Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Recipe 24:Frittata

Hello guys,
Here is another super duper simple recipe you should try.Frittata,or baked omelette!You can eat it just like that or dip into favourite sauce or eat with rice or pasta.
For me,I'd prefer to eat it dipping in chilli sauce :P

3 big eggs,depends on how many eggs you wanna use
Diced red onion
Chopped garlic
Mix veggies
Broccoli or any other veggies of your preference
Sliced tomato 
Sausages or you can also substitute with minced meat or salami or bacon 
Basil *optional*
Cheese,I used mozarella.Can also use Parmessan

1.Saute Onion and garlic in a pan for a few minutes until turn brown.
2.Also cook broccoli for a few minutes but not too tender
3.In the meantime,boil sausages in a pot for a few minutes
4.In a baking pan,whisk eggs with pepper,salt and basil
5.When veggies are done,mix in the egg batter,add in mix veggies and lastly sausages.
6.Arrange the sliced tomato on top and lastly scatter the cheese on top as topping.
7.Baked for 15-20 minutes in the oven at 175 degrees.

Happy cooking,guys!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hello guys,
How is weekend treating you so far?For me,finally after 4 weeks I can stay longer at home than before on weekends.

Today,after class I drove back home immediately,because I was freaking sleepy :P
Ramon left on Tuesday Midnight,but by the time I write this,he already booked his tickets coming here in July for our wedding :P.Can't wait,I guess :P

So,this time around,I will focus more on DIY since we have settled a lot of important stuff and bought many things already.I like this part where I got to DIY many things for my own wedding because I love DIY so much since I was a little girl and I can be cheapskate sometimes,which I can save a lot of money as well :P

Also,my cooking mojo is back since Ramon left.4 weeks with him and I spent dining outside most of the time,which isn't really what I like to do.No choice,I have to accompany him eating :P

So,more recipes for you guys will come.

Till then!


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Friday, 26 April 2013

3rd Give-away

Salam guys,
I remember since february,I kinda "promised" you guys to organize my 3rd give-away to celebrate this blog's 2nd year,and also shall I add,to share the happy moments of mine with you guys? :P

That's not just it,this time I will be giving away to two lucky readers!
First give-away is this H&M gift card worth RM50!
It's like a top-up card,so you can reload your amount like a touch-n-go card.

Second are a few make-up items,all by Forever21 worth RM31.90!

What you have to do is so easy.Please follow this blog if you're not yet a follower and leave me your comments below with your email address and I will pick two lucky readers and will email you for shipping detail!

Hurry up!

P/S:Since the H&M card can only be used for H&M Malaysia,I am sorry to tell that these give-aways will only be available for my readers from Malaysia only :(

Hope in the future I can organive more give-aways for you,guys!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Trick Art Museum

On the weekend,my sister arrived from Kuantan to visit me and Ramon and she asked us to help her buying a new notebook.

She spent time with us the whole weekend and suggested us to bring her to this Trick Art Museum in iCity.
Eventhough I've been to iCity many times,but I never heard of this one attraction there,and so we drove there on Saturday night.

I was brain-slept the time when we arrived,as I was very tired from doing a lot of stuff since morning.However,once I stepped in the museum,I was at my highest peak of activeness when I couldn't stop  making all the fun poses with the trick arts there.

It was so much fun and not just that,my groom-to-be also did his "special" poses that night.

Till then,enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Soft Palette

So,it has been few months already since I last had my "normal" weekend.Normal as I got to wake up late on Sunday morning and then headed to brunch while reading some books or doing my German class revision.

But,I never complain,although at the end of the day,I was very exhausted from driving from north to sourth and forth,or walking in the hot climate nowadays,but I know,I want the best for my wedding.

Last Sunday,we went to Nilai 3 to buy a lot of stuff for the big day.I wanted to buy some more,but considering my small car,and 3 people occupied inside,I canceled it and will come back for more soon ;-)

Eventhough I will feel feakingly tired at the end of the day,but I don't want to leave my facial and body regime behind because who wants to look all smudgy or dull on their wedding day?

Any tips on beauty regime?
Pants:Brands Outelets
Half-moon scarf:Aeon Subang
Shoes:Bought at Bugis Street,Singapore

Monday, 15 April 2013

We're Getting Hitched!

Guten Morgen, 
 So,as I mentioned in the earlier post,I have an announcement to make,well looking at the tittle,you can already guess what the fuss is all about :P 

So,this thing explains a lot of my absence these days ;-) In fact,the wedding date is not that far anymore,in few months actually.

So,InsyaAllah,if everything goes fine as planned,we'll tie the knot in August! 
 One more thing that I haven't yet gotten the chance to announce is,on April 1st,meinem lieben Ramon finally embraced Islam with his full heart.Alhamdulillah. 3 years and this is the beginning?Yes,I know,slow poke.But Alhamdulillah for everything. He's been doing very fine with his "new" life,and it's our responsibilities to teach and guide him from now on. 

 Though he's leaving again in less than 10 days :(
He always said,"I need to do work hardly from now on,because you're "expensive" ". Haha,well,he meant it as a joke,of course. 

Actually,We have set up a project wedding blog,but lately,we've been quite lazy to update,since running two blogs isn't easy and I don't have a lot time for that. So,I think I'll stick to this blog to update my progress from time to time. But,if you still want to check our project wedding blog,you can go straight here ;- http://projectwedding.bisswanger.com 

4 more months,people!! I'm officially a bridezilla now :(


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Yellow and Green

Hello guys,
Glad to be back again. This time around, I´m less busier than before,but still some more stuff to do.
Ah, finally I can make a brief stop here meeting my dear readers.

How have you guys been doing?

In the next post,I´m gonna announce something important :P
Till then,
Have a nice sleep,everyone!

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Quick Catch-up

Hello guys,
I miss you all very much!!
This is gonna be a very quick update from me as I have to wake up early tomorrow to catch my flight early in the morning.

Feel good to be back for a short visit here,but for the moment,please bear with my absence :P

When the right time comes,I'll explain my absence these days in a good explanation.

Wish you all a good sleep and sweet dreams!

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