Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kitchen make-over

Salam guys,
Kitchen is a very important part of the house for me.There is the place where I devote my passion for cooking and baking.

Since I moved into this house,I have started cooking most of the time because of few reasons.Home-cooked is not just healthy,but taste undeniably great too.

But our kitchen now is relatively small for a family house.I have been thinking of how to make the kitchen looks spacious by saving the the kitchen counter from putting many stuff on it.

Our kitchen cabinets are mostly packed with the kitchen ware and of course food,that somehow we have no more space and tend to put the ingredients on the kitchen counter or beside the window.

Lately,we've worked on making the kitchen look spacious by using the wall.We started to hang many of the pots and pans on the wall,made a shelve so that we can place bottles and jars.

Now our kitchen looks a lot spacious than before.

On one hand,a small kitchen is not bad at all.Because I don't have to spend a lot of time to clean and scrub it.

For now,this kitchen is my favourite part of the home.
Thanks for serving our family so far kitchen.

The shelve we made to put more stuff rather than putting on the kitchen counter

Plan to change the curtain and put more real plants here one day

Using a wall space is not bad at all

Another part of the kitchen where we use the best of the wall.My actifry really takes a lot of space!

Another shelve for the spices and herbs

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Life as it is

Hi guys,
Right now I'm sitting back and relaxing while watching my baby falls in her deep sleep.
This few days have not been so easy for the 2 of us to handle her.

First she has started to sit and crawl around the house,dragging herself in the kitchen,and she loves picking up anything fascinating that she would find laying on the floor,that means the small small dust or small things such as paper or plastic.

I have caught her few times chewing on something unknown and she threw up because of the things she put inside her mouth.I had literally heart attack everytime she started to 'throw up' like that.

And then she started to sit on herself,a good progress though she cannot sit properly yet and tend to fall on her back!

Just yesterday I found out that she started to stand up on her own and hold on to the baby cot that  if she bows a little bit,she would fall out of the bed!

And it has been 2 days already since she's becoming so cranky.Anything seems wrong and I just lost of ideas of what might go wrong until I checked in her mouth,and found two teeth are growing out :)

Hahaha,quite a headace for me actually,not that I am complaining,but she just developed so many things in short time.

 Safety is my first priority right now.

Well,what my story has got to do with the pictures below?Just some pictures of our weekend routine,walking in the nature.Not that much of a nature actually,we only walked around the artificial lake that are surrounded by many buildings in an indutrial area not far from my husband's office.

Till then people.

The frozen lake and the ducks walking on the slippery surface.It was quite funny to see these ducks walking on it actually.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Alayna's Room

Salam guys,
As promised here are the view of Alayna's room.We haven't yet done with it,but for now this would do.We plan to paint the wall white and maybe lessen the accessories a bit so that the room will look spacious as we still have many of our stuff inside her room.

As for the theme,we choose 'caca merba',haha,well,I'm pretty much suck at interior deco,but love to experiment this and that.

Till then people.

I like the wall to be white,while husband likes it blue,but we already agreed to paint it white in April

And also we want to change the curtains to let more sunshine comes through the window

Alayna's wall of fame,all of random pictures of hers I stick here

Actually mama's the one who's really into owl lately,neither Alayna nor daddy :P

We also plan to remove the wallpaper because I think it's too much

Still have to sort our stuff on the shelves next to Alayna's bed cot,but well still struggling to find time for that :P

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Team red

It was quite a bright sunny day,but it was still a lot cold these days!It doesn't bother me that much anymore,because spring is on its way!

As usual,weekends mean a lot more than resting at home.Had a little stroll at a big garden in the city center,it was a fun day for the three of us again.

Till then,ppl!

Let's play chess with me,I'm playing alone :P

The frozen lake

Friday, 13 February 2015

Half a Year

Time sure does fly.Our baby girl already turned 6 months old and I still keep whining to my husband all the pain I had to go through bringing her out to the world :P

This little miracle means a lot to us.Seeing her growing up in front of us each day is the most wonderful thing I could ever ask for.

Alhamdulillah :)

Just some wrap-up of her growth month by month.Babies really grow up fast and change a lot in short time,no?

May you grow up healthily our little darling.

Mama and papa love you so much!

Few days old,was in NICU due to health problem for a week.My heart this time literally torn into pieces :(

One week old,the day we got to bring her back home and time our routines changed

About one month old,smiling in her sleep,and started to wean herself off pacifier.

Turned 2 months old in Malaysia,already gained a lot of weight compared to before

Turned 3 months old and started learning to flip her body so hard.Did it the first time at 3 and half months old

Turned 4 months old and a week after she turned 4 months old,I retired from breastfeeding due to lack of supply :(

Turned 5 months old and started to move back and forth around the house at 5 and half months old.We have started to be extra careful on her and I have started getting "headache" every now and then :P

 At 6 months old,she started to lift her butt up and sit on herself.We hope she can start crawling around soon and give mama and papa more headache,will ya? :P

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It's been a while since the last time I wrote.I have started watching all seasons of Glee again,and that explains why I haven't written posts here as much as I wanted :P

Still the story of our new year's travel.After Hamburg,we went down to Köln/Cologne,another of my favourite German city.It was my second time there and being there brought back some memory when I was there a couple of years ago visiting my then boyfriend(my husband now :) ).

And this time,we went up of one observatory building overlooking the city.Köln is famous of its tallest Gothic church in the world and for my husband,it's like his "sacred" city,because he's a big fan of FC Cologne.

Well,till then ppl.

Kölner Dom,the highest gothic church in the world

Happy to be in the FC Köln gallery

Christmas Market

The colorful small houses by the Rhein river

Love locks bridge everywhere

There's Kölner Dome from the observatory tower

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Winter Wonderland

I really love winter this year.If it is a cold and gloomy kind of winter,it's not really my cup of tea,but white winter would do good :)

Last weekend,we went for a long walk to the center from our house through the forest.It took us around 1 hour and half instead of only 20 minutes by car.We stopped for a breakfast on our way to the city center and came home by train.Crazy :P

After coming back home,my right knee hurt so badly probably resulting from stepping down the many stairs at one point which probably equals to 10 levels of a building haha.

But it was total fun.Looking forward to walking long and crazy like this again some day.

Till then.

 We decided to babywear Alayna that day as the roads in the forest are too narrow for a stroller

 The journey began

 Winter Wonderland

 Was a tad bit too late to capture the picture of the DHL van,it sure gave a bit of color to the picture :P

 Winter berries covered in snow