slices)
Red Chilli(cut into slices)
Small red onion
Coriander Leaves
Chilli Sauce

*Blend these ingredients

How to
1.Heat oil in a pot and saute the blended ingredients when the oil is hot.
2.Saute for a few minutes and later on add chicken
3.Let the chicken cook for a while and when it's cooked add water to adjust your tom yam volume.
4.Keep stirring and add the Tom Yam Paste cube,I used 2 cubes for one medium sized pot
5.And then I added a little bit of chilli sauce to add the reddish color to the tom yam
6.Add the hard vegetables first like carrot and cauliflower and red onion
7.Later add tomato and chillis,adjust the taste with salt.
8.Add lemongrass and kaffir leaves
8.Lastly,scatter the coriander leaves(chopped) in your pot

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bad Hijab Day

Another wedding I attended yo! The venue was in Putrajaya,and may I say,the food at the wedding was the best ever served at a wedding out of all the weddings I have ever been to? We even brought back some leftover home! *Tak malu*

I had a messy hijab day that day because I realized that I didn't really have a suitable hijab to be worn with my new top I bought at Glam Charity Bazaar a couple of weeks ago,thus explains why my hijab was very messy as in the pictures:(

I'm sure,once in a while,we have messy hijab kinda day :P
So,no worries ladies,we won't judge your day :P

Happy New Week everyone!

Top:Bought from a booth called "Garden Paisley"(New)
Bottom:Custom Made(Last seen here)
Bag:Mango(Last seen here)
Shoes:H&M(Last seen here)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Recipe 13:Creamy Corn Pudding

This is another quick and simple recipe that you must try ;-)
And foremost,it's irresistibly scrumptious!

Custard flour
Evaporated milk
A pinch of salt
Creamy corn in can

How to
1.Mix custard flour with water in a bowl
2.At a very slow simmer,add the custard mix in a pot and mix well until it starts to form thickly but keep stirring non stop.
3.Add creamy corn,sugar and salt,and lastly adjust the creaminess by pouring evaporated milk according to your taste.
4.When it's cooked,let it under room temperature for a while and later on store in the fridge.
5.Serve when it's cold.
More simple recipes to come only for you,guys ;-)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dream in color

I have been longing to try this color combination out.Electric blue and bright orange.You know just how much I love colors,don't you? 

Do you know this place?It's Botanical Garden in Putrajaya.I haven't came here for about a year already,so I decided to spend my hot bright sunny Sunday afternoon in the park :P 

I know,I was out of mind to not mind spending time under the sun like this.
Starbucks T-shirt:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Cardigan:Mango(Last seen here)
Skirt:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Bag:Long Champ Knock-off(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Shoes:H&M(Last seen here)

P/s:Guys,I'd like to know your opinion about a thing.My closets are now overflowed with clothes,clothes,and clothes.And most of them are only worn the maximum 3 times,and of course they come in good quality of material and design.So,I was thinking about selling them as pre-loved items,but not so sure how shall I start?Do you have any idea how can I start it up?