Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Improvised Easy Peasy Carrot Cake

A little break from my travel update.Here is an improvised Carrot Cake recipe from me.I personally love Carrot Cake for its moist and besides,normally I have all the ingredients needed for making it at home.Enjoy and please try it yourself.One slice wouldn't be enough I tell ya!
1 cups of flour*
A pinch of salt*
2 tbs of ground cinnamon*
1 tbs of baking powder*
3 eggs**
1 to 2 cups of  white sugar(depends on how sweet you want your cake to be)**
2 to 3 drops of vanilla essence**
1  cup of vegetable oil(Preferably corn oil)**
1 Carrot (shredded)
Chopped Walnut,Almond,Cashewnut,Raisins
175g Cream Cheese (I always use Philadelphia)
113g Butter
Some sugar for cream cheese frosting

1.Mix all Ingredients * in a bowl and set aside
2.In another bowl,whisk Ingredients ** using electrical mixer/or own hands until everything blends together smoothly and frothy
3.Add the flour mixture little by little in the egg mixture and whisk altogether until everything blends well.
4.Lastly add the shredded carrot,nuts,raisins in the mixture,whisk using spatula ready to be baked
5.Preheat your oven at 190 degrees celcius for about 10 to 15 minutes and bake for about one hour.
7.Next is cream cheese frosting method.

Cream Cheese Frosting Method
1.When the cake is ready,cold it first in the fridge for few hours
2.Soften cream cheese and butter
3.Whisk Cream cheese with butter,white sugar and few drops of vanilla essence.
4.Take out the cold cake and start spreading the frosting all over the cake,the thicker the better ;-)
5.After frosting,put back in the fridge and wait for few hours until the cream cheese becomes cold and serve!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Babymoon:London Day 2 Part 2

Hi guys,
I think laziness has hit me again to update my blog :P
There're just too many stories to tell,and little time to update.
Still remember about my second babymoon trip to London last month?I still haven't finished on the second day.So here are some more pictures from my London trip.After London,I will let you guys know of my trip last week to Holland.Enjoy :)

Westminster Abbey,where Kate and William got married

Big Ben

Westminter Palace/Parliament

London Eye

In front of Buckingham Palace

Double Decker Bus

We had lunch that day at Makan Cafe at Portobello Road.The teh tarik there was the best

Colorful houses,Portobello Road

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Insel Mainau

Salam guys,
Long time no see.The fact is,we just got back from Holland for our third babymoon trip :P
But,to be honest travelling during pregnancy isn't that easy,although morning sickness had completey vanished,but other side things came along during the travel.

Guess we have to wait till the baby is here and can travel with the baby later :P

About 3 weeks ago,we went to Swiss to meet a friend of my husband for his birthday.On the way,we stopped at a flower island called "Insel Mainau" that belongs to the royal family of Swedish.It was my second time here after the first time in Summer 2011.The flowers were in full bloom everywhere and they just made me and my husband go gaga.

Well,during our trip to Holland,we also had a visit at the European largest flower park(If I'm not mistaken) called Keukehof that is mainly famous for Tulips.Well,what Holland without Tulips, right?

I will write about my trip to London and Holland soon too.
Till then love!

Maternity Pants:C&A

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Yellow Flowers

Salam guys,
We have a very nice weekend so far.The weather is just perfect for another otdoor activity.We went driving on the countryside roads and came across many fields with these yellow flowers.I screamed in happiness and asked my husband to stop the car for a photoshoot session.

Subhanallah,no words can define of its beauty by our Creator.

Till then.

Blouse:Bought at bazaar

Friday, 11 April 2014

5th Check-up

Assalam Guys, On Tuesday we went for my 5th check-up.The first thing I was afraid of,is the fact that I might gain weight a little bit more than before.Haha,and yes I gained 1.5 kgs in 4 weeks this time :P.To be honest,I realized lately that I like to eat junk food in my spare time.Everything,chocolate,tids and bits and etc. 

 But that didn't concern me the most.what I concerned the most is the fact that I am approching my 6th month of pregnancy,but my baby bump is still very small.Normal people wouldn't notice whether I am pregnant or not,and I haven't yet got a privilege to be seated in a full train because people can barely see my baby bump :P

The doctor couldn't say "It's normal" this time,in fact she told me only examination can determine if everything is fine with my little one.Alhamdulillah,there was nothing I should worry about as my daughter is doing pretty good inside me,and her weight is now 511g,which is appropriate related to her age in my womb. However,the due date was revised to 2 days later than before.

I was so happy upon hearing my baby is doing very good.

 Baby SA was trying to put her thumb inside her mouth during the ultrasound.Next time we plan to make a 3D or 4D ultrasound.

But,of course,there is also a thing that saddens me the most right now.It's the fact that my parents and family cannot be here with me during delivery due to work commitment.Last week, I received a big parcel from my family and they sent me some baby stuff and stuff for my confinement,and just seeing the baby clothes my family sent already could tear my heart into pieces.

I am sad that they might not be able to see their first grandkid on her first day in the world,and for few more months to come after that.

However,my parents are still planning to come no matter what because my mom especially,is worried so much of how will I and my husband handle this together.It's our very first time in our life,and it has become a tradition in Malaysia generally,that the mother will take care of her daughter-in-confinement after delivery.

And that tradition has been going strong in my family since few generations before.

Well,I still hope my parents could make it to Germany during my delivery day.

Till then.Bye.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Spring Love

Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here!It feels like weekend everyday for me haha!
Well,finally Spring is not shy to show itself anymore in Germany.

Flowers blooming everywhere and everything seems like in a dream.Flowers,birds chipping.nice weather,blue skies,ah I wish Spring could last forever.

And I don't want to take this beautiful season for granted.So,today I had a stroll with my husband in a university park and on the way to that place,we came across a heavenly beautiful place with a long row of cherry blossoms trees right and left of the road.I just couldn't skip taking photos there and for that matter,my husband had to make a u-turn back to that place :P

It was just beautiful!

Till then,peeps!

Have a nice weekend!

Maxi dress:H&M
Bag:Old from korea

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

London Day 2 Part 1

Assalam guys,
On second day in London,we visited many of the city's landmarks like Wesminter Abbey,Buckingham Palace,Big Ben and etc.

I was so happy to explore the city until I developed a pain in my *** :P.Just last night we went to see the doctor and as explained,it's a common symptom in pregnancy,but it just hurts me so badly I cannot even walk to class for 3 days already.

At night on the second day,we went to Oxford Street for shopping!!!Well,basically,we wanted to buy stuff for our little one in Primark,and Primark there even has a single category just for baby girl!

So,apa lagi,shopping tak ingat la.Mak dia pun shopping sekali la :P.

Here the pictures to some up half of my second day in London.More will come soon.

Till then,peeps.

 The so-called red telephone box in London

 Buckingham Palace

 Guard-change Parade

 St James Park

 Trafalgar Square

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

21 Weeks 5 Days

Assalam guys,
How is your weekend treating you so far?I am enjoying my stay in London a lot despite that I am now going through a not so healthy condition.I have been suffering from constipation and hemorroids,which are quite common in pregnancy once the baby is growing and giving your a certain pressure in certain place.

For that matter,I cannot walk that much as it hurts me in the *** so much,and it makes me regret a bit that I cannot spend longer time here in London today.

We have prescribed some suitable medicine from the local pharmacy and hope I will be able to enjoy the rermaining 2 days in London to the fullest!

A little update on the pregnancy
Little one inside me has been kicking so actively lately,and to make it more meaningful,she kicks hard enough that my husband can already feel it from outside when he puts his hand on my stomach.
And she's been devoloping a new favourite.She's into really candy crush song,like seriously,everytime when I play it,she will start kicking me.Basically,that's just my theory,it could be that she hates it that much that she kicks me :P

As for me,I have been feeling very pregnant lately.Before,I keep complaining when my belly will come out,although I have reached 5 1/2 moths already.

I always feel easily out of breath and a lot of gas in the stomach,backpain every morning after I wake up from sleep,and in addition to the hemmoroids and constipation I have been having recently,makes my emotion these days a bit down.

I should not complain,right?

And guess what,we have been naming our little one and already call her with such name!
Though we'd like to keep it private only to us for this moment till delivery.

Till then,peeps.I will update more stories about London!

Oh,how much I miss London already :(