Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Chicken and Veggies Baked Pasta

What's up guys?
I'm so happy to be back in this so-called recipe segment again :P
This time,I want to share with you guys a very very simple pasta recipe,and you'll regret to not try it out :P

It's called Chicken and Veggies Baked Pasta.
So,here's the recipe for you guys.


Penne pasta or Cork screw Pasta
Carrot(Skin and dice)
Chicken(Cut into cubes)
Celery Sticks(Cut into wedges)
1 1/2 cup of milk(I used low fat milk)
1 1/2 cup of Chicken Stocks(I used Maggi Chicken cubes dissolved in warm water)
Olive Oil
A little bit of shredded cheese
2-3 spoons of flour


1.Heat the oil in a frying pan,and cook the chicken for a few minutes until turns brownish on both sides
2.Remove the chicken from the pan,and with the heat on,cook the veggies for a couple of minutes.
3.Add the chicken and flour and stir
4.Add in milk and chicken stocks and keep stirring until it turns a bit thick and lastly season with salt and pepper

5.In the meantime,boil the pasta until al dente
6.When pasta is ready,add in the pasta in the gravy and mix well.

7.Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and prepare a baking dish
8.Pour the pasta in the baking pan,lastly scatter the cheese and parsley
9.Bake for 20-25 minutes and ready to eat!

So easy,and so yummy!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Plaid Skirt

Well,if you have been following this blog for a while,you knew already my love for skirts.Although I don't have many because it's hard for me to find a nice,good and caters my suitable length,but recently Thepoplook has been having many kinds of skirt on its website.

And better yet,I never expected I could find this plaid skirt I always wanted since 2011.Yes,I almost forgot how much I wanted this type of skirt until I saw it on the website and decided on the spot to buy it.
It was worth every penny I spent on as the skirt is very nice,fully-lined,and most importantly it suits my height very well.

Have you bought anything from Thepoplook lately?

Next recipe will come up on the blog.

Till then.

Next week is this blog's 2nd anniversary.Shall I be giving out another give-away? :)

Top:H&M(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Bag:Unbranded(Last seen here)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ich Lerne Deutsch!

As I told you earlier,I have German class every Saturday morning.And,at this point of the course,we have started learning something more serious and harder compared to previous lessons.I am taking this challenge as a good thing and putting a little more effort is what I have to do to be able to understand and speak this language little by little.

There is no success without hard work.Plus,discipline and istiqamah(The constancy) in doing a thing.

Well,as I don't have much time to dress up on Saturday morning nowadays,I am more comfortable to be wearing something casual and simple.

Top:H&M(Last seen here)
Blazer:Emma James New York(Last seen here)
Jeans:Brands Outlet(New)
Sandals:Bata(Last seen here)
Bag:Newyorker,Germany(Last seen here)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Bread and Butter Pudding

Hello peeps,
Wanna know another simple recipe from me?This time is my own version of Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard Sauce!Yumms!

So,what do you usually do when your just remember you still have some Gardenia bread(Or other brands) and it's almost approaching its expire date?
Don't,don't ever think of throwing it away,because you know what,this bread pudding is finger licking good,and you'll crave for more and more after  first bite :P

So,I go straight to the recipe


6 pieces of Gardenia Bread(Or any other brands would be find too,preferably white bread,not whole grained or any sort of that)
1 1/2 cup of full cream milk
One egg
3 spoons of chilled butter
2 spoons of sugar
2 spoons of Custard Flour
a few drops of essence vanilla


1.Firstly,arrange that you cut into 4 squares(picture below) in your baking pan/Pirex

2.Take all out,put in the food processor/blender,and blend until it forms into bread crumbs(Picture below)

3.Pour in one cup of milk into your baking pan

4.In a saucepan,melt your butter,whisk in sugar and set aside from the heat
5.Also,whisk the egg in the butter mixture and pour in your baking tray(Picture below)
,and add raisins or sultanas on top of the batter

6.Lastly,bake your bread pudding at 180 degrees celcius for 25 minutes

Custard Sauce
7.Dissolve 2 spoons of Custard flour with a little bit of water,and heat in a saucepan for a minutes or two
8.Add the remaining milk,sugar and essence vanilla
9.Keep mixing until thick batter forms,remove from the heat,and cool in the fridge for few hours.
Ready to be eaten with your bread pudding

Happy Baking guys!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013


Hi guys,
Happy Sunday everyone!
How did you spend your Sunday?For me,I watched the Beethoven concert Symphony No 5 and 6 at Philharmonic Hall,KLCC today.

Hehe,so you know another fact about me,I like all great masterpieces,and one day when I was browsing thru some book in my German class,I came across MPO booklet and decided to watch it the second time,the same place,and the same masterpiece(don't remember whether they were the same symphonies or not,maybe not) I watched with my beloved Ramon on our first official date couple of years ago :P

So,that explains why I dressed lady-like today ;-)
I have a funny story happened to me when I was about to enter the hall the first time I was at Philharmonic Hall 3 years ago,only me and Ramon know what.So,let it just be our little dirty secret :P

So,this is my first penny piece I got from Thepoplook.I never understood what's all the fuss about Penny,but many girls are lusting over it,until I bought this one,then I knew why girls love it.I love it too,but to be honest,this is not my most favourite from Thepoplook.But,I love this mint color so so much.

Till then.

Penny dress:Thepoplook(New)
Bag:Coach(Last seen here)
Bib Necklace:Diva
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Shoes:Bata(Last seen here)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Let's Get Baggy

Hello guys,
As I'm writing this,I'm still down with flu for the second day :(
Well,live must go on,nothing to whine about,in fact,shall be grateful that we're still breathing endlessly,well,breathing with one nose malfunction :P

After a week without my German class due to CNY,today I was back there again.If I wanted,I would just miss the class due to my condition,but everytime I think how expensive I paid for the whole course,I'd be sorry if I'll miss one class.

So,my condition explains much about my baggy entire today.I just feel like I need some comfort and laid-back today,So I wore something loose and baggy.

This baggy pants reminds me so much of my teen days,the time when boyband wearing baggy pants was so in.Do you remember that time,guys?

Well,tomorrow if my condition gets better,I'll be driving of to Philharmonic to attend my favourite show of all time,Beethoven!!

That's for sure I'll be wearing something more feminine and formal.

T-shirt:Mango(Last seen here)
Denim shirt:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Pants:H&M(Last seen here)
Sandals:Bata(Last seen here)
Bag:Newyorker,Germany(Last seen here)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Recipe 21:Pavlova

Hello guys,
I'm back again in this recipe segment.Haha.
So,as I told earlier,I didn't do much during my CNY holiday,all I do was baking and baking and baking.
And this pavlova I made,was on my first trial,though I'd say,my mom helped me whisking the egg whites,afraid if it might not turn out good.

A day after first trial and it was a success,I tried making one on my own,only that mine turned out as a big failure.I'll explain the reason why later,and to cover the failure,I made another meringue for the third time,and it was a success.

Here's the recipe for you Pavlova lovers.

4 egg whites(Make sure the egg whites are clean from egg yolk or egg shell)
200 g icing sugar
1 tbs corn starch
1 tbs vinegar
Whipping cream(either whipping cream from aerosol packaging or liquid whipping cream from carton)
Few drops of vanilla essence
Mix of fruits as you desire(I used very sweet mango and red grapes without seeds)

1.Whisk the egg whites using electrical mixer for few minutes until stiff peaks form(when you hold your bowl upside down,the meringue doesn't tend to fall),but don't overmix
2.Add sugar,little by little and keep mixing
3.Pour in corn starch and vinegar and keep mixing for few more minutes but don't overmix
4.Preheat your oven at 120 degrees celcius
5.Put a parchment paper on your baking tray,and draw a round line to where you want to load your meringue(picture below)

6.Load your meringue carefully following your drawn line and when the oven is ready,bake it at 120 degrees celcius for approximately one hour or until your meringue turns brownish.
7.When the meringue is ready,don't transfer the baking tray from the oven,just let it completely cool in the oven itself with oven door ajar.
8.To make sure that your meringue is cool down is by touching your oven door.If it is not hot anymore,then you can transfer your meringue from the oven onto your kitchen wire rack.
9.Don't get intimidated if you see your meringue cracks here and there,because that means it is a success

Whipping cream 
10.If you use whipping cream in carton,whisk it with few drops of vanilla until it turns creamy,but make sure,don't overmix.

11.Lastly,Pour the whipping cream on top of your meringue,and decorate with your desired fruit selections.
12.Store in the fridge for few hours before serving for best result.

*I failed on my second trial because I reduce the amount of sugar to only 1/4 of 200 g as suggested.I am quite particular with the amount of sugar in my cooking,and yet I didn't realize that reducing sugar in this pavlova recipe would only make it a big mistake.

So,instead of using fine sugar,you can use icing sugar because normally it is less sweet,so 200 g will still be tolerable in term of sweetness.

Happy baking,guys!!

Simple for Brunch

How have you been guys?Tomorrow have to get back to work again :(
I hope you all a having a prosperous and wonderful long weekend.

I was at my parents' house for a couple of days,and all I did was baking,baking and baking.
I have 4 siblings and plus 2 of my parents,makes my baking more meaningful because I bake for my loved ones.

I tried few recipes on my first trial,which include pavlova,less sugar chewy chocolate cookies,and blueberry cheesecake ;-)

Today,after few days of holidays,I made my weekly German revision so that I won't forget what I've learned the week before.

And this is what I dressed today to have my brunch while revising my German lesson from the previous weeks.

See you again.

T-shirt:Zara(Last seen here)
Jacket:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Chinos:H&M(Last seen here)
Sandals:Bata(Last seen here)
Bag:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Necklace:Bought in Japan

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Make-up Products Review

Today I'd like to make a little review of my 3 make-up stuff from the same brand,Revlon that I've been using for quite some time.

The reasons why I love products from Revlon are because it offers its products at very reasonable price,and the products do good to my skin.
Revlon Cream make-up  Medium Beige 
Revlon super lustrous lipstick - Rosewine 
Revlon photoready Concealer
Make-up less
Apply only little amount of the foundation on your face,rubs gently all over and I like the matte feeling this foundation gives to my skin.
Don't forget to conceal the blemishes on your face with this concealer and lock your lips with this gorgeous lipstick.
Tadaa.I love these 3 products and will keep using them because they never leave a big hole in my pocket ;-)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

When Traditionality Meets Moderness

Hello guys,
How have you been?I'm doing great over here,and whatmore,the chinese new year holiday is coming soon,that means I'm off from work for a couple of days and will head to the east coast Tto meet my family.

After class yesterday,I drove to IKEA to get some plates,mugs and coffee since I thought I needed to add some new plates to my collection :P

Yesterday was indeed a very hot and humid day.Though it still rains occasionally these days,but I didn't want to take any risk layering by body with a few layers of clothes,and I decided to take this so-called traditional kebaya top out of my closet and wore it my my boot-cut jeans.

Believe it or not,this is not Kebaya top,it actually is an embroidered top I bought at Jusco that resembled a lot like a kebaya top.

And with its surprisingly affordable price,this is a good piece to wear either for casual or formal occasion.

Tell then.

Top:Jusco(Last seen here)
Jeans:F21(Last seen here)
Necklace:Bought in Japan(old)
Bag:Unbranded(Last seen here)