Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Confinement story and Alayna's 1st Outing

Talking about confinement period that I am doing now,it's not really an easy phase for me as I need to handle many things on my own,and of course with the help of my deary husband.

Starting from taking care of our baby which we set up a feeding and napping schedule for her based on the tips given by the hospital and home midwife,my breast-feeding and pumping schedule,and the things people in Malaysia normally do during confinement like bertungku and berbekung,all is done alone by us.

As for the bertungku and berbengkung,I am doing pretty religiously,I also take the best care of my eating routine,try to avoid unnecessary food like food with fat,oil and so on.

However,I still use the method "try and error" in taking my food,because to be honest,I am not an obliged person when it comes to food :P But,of course I only take food that I think is healthy and avoid at all cause any cold food or drinks.

But,there is one thing that I don't follow during this confinement period.Going out of house.I seriously cannot imagine being stucked at home for 44 days straight.That might drive me crazy!Besides,I believe that women in post partum need to do some movements to correct the ligaments and muscles and bed-resting is truly not my thing.

Don't get me wrong,some people believe that bed resting/staying at home is good for the women to recover faster,but I just can't stay still because I have trained myself to do a lot of stuff,and furthermore if I don't do house-chores or going for some grocery shopping,who would do that for my family?

Today we went out for a little sight-seeing in our favourite flower park nearby.We brought Alayna along,but she slept all the time -___-.

But mama was happy to see world outside and many blooming flowers.

Till then.

 Same flowers with her headband :P

Friday, 15 August 2014

My Labor story

Salam guys,
Finally I have a little wee of time to update this blog,what reason that I don't have it anymore these days?Of course,my baby,but no,I don't complain,instead I am so loving this new thing called parenthood.

She's quite a sleeper,well in the days,not so much a sleep-liker at nights :(

Can't believe that 10 days ago,I was still pregnant with her and now she's all mine in my arms.
So,I decided to write a little bit of my labor story of her.

5th August 2014
5.30 am : I felt the big urge to go to the toilet when I was still in bed.It was like you have to do it immediately.The feeling was different,it was once or twice stronger than those feelings when you wanted to poop so badly due to stomach ache.

7:00 am:Told my mom and husband and started to keep the contractions on track in my phone.they were pretty much mild contraction still,that I decided to just hang on and keep waiting till the real game began :P

12:00pm :They got stronger and my sleep was disturbed because I couldn't concetrate on it anymore.But I still could hold on them.Took a shower and my husband decided to drive me to the hospital.After shower my husband told me he saw a stain of blood on it,and I knew our baby is coming pretty soon,happy yet nervous!

1:00 - 4:00 pm :Arrived at the hospital,the doctors checked my opening which was only dilated 2cm,but the contractions got stronger but I can still prety much hold on them,except the time when they attacked,I was waiting outside the labor room and it was a bit uncomfortable for me as they were many people there,and the best position I think for me to reduce the pain is to be in crawling position,but hell no,I couldn't do that when people were looking at me -___-

4:30 pm:I was put in a private room and stayed there with my husband while surfing the internet,and the contractions kept going on stronger but I still decided on not taking any medication or pain reliever because I remembered my mission is try to take the least medication possible.My husband was my source of power,he gave me back massages although most of the time,they didn't help me that much -___-.

9:00 pm:By this time,I couldn't stand anymore,went to the labor room and a very kind and helpful old midwife helped me by checking my opening and it was just 3 cm?I was already in ultimate pain this time,but I was still stubborn,still don't want to take any pain reliever.So,she suggested to me and my husband to go for some walking around the hospital.

9:30 pm:We came back to the midwife again and I asked for "something" to ease the pain,so she decided to give me a bullet pill inserted from the back,but she said it won't make the pain go away,instead it will make the opening softer.I agreed.

11:30:This time was the end of it.I couldn't take it anymore and begged to my husband to push me on the wheelchair and I wanted PDA/Epidural.The other midwife came and checked my opening and it was already 4cm but she said my opening was very soft,I begged and begged for PDA,but she kept distracting my mind and persuaded me to only take pain killer.

11:50 pm - 12:40 am:To be honest,the pain killer had no effect on me.The opening kept going faster,from 4 to 6,in a matter of few minutes went to 8 cm.And then,the midwife asked me to go to the toilet and try to empty my bladder,but the urge to push was so huge,I pooped when I was trying to push a little bit:P.There was no word "shame" anymore and the midwife also told me that it was all fine to poop as many as I wanted.

She also gave me back and perinium massage to  relieve me,which somehow helped me to feel at ease a lil bit.My husband was always there all the time.

6th August 2014
12:40 - 1:00 am:When I was allowed to push the baby out,I was positioned on my knee which during my antenatal class was my favourite position ever.Here in Germany you can choose whatever position you like.I started pushing the baby out with all the energy I had and within 20 minutes the baby was there!Fuh,and guess what?All the pain was gone in a blink of an eye.

I got stitched,but the doctor said,the wound was ok,not bad,and as I am writing this today on the 10th day of my post partum,I can already walk fast,bersila and the wound is almost gone,even the nurses at the hospital and my home midwife also praised me for the speedy recovery.Alhamdulillah.

So,that's all my story on may labor of my baby girl,Sophia Alayna.
She is all that matters to me now,and of course my husband :P

Till then people.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Her Arrival

Assalam guys,
Finally our waiting is over.We're now proud parents of 

Sophia Alayna Bisswanger

 Born on 6th August 2014,exactly on her due date at 1.00 am.She perfectly weighed 3.09 kgs and we couldn't be more happier than this gift from Allah.

 May Allah ease your life,and may you be a good girl to your Creator and papa and mama.

It's also our 1st anniversary today,10th August 2014.

 Alhamdulillah for everything :-)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Raya Story 2014

Assalam and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,guess it's not too late to wish everyone this festive season.
And yes,I am still very much pregnant up till today,39+3 th week!

Can't wait to get this baby out of me.Everyone is waiting for her grand entry into this world,including my mom and sister who are here with us since a week ago.But they said,if the baby still doesn't want to come out till their departure day on Friday this week,what else can they do but to accept :(

Waiting is not my type of thing,I have the thinnest piece of patience :P

Anyway,how was your raya celebration this year?We celebrated it moderately this year,but I muss say,we tried to live the sparks of hari raya by cooking many good dishes and invited some Malaysian students to come over to our open house.

It was a bless having people from the same region around in one place,and it was not as bad as I thought it would be.Mainly because I have my husband and a part of my family here,and raya di perantauan is not a new thing anymore for me,being away for 4 years in Japan had thought me a lot about the absence of your family members on raya days.

I am blessed,anyway!

Till then people,please pray that I have a smooth delivery and may Allah ease everything.