Monday, 30 December 2013

Portovenere,La Spazie and Cinque Terre

If you guys are wondering,we're still in Italy as it will be our 2-week-vacation.After Milan we went to Portovenere,La Spazie and Cinque Terre in the west coast of Italy.

Again,the weather wasn't on our side until the day we departed from La Spazie to Pisa the weather turned a perfect one.Too bad :(

But,we did enjoy our stay for 2 nights in La Spazie and experienced black-out in the hotel,and not forget,thunderstorm :P

Anyhow,I believe that we'll come back again here someday,perhaps in summer for better view and weather.

Till then,


One of the five Villages in Cinque Terre,too bad we couldn't visit all the villages here as the pathway to the other villages were closed due to rainy days.

Friday, 27 December 2013


Finally,after 5 days since we're in Italy,the clear blue sky showed itself.We were in Pisa today before heading to Florence tomorrow.

But before that an update about our days in Milan.Well,Milan is well-known as a shopping heaven for designer goods,so,if you love shopping,this is the place.Since my pocket is not loaded with a lot of cash,I can only see the shops from outside :P

Milan is famous for its big cathedral in the centersquare known as Duomo,also many other churches,but visiting Duomo was enough for both of us :P

Well,till then.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Lago di Como

Salam guys,
Finally I reached my mood to write this post :P
The reason why is because I am now on vacation and somehow the weather in Italy was not the best.We reached since few days ago and it rained non stop from morning till night,the weather in Swiss was perfect but once we entered Italy it rained like no tomorrow.

The forecast said the weather shall be better tomorrow where we'll be heading to Pisa(Leaning Tower),so till then,I update about my first day in Italy.

We went to Lago di Como(Lake Como) which supposed to be very beautiful in Summer,but these pictures are the best we could come up with so far :(

If you know actor George Clooney,he also has a villa near the lakeside here.
After Lake Como we went to Milan,which also turned into a gloomy city :(

Will blog about it too,soon.


Friday, 20 December 2013


Hello guys, 
About two weeks ago we visited another city not far from the Francd Border here called Freiburg.It's a nice city full of old  buildings.

Today I skipped the class,tired of learning German,maybe :P
Well,Christmas holidays will start tomorrow,and on Sunday we'll be going on a road trip to....


Till then,

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Esslingen Weihnachtsmark

Salam guys,
How was your weekend?I had a nice one eventhough I was a bit under the weather.It comes and goes pretty much these days,and I hope I will get better for our Roadtrip next week that we have been planning since before our wedding.

It was supposed to be our honeymoon trip after wedding,but after that I had to wait for my visa to arrive before I can flew to Germany.So now as I am living nearer to these destinations,we decided to make it true this time during Christmas holidays starting next week.

Last Sunday we went to the Christmas Market here in Esslingen,a small city 8 kms away from Stuttgart.The Christmas Market here is famous in Germany.

See ya!

The manual old-aged Ferris wheel run by a man

Grandpa Cardigan:Primark
Pants:No brand
Scarf:Brands Outlet

Friday, 13 December 2013

Colmar Part 2

Hello friends,
Here is the second part of our trip to Colmar.We still haven't had plan for the weekend yet,as I was not feeling that well.Maybe staying at home is not a bad idea at all as starting next weekend,we have a bigger roadtrip to do :P

Have a good weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Colmar Part 1

Oh,how time flies,I am almost 2 months living here and my life is so far so good.Hope you guys have the same too :-)

So,last weekend we visited few cities starting with Colmar,in France.It's the nearest French city to German border,and the city itself is very beautiful.There are many old buildings and tourists coming to this city.
And Christmas decorations were also everywhere and it's so magical :-)

Till then.

Little Venice in Colmar

Sweater:Bought at Real Supermarkt,Giant-like supermarket