Thursday, 31 May 2012

HFW Day 4 : Destinations

If you've been reading my blog for some time,these pictures were already posted here.
This is my perfect idea for comfortable travel.

Dreamy destinations.Hmm,where would they be?I've been wanting to travel to Barcelona to visit Sagrada Familia,Statue of Liberty and Times Square in NYC,scream my lungs out on top of Eiffel Tower in Paris ,visit modern historical places in Berlin,Angkor Watt in Cambodia,or Borobudur in Yogyakarta.

For me,travel is not the best time to wear heavy,flowy dresses or high-heels because most importantly,we need comfort and light-weight  as we might be doing a lot of walking about town.

And don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen lotion ladies!

Refer here again for labels

Some other examples of my former travel outfits

Spring 2011,Munich

Singapore,Jan 2012

Kota Kinabalu,Feb 2012

Bangkok,Apr 2012

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

HFW Day 3 : Time Travel

I should admit,this one theme is also not an easy one.I had to think,what to wear,what to wear.
Bring back the old items and pair with new ones.

At first,I was confused,does it mean wear again old items that I have in my wardrobe and pair with new ones,or wear something that was first introduced in back ages but still practical to wear nowadays,and pair with new style?

Well,alast I took the later description and walla!

Lacey dress : popular in 50/60's,Military jacket : popular in 80/90's/Late MJ's signature jacket,Boot Cut jeans : Popular in 70's,Satchel bag and socks : from my school childhood and lastly wedges : current?

Hope I meet the theme :P
What do you think anyway?

Lacey dress : Thepoplook (Last seen here)
Jacket : F21 (Last seen here)
Jeans : F21 (Last seen here)
Bag : Newyorker (Last seen here)
Wedges : Zara (Last seen here)
Flower clip : F21 (Last seen here)

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

HFW Day 2 : Favourite Hijab

Second day is about my favourite hijab/scarf.
I have many.We always heard "a girl can never have enough shoes",but not many have heard "a muslim girl can never have enough scarves " :P

Though I took quite a lot of time to decide which one shall be pictured for today's theme,I finally decided to go with this one I bought recently in Bangkok.

It is a cotton butterflies scarf and it's big(I folded it into 2).But,the best thing about it is,it is light,comfortable to wear and well,cotton,the most suitable type of material for Malaysian weather.

For the outfit that got to be worn with this scarf,I opted for a maxi dress I wore as a skirt,and just a simple light sweatshirt.

Tell me what do you think!

Top : F21( Last seen here)
Maxi dress worn as skirt : H&M conscious collection (Last seen here)
Shoes : Bought in Japan (Last seen here)
Belt : Bought in Bangkok (Last seen here)
Bag : Bought in Korea (Last seen here)
Flower ring : F21(Last seen here)
Scarf : Bought in Bangkok (Last seen here)
Headband : Unbranded (New)

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Monday, 28 May 2012

HFW Day 1 : Leaders in Hijab

Salam lovelies,

Well,today is the first day of HFW S/S 2012.So,this is what I would wear if I ever be a leader at work.Still,being a leader in my work field is waaayyy of a long term goal for me,but who knows if I ever be one,one day,right? ;-)

Even if I would ,I'm not gonna be a leader in the technical field like what I am doing nowadays ,but rather being in business management or corporation.

For me,work attire should not be over the top,it's enough to be just simple,but nice.
Work attire rules,no eye-catchy colors or cuttings,wear to enhance your corporate leadership and most importantly,you wear what is comfortable for you,as long as it doesn't break your company rules.

P/s : Yes,I'm a coffee lover,I always bring my own coffee to work!

Shirt : Mango (New)
Skirt : Unbranded (New)
Glasses : Tangs (Last seen here)
Bag : Coach (Last seen here)
Shoes : F21 (Last seen here)
Charm-Bracelet : Unbranded (Last seen here)
 Belt : Bought in Bangkok (Last seen here)

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Geeky Geek

Plaid shirt,messenger bag,brogues,now tell me,how geek can I be?
Oh,I forget my geeky glasses :P

I am with my parents at this moment,will send them to KLIA tonight for they'll be leaving for Umrah and Egypt tour.Envy them :P

P/S : Don't forget guys,HFW starts on Monday.Excited!

Plaid shirt : F21(Last seen here)
Skirt : Thepoplook (New)
Brogues : Vincci + (Last seen here)
Watch : PixelModa (New)
Messenger Bag : Dorothy Perkins (Last seen here)

Monday, 21 May 2012

When I Forgot My Decent Footwear

This is the outfit from last Saturday.All on repeat.
I don't want to explain much,but I was fashionably-declined that day.Just look at my footwear.Haha.

HFW Sneak Preview part 2 will come soon.


Top : F21 (Last seen here)
Maxi Dress : Thepoplook (Last seen here)
Scarf : F21 (Last seen here)
Bag : Guess (Last seen here)
Flower Clip : F21

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

HFW First Preview

So,here is my first HFW preview.As I'll be occupied with some stuff the week when HFW starts,I made the  photo session beforehand.Part 2 will come next week.