Saturday, 27 June 2015

Travel : Oberstdorf,Bayern/Bavaria,Germany

As I'm writing this,me and Alayna are now safe and sound at my parents' house.Alhamdulillah for everything,although it was quite a challenging moment to handle an active baby alone and all other challenging things all the way from Frankurt till Kota bharu.Can't wait to explore the Bazaar Ramadhan soon!

Another place that we visited during our family trip was this small town called Oberstdorf.It's such a magical small town with magical view.Just look at the pictures below.I literally was blown off by this beautiful nature that my husband had to stop the car at the side of the road just for the sake of me taking pictures.

This trip was definitely the best paid trip ever haha.No need to go to glamorous and famous shopping city,because I'd rather spend a lot of time enjoying the nature like this.

Till then people and have nice days ahead.

The element of the nature,blue skies,green meadows,a sea of wild flowers,the big thick clouds....

Sleeping is still her number 1 love :P


Friday, 26 June 2015

Travel : Fellhorn,Germany-Austria

I'm just done with packing for our flight back home in 2 days.Don't know why,but kinda miss my husband already.We've never been apart anymore since our wedding till today,even during my hours and hours of labor,he never unattended me even for one minute till delivery.

Well,people say,love grows stronger when you're apart from your beloved ones :P

Still the story of our family trip last month.After hiking up the waterfall at Breitachklamm,we continued our activity that day by riding the cable car to the top of Fellhorn which is around 1900m above the sea level.

This place is famous as a ski site in winter,and during summer,people can go up and enjoy the scenery or even hiking up and down the mountains of Alps.

However,as we arrived on top,the weather didn't help much.The thick clouds covered most of the summits,and thus we had very limited view of the Alps.Sometimes,we had to wait for some time till the clouds were gone to take pictures.

But,the whole lot experience is priceless.

Till then people.

The cable car that we rode

The lake on top of the mountain

The thick clouds covered the mountain

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Travel : Breitachklamm,Germany-Austria

Last May we actually joined a family trip to another place near the boarder of Germany-Austria.As it was a fully paid trip,we joined it unhesitantly haha.

Well,this was also the time when most of my husband's familygathered, including uncles and aunties,cousins and most importantly the organizer and the payer,his grandpa.

Little that I know,there are some nice places full with nature that this small city offers.We went hiking on steep trails along the waterfall,and then we went up the almost 2000m hill by cable car and we were literally over the clouds,and lastly,we went to a small city that has a picturesque scenery.

The first destination that we went was Breitachklamm,the waterfall and trails are provided all along for hikers.It was a fun moment,although we were with a baby that somehow made the hiking a bit challenging,but we made it till the starting point again(Parking).

Enjoy the pictures peeps,till then.

Before starting our hiking,it was a wet and cold day,though

Because it rained the night before,the flow of the river was quite fast,intimidated me a bit,but it was all ok

Like in a cave

Hiking up into the forest

Can't believe that I was at this high point and then I looked down

The challenging part was here when all the roads were hilly

Finally on the flat ground again.Fuh!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Roses in Killesberg

Salam guys,
We have completed the 4th day of Ramadhan,Alhamdulillah.
But I have a little problem actually.Everytime after I break the fast,I will have quite a bad stomach ache,even now when I'm writing this.Don't know what gives.I'm sure I don't get any food poisoning as my husband does not :(

Yesterday,we spent our weekend as usual in a big park near our house.It's a must every summer to go there and check what new species of flowers there these days.As it's the rose season at the moment,and the fact that we'll be flying back this Saturday,I don't want to leave Germany this time without seeing those roses.

Not just roses,other types of flowers were also blooming out.However,the weather gets colder again and it is today the first day of Summer!How ironic.

Till then,people.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Travel : Attersee,Mondsee & Wolfgangsee,Austria

Salam Ramadhan guys,
How was your first day of fasting?Mine was great.We fasted for 18 hours as usual cause it's summer at the moment,and today I didn't feel like fasting because it rained the whole day and the temperature was low.

Thought that fasting while entertaining a hyperactive baby would be tiresome,but so far Alayna has been behaving very good.

Can't wait to enjoy this holy month to the fullest.

Btw,this is the last destination we went for our Germany-Austria trip in late April.After Hallstatt,we went driving around the 3 big lakes nearby called Altersee,Wolfgangsee and Mondsee.The natural turqoise-like color really fascinates me,and according to my husband,the water is so clean that one can drink it directly from the lake.

Of course Allah's creation is the best and the most beautiful one.
Till then,people.



Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Travel : Salzburg,Austria

Other than Hallstatt,We also went to Salzburg,mainly to find some stuff and food.Being in Salzburg bringing back of our fond memories the first time we were here a couple of years ago.
Salzburg is not a big or any famous city,but the nature surrounding it always makes me mesmerized,and especially if one goes up the hill where the old castle is located at,one can enjoy a breathtaking view over Alps.

Not this time anyway :(
Well,till then friends.

Man on a giant globe,an art statue in the middle of the old city

A statue of Mozart whom was born in Salzburg

The Love padlocks hanging on the bridge.Do you hear that Paris city council will take down all the locks on all bridges in Paris,for example the famous Pont Des Arts because the mayor of the city doesn't like them?Well,the only reason why we walked far from one bridge to another when we were in Paris is merely because we wanted to see those love locks!

Had scrumptious dished at one of halal indian restaurant

Salzburg old city

The famous Mozart chocolate but I never bother to buy,tried once,but was not really my cup of tea

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Bad Urach Waserfälle

It's our first time at this waterfall.Can't believe that my husband never told me about it which is  not far from our place and I just got to find it out on instagram.For that matter,we decided to come and hike here before Ramadhan starts in a few days.

It was a fun moment just the 3 of us spending some quality time like this.It was exhausting because we hiked up till the top of the waterfall.

Went home and cooked a simple mee curry to fulfill our empty stomach :)

Have a nice day everyone!

It's not any big waterfall,but the flow is still quite fast

Out of all pictures,I love this the most!