Saturday, 22 October 2011


It feels like long time ago since I posted my outfit look.See,when my photographers are not around,my blog wouldn't be updated that much too.Sabrina is busy with work,Ramon is back in Germany(in fact he is now travelling to Vienna) and Farahin who is still at my parents' house,no one I can rely on to get my pictures taken ;-(

Which is why I feel that I need to update this blog today.
Today started with a nice weather,I headed to KL to attend a wedding in Jalan Ampang,and afterwards we went for some coffee and cake as yesterday was Sabrina's birthday and later today we went to a park nearby and it started to rain when we just merely arrived!

Even when the pictures were taken,the raindrops were still subtly seen as in the pictures,but my motto is : never work a thing halfway!

Thanks to sweetheart for the maxi dress as a gift,I do appreciate it very much ;-)

Maxi dress:H&M/Cardigan:Thepoplook/Bracelet:F21/Bag:Guess(very old)/Sandals:Summit
*Picture credits to Sabrina*

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

People behind "Sweet Scent"

Hello all,
Today I'd like to dedicate this post to few people behind the camera.As you can imagine,I couldn't get my pictures taken only by my tripod,because most of the time,the tripod won't work especially when I use a prime lens(a lens without zooming capability).

So,these people have worked hard to make Sweet Scent a reality.In fact,there is another person who has worked hard to get my pictures taken,mostly at the beginning of this blog,which is my other sister,Atiqah,but after June she moved her campus from PJ to Kuantan,hence explains why she no more one of my great photographers.

Sabrina is my best friend since high-school,and she now becomes my primal photographer every now and then,and when I get to meet my bf,I asked him to take my pictures with his great lens,and another one is my other sister,Farahin.Now that she will move to KL quite soon (and will start working in KL's most exclusive place in my opinion which is KLCC),I hope she will contribute more to this blog.

Without these people,Sweet Scent will never exist.In fact,before I started up this blog,I make sure there are people around me who could contribute a little of their time for this thing to happen.

Thanks a big time to every each of you,my beautiful people!

1.Sabrina 2.Ramon 3.Farahin

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Hello all lovely readers,
As I promised,a post about KL!
Last week we visited many interesting places in KL,which most of them were revisited,and I decided to take some shots of KL and its area.Although I don't own many nice pictures(Ramon took like hundreds of interesting pictures,though),and that I used wrong lens for landscape pictures,but I still hope you will enjoy seeing the pictures.

And if you realize,since few weeks ago I was not being able to do posts,or blog-hopping,or commenting more seriously due to my sickness.But,I am so glad to announce that I have gotten better and better everyday ;-)

Which also means,more posts and blog-hopping and commenting more seriously.Anyway,I really appreciate for all nice thoughts from friends out there.


1.Government Building,Putrajaya 2.Central market,one stop center for any kinds of souvenirs 3.Jln Bukit Bintang,heart of KL 4.Suria KLCC 5-6.KTM,the oldest train station in KL 7.National Mosque 8-9.Sultan Abdul Samad Buildings,Merdeka Square,the place of Malaysia's independence declaration 10-11.Batu Caves

Friday, 14 October 2011

Starbucks Shirt

Good morning everyone,
How is your weekend treating you so far?I almost forgot that it's Saturday today because I was on leave starting on Thursday,and after a while only realized,the weekend is here.It's gonna be a hectic weekend for me,tonight Ramon will be flying back to Germany and tomorrow morning I have to drive to Ipoh to attend my sister's graduation day.

Althugh my health is still not at its best,but I hope by having Sabrina as my companion will motivate me if not more,less maybe to attend my sis's big day.

So,today's pictures are from yesterday,we went to many places in KL in one day,and I will make a special post about KL soon as I believe that I also have few of International readers,and I think making a post about my capital city sounds like a brilliant idea!

Have a nice day everyone.


Plaid Shirt:F21/Starbucks shirt:No Brand/Jeans:F21/Shoes:Vincci/Bracelet:H&M & DIY friendship barcelet/Bag:Vintage
*Picture credits to Ramon Bisswanger*

Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Special" Guest

Hello all,
How are you doing?There is one reason to explain my absence in this week,which I am not really in my pink of health.
Even by the time I am typing this,I still have my cough and sore throat although fever was already gone.I hope this is the last episode of my sickness since few weeks back because to tell you the truth,sickness really sucks!

Plus,I am having a "special" guest with me here for the rest of the week (remember this post?),so I was really hoping that I can present myself in the best condition possible,but I can't say no to what God has planned for me.I believe He always has the best decision for all of us ;-)

So,yes,my bf ,Ramon is here for work purpose for the whole week,so we spent some quality time out and about in the city and today we went to KLCC,had some nice dinner and watched some movie there.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures because as you can see,it's already dark when we arrived there,plus we both are not really good at night photography.So we went inside the building and took few shots of me eventhough I was acting like a shy bird.You know,when there are many people,I'm just not that comfortable for my pictures to be taken of :P

Promise you more photos to come ;-)

Cardigan:Vintage/Top:Bought in Korea/Pants:Padini/Shoes:Vincci/Necklace:F21/Bag:Vintage
*Picture Credits to Ramon*

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Of My Little Note

Hello friends,I am facing with a health issue lately,of which I was always having flu,fever,and bad cough since few weeks ago constantly.In fact,today I had to be on medical leave because my cough won't stop and my fever comes again,but when I am typing this,I already feel better,although not fully recovered.

Nothing much on fashion or outfit look today,just want to share a song that has captured my heart and all my other tracks had been stopped by this beautiful song by Adele "Someone Like you".

I think I have passed more than 500 times on hitting this song since Monday and I just couldn't stop from listening.

I actually made an audio cover of this song by myself but too shy to upload it here :P . And having said that,I actually adore music very much and enjoy singing,mostly covering of my favourite music because I just don't have idea how to compose a song on my own.Well,let it only be my personal record.

I also would like to express my warmest condolence as we know that Steve Jobs had passed away a couple of days ago as I extremely feel his lose.

Not too much to say that he literally had helped me a lot all through college since I was a big fan of Macintosh laptop,I had one since 2005,few ipods as my best friends to accompany me during my university time,and latest,my favourite iphone 4.There might be someone who can replace him as a new CEO of Apple,but I somehow believe no one can really replace his great ideas of digi-tech inventions.He was truly a great inventor that will always be remembered of.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

It's my birthday!

Happy Sunday everyone,
So,this is my big day I mentioned in my last entry.It's my 26th birthday!
Technically,my birthday will be tomorrow(Oct 3rd),so I am still 25 :P

But,being said that,I decided to treat myself with a small brunch picnic today with my best friend,Sabrina.I normally don't give a big deal about my birthday,but this time I told myself,I need to get together with people I love that lives close to me and so we went picnicking and it brought us so much fun!

I took a lot of pictures and yet I couldn't decide which pictures should I select for this entry,anyhow,I hope you will enjoy seeing all these pictures ;-)

I actually have a good news that will happen to me very soon,but I wasn't allowed to tell so just yet,so keep coming back,peeps!


Denim Button Down:Vintage/Skirt:H&M/Belt:F21/Shoes:Vincci/Bracelets:H&M and DIY friendship bracelet/Scarf:from Paris/Aviator:Ray Ban

*Picture credits to Sabrina*