Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Little Sightseeing

Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here.This morning the sun shined brightly,so we decided to go out with the thinnest jacket I have,little that we expect,it suddenly became cloudy and my light jacket cannot do me any favor from feeling cold :P

Oh,what do you say about my new banner?My husband had done a great job for me.It was last 2 years since the last time I did something fresh to my blog,and hopefully with this new face,I will blog some more :-)

Till then.

Bag:Bought in Italy

My baby bump at 16 weeks 3 days

Thursday, 20 February 2014


At last,I have the mood to blog about my Italy trip last month.It was long postponed because I did not enjoy it to the fullest.Mood swings,morning sickness,bad weather,all mixed up together.But the last destination we went to was probably the most favourite one.

Venice as well described is a lovely place and romantic.Perhaps I shall come back in Summer to see its beauty again.

Anyway,here are some pictures when we were there.
See ya guys next time.


Rialto Bridge,the most famous one in Venice

San Marco at sunset

Riding the cheap Gondola at 2 Euro to cross the river 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

A weekend in Munich

Salam guys,
I had a wonderful weekend in Munich with my husband.It has been long since we have our little excursion especially since my days were miserable with morning sickness and laziness sympthoms :P

This time he forced me to come out of the house during the weekend.And,little that we knew,we had summer in winter!It was spectacular after a long gloomy winter we've been having.I just let my the sunshine through my body and did not wear my jacket on the daytime on Saturday.On Sunday the weather totally changed to sunny bright to gloomy day.

Glad that we spent time walking around when the weather was nice.

Here are some pictures to sum-up my weekend.

How was your weekend?

 At Nymphenburg Castle,my favourite castle in Munich,I was once here in Summer and the scenery was spectacular.

Flower Brooch:F21
 Had lunch at a Persian restaurant and the food was scrumptious.

 Mini dress:Primark
Mary Anne Shoes:Deichmann

Went to BMW Museum

BMW Isetta in 1955

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

3rd Check-up

Salam guys,
Today I had my third check-up with the baby.And guess what?The baby has grown tremendously,though if people see me from the outside,like there is nothing really changed!
It was my biggest issue and I asked the doctor today whether it is normal that my baby bump hasn't yet shown.She informed me it was totally normal and nothing I should be worry about.

It was also the first time I heard the baby's heartbeats and it was so wonderful!
Guess I haven't posted pictures of current me for quite some time.

 Finally I feel a lot better than the previous weeks.The morning sickness almost gone and it feels as before I was pregnant,hope it'll last till delivery :P

Since few weeks ago,I have started calling my little one "She".Haha,mother's instinct,they say.
Let us see.

Till then.

Maternity dress:H&M
Jeans:Some shop in Stuttgart

Today we celebrated me losing 0.1 kg from last check-up by eating spaghetti ice-cream.Lepas makan mungkin dah naik 1 kg :P

Our little baby that grows tremendously each day inside me at 13 weeks 6 days.