Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recipe 23 : Lasagne (Improvised)

Hello guys,
This is my other favourite segment,the recipe segment!

Although I have written this recipe here,this time I improvised the white sauce,the layering order and most importantly,I reduced the baking time to have the half-melted cheese effect.

So,if you guys love lasagne,and want to try at home,here's the improvised recipe for you guys.


Red Onion(chopped into cubes)
A few Garlic cloves
Lasagne sheets(I used San Remo,you can also use Barilla)
Minced meat
Olive oil
Tomato paste
Chicken cube
Grated Mozarella cheese

White Sauce
3-4 spoons of butter
1 cup of low fat milk/full cream milk
2 spoons of flour

1.Heat the pan with olive oil.
2.Saute the garlic for few minutes
3.Add minced meat,mix until tender and cooked
4.Add onion,and mix well.
5.Add tomato paste,and chicken cube
6.Lastly season with salt and pepper
7.Let it cool

8.For making the white sauce,first at a very low simmer,melt the butter,and then add the flour.
9.Add in the milk,keep mixing until the mixture forms thickly.
10.Remove from heat before hot bubbles form
11.Let it cool for a while.

12.Now,the layering process.Arrange the lasagne layer following this order

White sauce(The most bottonm)
Lasagne sheet(I soaked in hot water for few minutes)
White sauce
Minced meat
Grated cheese
Oregano(The most upper)

And repeat until reaches the baking pan surface

13.Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until the half-melted cheese effect can be seen from outside of oven door :P

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Welcome to the New Age

For some people,they won't understand why would I celebrate this blog's age.
For them,it doesn't mean anything,but for me,it means something huge.

I don't have much time to write long,enough to say that I love this blog so much,and will keep continuing writing it from time to time.

For the moment,I love writing about my favourite in fashion(The main reason why this blog happened) and later I added some more genres like homemade recipes and my travel diaries,maybe in the future,a year or two from now on,the direction of this blog will change little by little.

But,one thing for sure,the biggest 3 elements in this blog,fashion,recipes and travel diaries will always be inserted until I decide to stop writing one day ;-)

Thanks all for your time reading this small blog,and to those who always comment,thanks big time to you guys!!

Please scroll down for my latest entry.

P/s:I am still thinking the best present for my third give-away.My apology for keep you guys waiting.Will do soon ;-)



I am very sorry guys for my unexplained absence these days.
Thing is,I am really in a busy state and this will continue for a few more months from now on.

As always,I hope I can update this blog more often,but as what I have been going thru right now,I can't promise that to happen so often,but I will try my best.

If only I could explain what I am doing,and why I am so busy,you guys will understand the reason why.I will explain the reason why,but for now,I'd like to keep it personal to myself ;-)

Please enjoy the remaining pictures from second day I was in Singapore last week!

Singapore Flyer,the biggest in the world,if I'm not mistaken
The Garden Bay,want to go here next time I'm in Singapore
The Deck,a must visit place in Singapore.My second time here.

Marina Bay Sands
Kg Glam.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A little Getaway:Singapore Day 1

Hello guys,
I am very sorry for my absence these days.I am actually juggling between work and personal matter,and if I'm gonna explain it here,it wouldn't just end that easily :P

Anyhow,I needed a break from my daily routine,last week I went to Singapore for a little get-away.It has become like a must to visit this city each year,and I never get bored of it.

Here are the pictures from first day.I will update my second day pictures soon.

In the meantime,I still owe one special entry for this beloved blog,which just turned 2 on March 3rd.And I will be giving away some gift to my lucky reader.

Enjoy the pictures,peeps!

These spiky shoes didn't give me any love,they bit my feet so badly

Little India

Song of Sea show.Not bad,but not the best
Marina Bay Sand at night.Spectacular.
Singapore at night