Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Malay Girl in Her Kurung

Hi all,
Today I attended a wedding of a close relative of my friend in PJ,so that explains of my kurung today.I realized that I've never worn kurung for this blog yet,so today I present to you my outift pictures,of how I look like in kurung.

Just a simple cutting of kurung,but the most comfortable type to wear in.Don't you agree with me?

Also in one of the pictures showing my favourite necklace at the moment.This type of pendant reminds me of classic yet elegant women in western countries in era 1800s.

Tomorrow is a big day for me,so I need to sleep earlier tonight so that I will wake up early tomorrow.


Kurung:Custom Made/Scarf:Thai Silk,gift from Sabrina/Pumps:Fashion Club @ Munich/Necklace:F21/Bag:Vintage/Bangles:Vintage

*Picture credits to Sabrina*

Friday, 23 September 2011

Of My favourite Item #2

Now I present to you my favourite piece #2 , my plaid shirt from F21 that I've been wearing many times with different ways.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Liebster Award

Hello all,
Icha and Fatima just awarded me with "Liebster Award"(favourite award it means I guess,right Fatima?).

The rules have been said,I need to reblog it here and link back to the person who awarded me with it,select 5 of my favourite persons whose their blogs inspire me and leave comments on their pages as well.

So,thanks again virtual friends for selecting me,though,I beyond far,have nothing to inspire you all beautiful ladies out there ;-)

If I could,I would choose more than 5 persons,because limiting to choosing only 5 persons sounds too cruel to me,because they are many many inspirational blogs out there that I read as my daily basis.(and I believe that I cannot choose the persons who awarded me back?Can I?)

However,for those who are not choosen,please feel free to award yourself with this too.

Here goes my list of my Liebster Blogs ;-

1) Asyik , Malaysia

2)Humaira , Singapore

3)Maasa Chan , Japan

4) Ikatrina , Indonesia

5) Shea , Malaysia

So, again,please feel free to spread the love to your friends too ;-)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Of My favourite Item #1

Hello all,
Today,I decided to make a new slot called "My Favourite Item", representing some of my favourite items.Not many,but truly among a few of my favourite and I could never get bored wearing them over and over again.

My favourite #1 is a black maxi skirt from H&M I bought a couple of months ago.Such a sleek long skirt and foremost,very comfortable to wear in !

Please wait for my favourite #2 item soon ;-)


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black is Wild

Hello all,
We're having a long weekend because on Friday was Malaysia Day combined with independence day.Today I joined my friend to her friend's open house in Putrajaya,had great and scrumptious food,and afterwards headed to Botanical Garden.

After I browsed through all pictures from today,I realized I looked like fat :(
But believe me if I say I am not all fat,maybe some bum here in there ,but maybe the pictures or the material of the maxi dress isn't really suitable for me.

Lesson learned,no more jersey material for me ;-)

But still,I want to share these pictures with you guys and hope you have a great weekend ;-)


Maxi dress:Thepoplook/Scarf:Pashmina/Bag:H&M/Bracelet:Nose/Shoes:Aldo

*Picture credits to Sabrina*

Friday, 9 September 2011

DIY : Friendship Bracelets

Here are some of my DIY friendship bracelets.They're my current obsession now,and also the process of making them is interesting,indeed.

I used to make friendship bracelets back when I was in lower secondary school and it brought me so much fun!As the name suggests,I still remember how I made a lot of friends that time by sparing some time with them and we started to make these bracelets.

Boy,how time flies and now we are no longer together doing some fun things ;(

I am also learning to make different types of friendship bracelets and if I am determined enough,I will show you my next friendship bracelets ;-)


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I've been Tagged ! Major Alert !

Hello lovelies,
I was tagged by my dear friend ,Maasa Chan and requested to tell out 7 facts about myself.Haven't done this tagging for so long ,but it's nice to make it again ;-)

Thanks again Maasa.
And maybe this time I should not limit the facts to fashion only,but some little not-so-known facts about me for my dear readers ;-)

1.Maasa Tsuge,the girl who tagged me is my best japanese friend I met when I was in Japan (2005 - 2009) and she is like the smartest girl I've ever met in my whole life.Like seriously.She is a GENIUS!

2.I graduated from Nagoya University , Japan , in Bachelor of Biotechnology Engineering,but currently working in Malaysia's no. 1 automotive company , PROTON.Weird,I know :P

3.At my current company,around 1 and a half year ago I met by sweetheart,RAMON BISSWANGER who was hired by my company as our IT technical consultant.Yes,weird again ,I know :P
And we're madly in love with each other and looking forward to the next step in the future ;-)

4.If I have to choose of my favourite item for styling up,I'd prefer to answer : handbags.I have a pile collection of handbags since in college but most of them have been donated to my friends and sisters :P .But ,my current obsessions are killer heels ;-)

5.I am always trying to be a better muslimah day by day and somehow this blog has taught me to wear what I supposed to wear and not to wear what I supposed not to.Before ,I wore leggings as my main bottoms,but nowadays,I stopped doing that for the love of God ,I forbid myself from nail-coloring or hair-dying,no body-con,no heavy make-ups , no sheer clothes and am trying my best to cover my chest when wearing hijab ;-)

6.I love learning different languages.I can speak Malay,English and Japanese fluently and am looking forward to learning German ;-) or French (sounds sexy,don't you think? )

7.Last but not least,I love everyone who loves me,mostly my family for bringing me up to where I am now,my friends who are being loyal to me and I love everyone of you too,dear readers ;-)

So,I want to tag everyone majorly who always drops by here reading me either frequently or occasionally ;-)



Saturday, 3 September 2011

A-V-A-Tor ...

Hello all lovely readers,
We meet again and how is your weekend going on so far?I am down with flu again for the second time since few weeks ago,but I spent some time outside these 2 days to get some fresh air.
My outfit this time is repeated but I got myself a pair of aviator by Ray Ban!

Well,since I am a big fan of aviator,and have long been holding my eyes on these items,this time I was determined to have one pair for myself!
Happy weekend everyone and have a great day !

Cardigan:F21/Dress:H&M/Jeans:F21/Bag:Fossil/Pumps:Fashion Club/Bracelet:DIY Friendship bracelet/Aviator:Ray Ban

*Picture credits to Sabrina*