Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Full Blood Moon Phenomenon 2015

So,we were able to wake up at the wee hour of 4 in the morning today to witness the Total Lunar eclipse when the moon was at its nearest to the earth.We had to wait for around an hour until the moon turned to full red black in color,but it was all worth it as we got to capture many pictures.

The weather was also perfect,Alayna also cooperated well to not wake up the time when we were outside of the house :)

The next total lunar eclipse is predicted to be in 2033,but the closest moon to the earth is only predicted to be 500 years from now on.

This was taken at circa 4 am

The Super full blood moon at circa 4:47 am

Disclaimer:The pictures here might not be the best,but these were all taken by my husband with his own gadgets and least edited.To whom interested to save or copy the pictures,we would appreciate if you can ask for my permission first :)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Weekend : Pumpkin Exhibition at Schloss Ludwigsburg 2015

The season of pumpkin is back.Around 20 minutes away from Stuttgart,there is a small city called Ludwigsburg and this city is famous of its baroque castle called Schloss Ludwigsburg.Every year in Autumn there is a pumpkin exhibition held in the garden of the castle and the arts they do with the pumpkins are interesting,hence why we came here every year.

There are also just many many types of pumpkins that I believe we don't see commonly sold in the supermarket are also being exhibited here.

We waited for a bright sunny day to walk in the park and there comes today.

On another note,I am so eager to see with my own eyes the phenomenon of the super blood moon on Monday morning(tomorrow at 4 am German time).It's the super rare time that the distance of the moon to the earth is at its closest till next time in 500 years as predicted.

My husband and I plan to wake up at 4(Let's see whether we can really wake up at this wee hour :P) and check for the moon.Well,let's also hope that it doesn't rain and not cloudy on that day.

Till then people,have a nice week ahead !

Schloss Ludwigsburg

Aladdin and the flying mat

Small Pumpkin Museum

From the most common to the rarest types of pumpkin

In front of the castle

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Travel : Riquiwihr,Alsace

Last 2 weeks when we went for a day trip to Colmar,on the way back to Stuttgart we stopped by at a small town around 15kms away from Colmar called Riquiwihr.This town is famous as a wine producing town and it still looks more or less as it was in the middle age,making it so medieval and so beautiful.

Stepping in the alleys of this small town was like stepping in a fairy tale land,because of its old buildings with its old architecture.

We took a lot of pictures here because I was just in love with almost everything here.From the cute cafes and restaurants on the main street to the entrance of the resident houses in the smaller alleys.

Till then people.Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha 2015

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my readers.It was a blessing to be celebrating this big day in Islam again this year.But we should never forget the 2 fatal incidents happenes in Mecca these days.It's so sad to hear such news,but let's pray for the deceased and speedy recovery for the injured people.

Although I decided at first I didn't wanna cook anything special for this celebration,but to think that raya only comes twice per year,I cancelled my mind and cooked some traditional food synonym for raya celebration which are Rendang Daging(Symbolic to the sacrifice ritual during Raya Haji) and Kuah kacang with nasi himpit.

Also baked some brownies for a small gathering at a friend's house earlier today

I also made Popia Sira for breakfast today,I normally don't cook for breakfast but today is an exception

Earlier today,we got an invitation to a raya open house of a couple living not far from Stuttgart.As I planned not to make any open house celebration,so we went to celebrate it at someone else's place and the small celebration was awesome with good food and good company.

The most important thing was the kids played and had good time together though Alayna was still a bit shy,haha.

Hope next time it's our turn to organize a small celebration like this.

With the host family

All the food were scrumptious

These 2 kept everyone entertained!Don't grow up too fast you two

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Season : Colors of Autumn 2015

It was really an unexpected weekend here.Yesterday as we left home for Frankfurt IAA(International Automotive Exhibition)the sky was clear blue with a hint of grey sky but nothing so bad until we arrived in Frankfurt the weather was totally gloomy.What made it more worse is the fact that we were trapped in the traffic jam for nearly 2 hours before we could arrive at the exhibition center.

And then upon arrival,we had to walk nearly 40 minutes to the exhibition center because we didn't want to waste time waiting for the bus.

It was very very crowded as it was the first day of the opening,so for that matter we were quite turned off with the crowd,what more we brought Alayna's bulky stroller which was not easy to push it around in the ocean of humans,and then we couldn't make it to some car manufacturer exhibitions like Mercedes Benz and Audi because apparently,these are amongst the most famous and most visited car brands.So there were many people there,even had to queue long to enter the exhibition room,so we surrended beforehand :(

We were not so satisfied actually,but hopefully we learn few lessons from this visit this time,and hope for better visit in 2 years time.To go there again in this short time,the answer is no :P

In fact there are not many pictures I took from yesterday as my mood was quite turned off by so many people :(

Today also,we planned to go to the annually Pumpkin exhibition in a garden of an old castle not far from Stuttgart.When we left the house,the weather was not so bad,but only on the way to the place and nearing the castle,the clouds turned dark and the chance of raining was high.

We cancelled our plan and decided to see some colors of autumn at a castle nearby our house.It is just the beginning of autumn season,but many leaves change colors already,it's so beautiful.

Till then people.Have a nice week ahead.

Selfie with my helmet girl

Friday, 18 September 2015

Travel : Colmar,Alsace,France

Last weekend we went to a French city not far from Germany-France border called Colmar.We have been in this city in winter 2013 when I just got to know that I was pregnant with Alayna and still wanted to keep it secret from family that time.

Now we visited this city again,this time with our daughter.This city is not so big,so one can access to any part of the city just by walking.

This is a lovely city with many old buildings in typical german architecture.In fact this city once belonged to Germany long time ago before the Treaty of Versailles was agreed after the 1st world war that Germany had to let go the region of Alsace(The region where this city belongs to) and some other regions to France.

Today,this city is quite famous among tourists.

Till then people.Have a nice weekend!

When we were passing by this souvenir shop,Alayna kept begging us to have this doll "Nak,nak,nak" she said.We ignored her request and kept walking but she turned her head to look at these dolls.I just couldn't leave the place without buying it when seeing she was hardly eyeing on them :P

A church in the city center

Just a local pizza shop,but the deco is so interesting.

Little Venice in Colmar