Friday, 29 November 2013


Happy weekend y'all!
Tomorrow we're heading to Nürnberg Weihnachtsmark/Christmas Market in Nuremberg and to meet my Malaysian friend who is also married to a German.

It's my first time experiencing Christmas Market,and in Stuttgart we also have 2 Christmas Market and I have visited one of them which is just 5 minutes away from my class.

It was a great experience to see the culture here.It's like we're proud of our Pasar Ramadhan and they're proud of their Christmas Market.

Oh,I love the earbags I bought the other day at the Christmas market here.Remember this post when I explained about my current illness?It still doesn't fade away just like that,but it has been tolerable and comes in low pitch until last week I had the high pitch coming back again.

I read that Winter season and coldness could be the contributor to the increase in the pitch,so that's why I decided to buy these earbags to protect my ears.

Till then guys.

Pants:Brands Outlet
Earbags:Bought at Christmas Market here in Stuttgart

Monday, 25 November 2013

Yellow Flowers

Hello guys,
How I wish weekend could stay longer.How was your weekend?I spent my weekend at my in-laws meeting some uncles and aunties of my husband.

And then we went for some driving on the countryside roads and on Autobahn(highway with no speed limits :P).I've been doing pretty great with driving a manual car now.

I always wanted to take pictures in the garden of these yellow flowers.Haha,finally!
Today it was also very sunny after a week or so without sun.I was so happy to finally meet the sun and blue skies,but now it's dark already :( Till then sun,I hope you'll come again soon.

Till then.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Schloss Solitude

Hola Chicas,
How are you doing today?We're doing coldddd here!Brrr.Finally,the ultimate cold season is here,no sun,yes no sun since I-don't-remember-when.

But it has become our routine to go out for some sightseeing during the weekend.This evening we'll be driving to Ramon's hometown to meet his big family,and this morning we went for a little sightseeing at a nearby old castle,and it was freaking cold there and foggy.

I have bought this clutch for a long time in Malaysia,it's a beautiful clutch,but I never had guts to bring out a clutch in public,afraid I might get snatched :P

Till then.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Clutch:Bought at a store in Fahrenheit88
Scarf:Branded Outlet

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stuttgart Port

My key to winter trend is color.Lots and lots of colors.People normally stick to earth colors during winter,but not for me.I prefer colors.

Since I'm here,some have commented how nice I do my trend with my shawl,which is a big compliment for a normal me :P

So,where do I get my Winter essentials these days?Of course,the cheap Primark.I'm such a cheapskate :P

And Hoodie is my staple for Winter,have been a fan since pre teen till today.

Wish you guys nice days ahead!

Bag:Souvenir Shop

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Can Weekend stay for like in forever?:P
On Tuesday my new class will start and I plan to take a German exam after completing my A level(Not the English A level).

Nowadays,I speak more German with my husband and I aim to learn at least 5 new words each day.And I also learn to drive my husband's car.For many factors,I don't want to drive his car,the main reason is because it's a manual car,and I have long forgotten my skills to drive one.

Most of the people here prefer manual cars than automatic,and for me,I'm gonna live here for a long time,and I need to be able to drive his car.Today we completed 20km++ of driving here although I was nervous because the people here drive with manners :P

Sometimes I miss Malaysian road where I can drive a bit recklessly :P

Last Saturday we went to Frankurt,that is 2 hours drive from Stuttgart for a little excursion.
Frankfurt is famous for its tallest buildings in Germany and many business sectors take place in this city.

Frankfurt is more of an urbanized city than an typical old German city.

Till then,
I need to prepare dinner for us now :P


Bag.Souvenir bag
Scarf:Brands Outlet

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Perkins Park

When the day is shorter than the night,you always want to grab the chance to be as long as you can outside during daytime.

That's what I always want to do these days.Sometimes I feel that night is too long and by 9 pm,I already feel that I need to go to sleep.

So,during this season,I have longer sleep than in Summer,because your mind has been set to accept the fact that way,well at least for me.

The other day we went to a nearby park where there is a lookout Tower.From up there you can see the view of Stuttgart.

The other day,I discusses with a Mexican friend in my class that we want to find for some part time job after class,let's see :P

Till then guys!


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Today is my 1st month in Germany.So far,I am loving my new life here with the person I am in love more and more each day :P

Next week also I will finish my current German Course and will proceed with the next level.
So far,I can speak simple conversation and I am able to speak it when buying something at shops of cafes.

I also make some friends here,and the best thing is,they are from various countries all over the globe.

Although it gets colder and colder each day,but to be honest,I pretty much like the current weather though :P

Last Saturday we went to Wilhelma,a zoo here in Stuttgart,a little excursion from our daily routines.

We're going to have a housewarming party this Friday and on the weekend we might be off to Frankfurt.

Till then.

Skirt:Bought at one booth in KB Mall
Bag:Mango Touch