Monday, 31 August 2015

Down the Memory Lane : Nagoya Part 3

One of my main agendas traveling to Nagoya was to visit my old university,Nagoya University,my proud place.

I have a lot of memories with this place,a lot.All tears and happiness during 4 years I gained knowledge at this place.I came with barehand but I came back to Malaysia with endless knowledge.This place has taught me a lot,not just academically,but also to be a better human being.I cannot thank everyone who helped me to get through my college years enough because without them,I'm not sure whether I can get on the path of my life today.

Well,for Malaysian students who study in Japan,we must learn everything in Japanese,a total weird language to many of us.It was amongst the biggest challenges that we had to go through just for the sake of graduating,and all respects shall go to people I know who continues their studies from degree to master's degree,and then phD and not enough with that,some even did post doctoral in the universities all over Japan.

Well,I was so so happy to be back in my love-hate place :P

Toyoda Hall,a general hall where the graduation or the ceremony of welcoming new students take place every year.

My old department,so many memories with this place :)
Happy to bring Alayna to see the place where her mom once studied

The University coop.Managed to catch some university souvenirs here

Friends for life.The ones who helped me a lot with my studies throughout my university days.On the right is Maasa chan,also she reads my blog occasionally,and the left one is Akko chan.Love them to bits

The road most taken leading to my old apartment

My old apartment

Inside the Nagoya Subway,the most important city public transport.One tip,if visitors come to Nagoya and plan to use many times of the subway train in a day,it is recommended to buy the one day ticket that can also be used for bus ride,and the card gets cheaper on weekend.

Interesting places to visit near Nagoya

1.Shirakawa Go/Shirakawa Village
UNESCO culture heritage site,famous of its architectural style which is old,but exceptionally very strong that can withstand the heavy snow in Winter.

2.Kourankei in Aichi Kougen
Famous as one of the best spots for full red momiji/japanese maple viewing in Autumn.


3.Nagashima Spaland
Basically an amusement park for adrenaline junkies!Next to it is Nagashima Outlet and Nagashima Waterpark
White Cyclon at Nagashima Spaland,picture from my archive

4.Little World,Inuyama
One "whole" world in a place.Basically a place with various cultures from various countries and the presentation of the food ethnic of each country.Place worth a visit.

 My first visit to this place in 2005.Look at a-lot-younger-me!I was 19 this time.

 In fact,there are many other interesting places to visit outside,but also not that far from Nagoya.All places can easily be reached by train.

My Nagoya post is till here.Next will be the posts of my most favorite place in Japan.For the record,I was at this place 4 times.Can you guess where?

Till then people,have a nice day ahead :)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Down the Memory Lane : Nagoya Part 2

My Japan trip update continues.Whenever one is in Nagoya,there is a place that should not be missed to visit.It's Nagoya Jo/Castle that was rebuilt in 1959 after it was destroyed compelety in 2nd world war leaving only the stone base.

I never get tired of coming to this castle,although it is not big in size,or as famous as Osaka or Himeji Castles,or as huge and luxurious as the castles in Europe.

It's also my favourite spot for cherry blossoms viewing in Spring.And the entrance fee remains the same since year 2005 till today which is only 500 yen and during our visit there last July,there was a new attraction,which is Honmaru Palace that was built based on people donation starting in 2009 and a part of it is already finished in 2013.This took the same ratio and design as the original Honmaru Palace that was destroyed long time ago.

 Honmaru Palace from outside

From inside Honmaru Palace,a new palace,with old design

Nagoya Castle as the background
Dolphin is considered as Nagoya's mascot

Another of my favourite place in Nagoya is Nagoya Ko/Port.Is is actually a port city,but I am just in love with the surrounding of the place.Besides,there are actually some interesting places nearby to visit like the big Nagoya Aquarium(the marine life exhibition is awesome),the Maritime Museum and the little Italia(Not sure whether this place still exists or not)that resembles Venice in Italy.

Other than that,there will also be fireworks festival during New Year's eve and in summer.
Nagoya Port

Maritime Museum on the ship

Nagoya Port Aquarium

There is a place famous for electronics,souvenir,clothes,be it cheap or middle priced shopping in Osu Shopping Arcade.All Malaysian students must be familiar with this place because we normally buy our first laptop or computer here :)
Also my favourite place for the window shopping or even for real shopping.

Osu Shopping Arcade

 Last time I bought Takoyaki at one of the shops in Osu Shopping Arcade,the first shop I bought Takoyaki from after was first introduced to this japanese "cekodok" years ago

Not far from Nagoya Port is a placed called Kanayama.I always came to this place because there is a Pakistani Restaurant called Kashmir that serves really good Indian/Pakistani food at affordable price.It was the only restaurant of such type that time and the memory I have with the shop in unforgetable.

Kanayama is also the station that connecting people to/from The Chubu Centrair International Airport,the airport I used to land/depart at/from the time when I studied here.

There's also a shopping mall here called Asunal Kanayama,perfect place for student like me(that time) to come,relax,have a scoop or two of ice-cream and of course to shop!

Asunal Kanayama

"Puikura".Purikura is the short fom of "Purinto Kurabu"/Printing club.It's basically the booth where you can make pictures with your friends or beloved ones with whatever pose you'd like and later before printing,you can edit your picture with the tools and designs available.Cheap and fun way to make your memory.

Till then people.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nature : Sunflower again!

During late summer every year,the sunflowers will come out to play :)
Another my favourite flower because of its size and the color.

And it has become our activity per year to go out drive and find a place where there are sunflowers planted by the farmers and visitors can cut,pay and bring home the fresh sunflowers.

We stumbled upon this one place,the same spot for the Rapeseed last year.As far as I know,the farmers will also plant a few types of different plants throughout the year in order to use the best of the ground and to keep the fertility of the soil as different type of plants provide different type of  nutrients.

By now you should have known well that I'm such a flower lover :)

Till then.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Weekend : Auto & Technik Museum,Sinsheim

This was our last weekend activity.My husband has been telling me about this one Technik Museum on the way to Frankfurt.I never had idea about this museum at all,until last week I asked husband to bring me there.

Little that I know,this museum is so amazing.It has a lot of interesting things to see and explore,especially about automotive and technical,including motorsports,aeroplanes,military tanks,locomotive and etc.

And to my surprise,this museum is so so huge that we took quite a lot of time to finish touring the whole 2 blocks of the museum.

It's my kind of museum :)

Till then,people.

American dream car.The luxurious type of car that was used by Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe

First trip from Peking/Beijing to Paris by this motocar that took 60 days

Military tanks also being displayed here,as old as from the 2nd world war.All the tanks here are already demilitarized.

 This is the concorde aircraft by Air France that operates from 1970's till 2003.After 2003 the use of this supersonic airplane was terminated due to the high maintainence,the rising of people's anxiety to fly especially after 11/9 and the air tragedy of concorde plane in France in year 2000.Do you know that concorde flew faster than the sound at more than 1000km/h?

Michael Schumacher's very own F1 car

Locomotive train head

Saturday, 22 August 2015

It's Dahlia Season again!

The Dahlia season is in again!
One of my favourite flowers.There are just so many types of Dahlias in the park we saw yesterday,they come in many paterns and colors.
I was in awe seeing all these flowers but not my daughter.To begin with,she's never fond of flowers :P

Enjoy the pictures,peeps.