Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Precious Collection : Fridge Magnets

I once promised you to post my fridge magnet collection that I have been collecting officially since 2010.
Well,though not many,but I love them so much because it's not easy to get these from the original places that I have been to,and mostly,where my bf has been to.

I wish I were a world traveler just like he is,it's just the matter or time and money :(

Before this,I loved collecting key-chains from the places I have been to when I was still studying in Japan,and then postcards.

So guys,what do you love to collect?Care to share?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Feminism Vs. Varsity

As on Sunday,another wedding and open house invitations I had to attend.Like seriously,this makan-makan thing still goes on :P
Anyway,what to fuss about,right?I believe normal people like us like food,er,top models maybe don't :P

And,once again I wore my thick varsity jacket in this typical hot weather!!
Yes,I am one crazy girl!

I sweated like hell inside,especially the events I went to were open public events.Sigh -_-

Some people asked me how to get varisty jacket.Guess what,few weeks ago when I stepped inside Brand Outlet store at Fahrenheit88,I saw varsity jackets sold in few colors and sizes.If  I'm not mistaken,the price is RM79.90.So,yes hurry up if you plan to get your hands on it.

In this outfit I tried to combine feminism of maxi dress with chic style of Varsity jacket.

One thing for sure,I'm not gonna wear this jacket again in open place for a long period of time.
Maxi dress:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Varsity jacket:Bought online(Last seen here)
Scarf:Bought in Paris
Bag:Vintage(Love this one so much!)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Lake Gardens and H&M Malaysia Grand opening

Hello guys,
How have you been?I'm doing great,just great!
Can't believe that we still have two more months to end 2012,and better yet,my birthday is just next week!
Though I already feel sad because an important person in my life is not gonna be here to celebrate the older me,but I am just thrilled to know what he has planned to gift me :P

I hope they're just not clothes,shoes or handbags,because I'm expecting more than that *wink*

So,how was your weekend?Mine was lovely,and then it turned to be a disaster,and then it turned out good at the end.
I should not complain,I should not.
This is my outfit on Saturday,I haven't gone to Lake Gardens since last May,so this time I went there,one of my favourite spots,in Malaysia.You guys should come here too.
 Top :H&M(Last seen here)
Chinos:H&M(Last seen here)
Bag:Vintage(Last seen here)
Clogs:Charles&Keith(Last seen here)
Rubber Plastic Ring:Gift from my lil bro
Bracelet:Mango Touch

And on another note,I hit Malaysia's first H&M store at Lot 10 on Saturday!
As you may have heard,it was very crazy,because many people came and cramped the place to see the most spoken store that couriers a lot of variety for your fashion taste.

I have been to H&M stores in Europe and Singapore,but I would say,the one at Lot 10 is the biggest one I've ever been.
Just one tip,if you drive to Bukit Bintang area,I normally park my car at Lot 10 itself (in case if I am from Times Square) because the parking there is cheaper compared to Pavillion and it's located in the middle from Pavillion until Low Yat Area.

Some of my readers also asked me where did I get my H&M stuff before this.Well,I am lucky to have a German dude,so yes,he helped me a lot by buying stuff from H&M Germany.He's one hell of a kind guy :P
*Ok,stop it now,nanti kembang kempis hidung dia nanti*
I only managed to grab mostly basics,just didn't really get turned on to do more shopping as every inch of the store was very packed with humans :P

Friday, 21 September 2012

Recipe 12:Cocktail Pudding/Agar

Not that sure whether this recipe worth a sharing or not,because it's too easy.
In case if you wanna try this out,here are the ingredients and the steps.


Agar(you can use powdered agar or the typical malay stripped agar,I bought mine in Tesco)
Evaporated milk
Sugar(up to your desire of sweetness)
Vanilla essence(optional)
Mix fruit cocktail(I bought ayam brand in can)

How to
1.Boil the agar strips or powder with water and adjust the volume if necessary.Make sure don't use too much of agar powder or agar strips as this may lead to hard pudding
2.When the agar is melted,add evaporated milk.I use 1 can to give extra milkiness and creaminess to the pudding :P
3.Add fruit cocktail,I don't separate the cocktail,add it too
4.Lastly taste with sugar as much as you like 

P/s : Are jelly and agar the same thing?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Pink and Brown

Ah,finally my stomach and myself can rest from the numerous open house invitations since the beginning of Syawal.

I'm sure some of you have experienced the same thing like this,but I can't deny that it was all very fun ;-)
Just a simple outfit from me today,but I want to highlight the combination of two colors,pink and brown.I just love this combo.

You know what's my tip in combining colors so that they look harmonious together?Trial and error.I can just stand in front of the mirror for a while experimenting which color suits best with which color and when I'm satisfied,I'm done.

Though the scarf you see today is not orange,really.It is actually coral neon,although can't really be seen in the pictures.

But,the after trial was something I didn't look forward to.Organizing my stuff back into the closet :P
Inner:F21(Last seen here)
Skirt:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Sandals:F21(Last seen here)
Bag:Coach(Last seen here)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Recipe 11:Peanut Sauce/Kuah Kacang

Last night I cooked peanut sauce to be eaten with rice cube for today's open house at my office.It's my mom's recipe,and most importantly,it's easy ;-)

One more open house invitation,and after that my stomach can rest for a while :P


Peanuts (blended)
2 Big onions
5 to 6 Cloves of garlic
20 to 25 Dried chillis
2 to 3 Lemongrass
*Gula merah/Brown sugar
Tamarind(mix with water)

How to
1.Blend onions and garlics together
2.Boil the dried chillis for  5 minutes and then blend them too
3.In a pot,heat the oil,and put the blended onion.
4.Let it cook until the color turns yellowish and later on add blended chilli.Mix well for about 5 to 10 minutes until everything is fully cooked.
5.And then,add tamarind,add water to adjust your desired volume,stir well and add blended peanut.
6.Mix and keep stirring,taste with salt,brown sugar/gula merah and lastly add lemongrass
7.Let it cook at a low simmer for a while until you see the layer of oil on top.

Monday, 10 September 2012

More wedding and open house invitations

As much as I enjoy this festive season(wedding,open house),I wish it could end soon.
My stomach is bloated,full of food,and obviously,fat.Haha.

This is just another modernized kurung worn by me on Sunday to a friend's wedding.

And,I am CLEO's loyal reader since 2003!Yes,this magazine has been helping me a lot since my college years and I still enjoy every single page of it,full of fashion info,tips,and whatnot.

On top of that,it's a very cheap magazine for only RM5.00!What's your favourite magazine?
Modern baju kurung :Ready made,PKNS Shah Alam
Shoes:Summit(Last seen here)
Bag:Vintage(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch

And this is what I wore on Saturday for open house.Haha,not modest,I guess,but it was easy for me to go watching movie afterwards.

Jeans:Voir(Last seen here)
Bracelets:H&M and random
Bag:Vintage(Last seen above)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Baggy Pants

Well,I love colorful denim.I have many pants in many colors,and plan to have in all colors available :P
Though these pants are actually 2 sizes bigger than my usual size,I thought of wearing them as a pair of baggy pants.

When I was in high school,I loved baggy pants so much,pairing them with tight shirts,but that was years ago.Nowadays,the intention to cover my aurah properly has grown bigger,considering the ages get older and older every year.

Speaking of which,my birthday is almost a month away!Can't wait.
I love my doctor bag so much!!

Starbucks T-shirt:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Shoes:Summit(Last seen here)
Bag:Vintage(Last seen here)
Bracelets:Random and H&M

Talking about new cafe in town,I was very happy that Mccafe has finally arrived in Malaysia!And in particular at Sunway Pyramid which is just 15 minutes away from my work place.

If you're a coffee lover,you know what I mean,Mccafe offers a variety of good and aromatic coffee at a very affordable price,well,compared to other popular cafes and the taste is almost the same.

Started to love it when I tried it the first time in Europe,and also found the same branches in Singapore and Australia and tried again in Bangkok.

My favourite?Always Flat white :)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Not quite sure why the pictures aren't that nice.Trust me,I love my ensemble but somehow doesn't look nice in the pictures.Anyhow,I decided to post it.This is the outfit I wore to a friend's wedding in felda,somwhere in Negeri Sembilan.Haha,why I mentioned "somewhere",is because I don't know the name of that place.And it was my first time visited a felda village,nice!

Well,my songket is quite old already,but I never had intention to throw it away :P
It is classic,and it had traveled with me to Japan since 2007!

So guess how old it is.
Pussy bow top:H&M(Last seen here)
Songket:Bottom of my baju kebaya 2007
Belt:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Bag:Vintage,bought at Fahrenheit88!!(New)
Rubber Plastic ring:Gift from my brother

Monday, 3 September 2012

Clashed prints

Open house invitations,wedding invitations,gosh I don't know until when this festive season will end :P
Nevertheless,I always enjoy variety of food that we don't normally get in other months,other than syawal.

I opted for a comfortable dress on Friday(Friday was Malaysia's public holiday for Malaysia
s 55th Indepence Day) because after the open house invitation,I went to Bukit Bintang to shop.Woohoo!

Though this time I decided to clash prints in one outfit,so here's the result.I combined floral and tribal motives together.

Tell me what do you think!
Sabrina,my loyal photographer 

Dress:H&M(Last seen here)
Long sleeves:F21(Last seen here)
Shoes:Summit(Last seen here)
Bag:Carlo Rino(Last seen here)
Bracelets:H&M and Mango Touch


I also would like to share a sad news with you guys about my cat who had passed yesterday evening after fell sick for unknown reason.Tuki was the name we gave to her,a beautiful and cheerful cat that my family and I had taken care of,for few years already.

It was a big regret for us the whole family as we love Tuki like she was a human-being,especially one of my sisters who showed greatest care and love to her since the day she came into our life.

Tuki was the only cat I didn't mind to kiss all over her body over and over again,the cat I could never pass by her without catching and playing with her,and the cat that I loved the most in all cats that came to our house.

We didn't really know what gave to her sudden death,because all this while Tuki was a very healthy and clean cat,but we believe Allah loves her more.

Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun(From God we come and to him we shall return)
See you in heaven,Tuki.

I hope my readers can also recite Al-fatihah for her.Allah bless us all.Amin.