Saturday, 31 December 2011


 First and foremost,I want to wish everyone,Happy New Year 2012! It's the last day of 2011,and I started today by attending a wedding of my friend's relative,and then we decided to hit some big malls in KL.

 We first went to Mid Valley and later on to Starhill and took a lot of pictures.What attracted me the most is of course the christmas decoration in every mall we visited.In front of Pavilion there were also bear sculptures to represent some countries in the world,which is pretty amazing.

 By the end of the day,my feet begged me to change into flats but unfortunately,I tried to train myself not to change from heels into flats,but guess what,my feet hurt like crazy :P 

 Anyway,did I ever mention that Ramon was in town last Tuesday?He is now on his  South East Asia vacation for 4 weeks,and he did a brief stop at LCCT on Tuesday before proceeded to Borneo and will be back to KL next week.Can't wait to see him again ;-) 

 I believe every one of you have an amazing story of how 2011 has treated you so far.Mine was very very amazing and I couldn't ask for more.Care to share yours too? Until then, Meet you all in 2012.

Cardigan:Mango/Maxi dress:H&M/Ring:Bought at Jonker Walk,Malacca/Shoes:Aldo/Bag:Mango

P/s : Ramon,do you remember California Pizza we used to dine out in KLCC?Now they moved it to Fahrenheit88.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Recipe 2 : Lasagne

Now here is the second recipe by me.I am down with flu today,and my sister is here for the weekend,so I baked for her a simple lasagne.Again,it was overcooked :(


 Meat sauce 
Minced meat
One big onion (slice in small cube)
One spoon of tomato paste
a pinch of soup spice
A pinch of salt

White Sauce
1/2 Margarine
2 spoons of flour
A cup of milk
A pinch of salt

2 1/2 Lasagne noodles
a little bit of butter or margarine for spreading all over the baking pan
A baking pan or aluminium pan

How to make:

1.Cook the minced meat for a while until it's soft and tender,and mostly cooked
2.Add the onion,mix well
3.Put the tomato paste,salt and soup spice.
4.Mix again and when ready,let it be cold at room temperature for 30 minutes or so.
5.In the meantime,prepare the white sauce
6.Mix all the ingredients for white sauce and stir always.This is to make sure the flour mix well with milk and margarine.
7.Let it be cold at room temperature too.
8.In the meantime,preheat the oven at 180 C,and prepare the pan by spreading the butter/margarine all over it.
9.Pour all the ingredients by layering orders as below :

From bottom to top
White sauce
Meat sauce
Lasagne Noodles
White sauce

Repeat as many times as possible,but most likely,you will get 2  layers of each ingredient.

10.Baked at 180 C for 20 minutes

Lesson Learned

1.Ramon said the layering order isn't correct,which the exact same thing that makes me confused.I googled the layering order on the internet and found many variants  and decided to make my own :P
2.From the baking result,20 minutes of baking time is enough if you'd like to have the half-melted cheese effect.
3.To bake it for 20 minutes,next time I shall boil the lasagna noodles for a couple of minutes or soak them in the hot water,because apparently,without boiling them,20 minutes isn't enough to turn the noodles into soft.
4.The lasagne was kinda oily,from the margarine I used for making white sauce.Next time,I was thinking about eliminating white sauce,or if I want to have white sauce still,I need to reduce the amount of the margarine.
5.But,on top of that,the lasagne still tasted good :P

Happy baking everyone!


Snake Print

Good Morning guys,
 Just a brief update from last night activity. I went to watch Sherlock Holmes with my sister last night who happened to be in town for work purpose. It was a story I always look forward to watching,mind-boggling .  

How about you?Have you watched it and do you like such kind of movie? Eventhough the weekend finally arrived,I am down with flu again ;-( Looks like my health this year isn't as good as last year's,which was included in one of my resolutions early this year :To achieve good health. 

 Anyway,I just got home from work before the movie,so I I chose whatever comes first from my closet. I like my new snake-print top I bought last week in Malacca,and snake-print is so in now! Also the shoes I am wearing are so comfortable,I swear! They're like the most comfortable heels I've ever bought,and don't be surprised that I might wear them more oftenly. Also,they didn't cost me a lot of fortune because they were on sale from Aldo.What a steal! 

 See you soon guys.

Top:Mango/Top(Inside):F21/Tapered Pants:H&M/Bag:Mango/Shoes:Aldo /Bracelet:Bought at Jonker Walk,Malacca

Friday, 23 December 2011


Hello all,
See the pictures below?Recently,I purchased a jumpsuit and when I tried it out in front of the mirror few times,I had this idea :I think I am reluctant to wear in in public :P.
Get the idea why?Eventhough it looks good,but people around me wouldn't really think so,in fact they must think I am awkward for wearing something too fashion-advanced,I mean at least that's how I feel here.Don't you think so?

Whoever has experience wearing jumpsuit(with hijab) and feels good in it,please let me know.I wish I had confidence that high ;-)

Besides,jumpsuit looks good,but when you have to "do" what you have to do,it's gonna be a bit of a mess :P
You know what I mean,don't you?

Btw,what do you say about me in jumpsuit?Should I wear it for out and about and be proud of it?:P Or no?


Recipe 1 : Vegetarian Pizza

Hi all,
I think I want to post some of simple recipes from time to time as well!
Last night I baked vegetarian pizza though it was a bit overbaked :(
Maybe I should have reduced the baking time to get that half-melted cheese effect ;-)
Enjoy your day!

Ingredients :
2 cups of flour ( It depends on how big of pizza crust you want to make)
Warm water
One spoon of dried yeast
A pinch of salt

Topping :
Yellow Bell Pepper
Button Mushroom
Mozarella cheese
Tomato paste
Olive oil
Ground Pepper

How to make :

1)For making Pizza crust,add all the first ingredients ,mix well and roll it into a big ball shape of dough
2)Keep the dough under room temperature for around 30 minutes
3)In the meantime,prepare the topping ,cut the bell pepper and mushroom into slices.
4)When the dough is ready,spread the tomato paste,followed by oregano,and later add the vegetables and cheese on most top.(Some people prefer to spread the cheese on the bottom,it's all up to your favourite)
5)Scatter the ground pepper as well as few drops of olive oil
6)Bake for around 20 minutes at 180 C (I guess,sorry I forgot :P)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Malacca Part 2

As promised,here are the pictures from Malacca.
Enjoy Malacca through my pictures ;-)

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello guys,
How have you been?I am good.Yesterday I attended one of my colleagues' wedding in Malacca and afterwards I went to visit Malacca historical city,which is one of my favourite places in Malaysia.

Malacca is of World heritage for it's historical buildings that were built since 1550s and step into this city gives me a different vibe of Malaysia itself.

I have been here many times,but I never get bored of it.
So,for a comfort walkabout, I wore a simple tee with black jeans.
But,in the middle of the city I stepped in into one of shopping malls,and guess what,few baby labels are having their year end sale and I went like crazy and shopped !

I guess,my "rehabilitation" from not doing shopping isn't been very encouraging,but I think year-end sale is only once per year,so close your eyes and let's damage our pockets a bit ;-)

Until next post I will update more pictures of Malacca,
Till then.