Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Flowers

Salam guys,
How time flies,I am already in my 30th week of my pregnancy,10 more weeks to go.Can`t wait to meet our little junior,but somehow I also feel I`m gonna miss the moment when I carry her around inside me once she arrives.How close she is now to me,she`s the closest to me :)

During this pregnancy,I didn`t really focus on buying maternity clothes(except pants),because lucky(shall I say I am lucky) me,my baby bump is relatively small and my weight gain is also considered as low.However there are times when I couldn`t help but seeing myself in the mirror and I realized my body shape is not like before I get pregnant anymore :(

Well,I will do the confinement very strichtly and hopefully I will lose weight as much as I can.

Maternity Pants:H&M
Bag:Mango Touch

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Baby Nursery

By this week,we have finished around 80% of the baby nursery.I think it's the best place to be at everyday :-).One thing that  is missing,of course,our baby,can't wait for that moment to see her in her own room :-)

Maybe next time I can make some posts of the stuff we have bought so far for our little one.So far,we have finished buying 80-90% of the baby stuff and there are some more stuff that we might need and may not need,and we'll see later after the baby's arrival whether we really need them or not.

Till then ,peeps.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Babymoon London Day 4 & 5

Finally comes the end part of my London trip end of March.Smell my laziness in updating this blog,lately? :P

So,on the 4th day in London,we took a bus tour outside of London to three famous towns for tourism,starting with visiting Windsor Castle where the Queen regularly lives,and then to the infamous Stonehenge,the UNESCO World Heritage and lastly to Oxford city,which undoubtedly famous for its world prestigious Oxford campus.

And on the last day,we only spent half the day near the soon-to-be opened Olympic Park(already opened in April) and had a shopping spree at Westfield Mall nearby,then later we moved to Heathrow Int. Airport.

End of our trip!

Windsor Castle


Olympic Park

London Tube

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Summer Green

A beautiful day,beautiful weather and I hope for a perfect weekend!
Last week was not easy for me,the week before I was run to the emergency department at the hospital as I had a little spotting/bleeding and I swear,my heart literally stopped from beating.Alhamdulillah,nothing serious happened,the doctor said sometimes when the baby is too active,it could also hurt the mother,and that explained of my little bleeding.

And last Monday,I got a call from my doctor saying that my Diabetes result was not so encouraging.And then I had to do the second test again,the night before I had to fast for at least 10 hours and the nurse took my blood 3 times which I came home with bruised arm.

Luckily,I got a call yesterday that my result came back negative.The whole week I was in sorrow knowing that I might be suffering from GDM(During pregnancy).

Thank god for everything.

Till then,people!

Maternity Pants:H&M
Bag:Mango Touch

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Babymoon: London Day 3

Sorry for my lack of updates these days.A little bit busy with my classes and baby preparation like visiting the hospital and we have been reading many materials lately.

I still have 2 posts from my last Babymoon trip to London in late March and later I will tell story about my trip to Holland last month.

Here are the pictures from our 3rd day in London,it was rather a relaxing day for us as my hemmorhoids got worse that day and I couldn't walk too much.

Till then guys.

A little shopping at Harrods

Hyde Park

One of my cravings since 1st trimester,only got to taste it in London,Alhamdulillah,rezeki baby

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Favourite Blouse & 6th Check-up

Assalam peeps,
Finally the weekend is here.Today we went out to IKEA again to buy stuff for the baby nursery,speaking of which,we already finished around 50% of it.So glad that finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel and found a way of how to create a little comfort zone for our little junior.

I will take the pictures of the baby nursery one day.In the meanwhile,I tried one of my favourite blouses and to my surprise,I can still fit in it at 7 months :P

 Blouse:Brands Outlet
Maternity Pants:C&A
Bag:Mango Touch
Shoes:Bought at local supermarket

Except,I have given up on wearing my normal pants since weeks ago as the baby bump keeps growing each day.

Last Tuesday,we went for the 6th Check-up and wanted to capture the picture of our little baby in 3D form,but too bad,she didn't want to co-operate at all,and keep crossing her hands in front of her face :( .I came home in despair,but instead the doctor printed the picture of her fingers which somehow resemble mines :)

The doctor promised to try next time during my next visit in week 31st.I also took the diabetes screening test,and to my surprise,the glucose drink was not bad at all.Haha,I don't mind to take the second glass.

Also this week,we had visited 2 possible hospitals to look at their facilities for labor.We still plan to visit 2 more hospitals and will decide the best one for us soon.

Till then peeps,

Love ya!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

26th Week

 Salam guys,
Finally I reached my 26th week of the pregnancy,and finally the baby bump is not shy anymore to show its appearance :P

Right now,we are working on the baby nursery little by little and once ready,I will post some pictures of it.

Next week I have the monthly check-up and also I have to go through the gestational diabetes screening test,it's compulsory here and I heard many of the not so nice things about this glucose drink pregnant ladies have to take :P

Hope everything is fine with me and my baby.

 Playing with dried dandelion today

Till then.