Friday, 17 May 2013

Recipe 25:Sheperd Pie

Salam guys,
So,it's been rainy quite frequently these days,right?Well,of course the sun never tends to hide as well,but we got those chilly rainy days sometimes.
Well,what weather has to do with food?This Sheperd Pie has something to do with it.
It's famous as comfort food during fall or winter time,but since Malaysia doesn't have 4 seasons,chilly and rainy day would do good too ;-)

I was first introduced to this Sheperd Pie at my friend's house when she was holding a raya open house back in 2009.That time,I tasted the pie and instantly fell in love,though my friend's Sheperd pie is quite hot with black pepper.

In my recipe,I still use the Black Pepper,but I only use very little amount of it,and add some other mixed herbs instead of using black pepper alone.

So,here's the recipe for you guys,

Minced Meat filling
Minced meat
Mixed Veggies
Beef Broth
One red onion
Few garlics
Tomato paste
Black Pepper
Mixed herbs,I used Tyme and Oregano
Olive Oil

Mashed Potato Topping
Mashed Potato
1/2 cup Full cream milk
Few spoons of butter
Black pepper

Parsley flakes for garnish

1.For Mince Meat filling,first,heat the frying pan with olive oil
2.Cook the minced meat until pinkish color gone and later add the diced red onion
3.Cook for several minutes more and next add chopped garlic.
4.When the meat is tender,add beef broth and keep mixing
5.Add the tomato paste,mix some more,add the mixed herbs and lastly add salt and pepper.
6.For Mashed potato topping,first boil the potatoes until soft
7.Mash the potato,add few spoons of butter,milk,salt and pepper
8.In a caserole,grease it with butter,and then pour the minced meat filling on the bottom of the caserole.
9.Top the caserole with mashed potato,and using a fork,scratch the surface for a nicer presentation.
10.Lastly,garnish with parsley flakes and bake in the oven at 175 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes.


  1. weee..sedapnya..thanks for the resepi..:)

  2. looks yummy! msn featured your blog on their site and so i pay u a visit. i looked at your nutella cupcakes post. and that too, looks simply delicious! :D


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