Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Travel Issue

Hi all,
In one week from now,I will be leaving KL for Paris.Not too much to say,I have issue of what to bring there.I am relatively a simple person when it comes to travel around.For me bringing a lot of clothes,shoes and accesories is not the best option.Why is that?because I aim to shop in Europe!
There are just so many high-end retails there and the prices are much way cheaper compared to ones in Malaysia.

Any tips?and how do you survive traveling around without exceeding the weight limit at the airport?



  1. Hi!!Hidaya-chan!! How have you been? Are you in Europe?? for your work??

    Recently, I become a tutor for a student from Malaysia!! She is now a freshman ;) I will meet her for the first time on Wednesday. I'm sure I will talk her about you :D

  2. Hi Maasa,
    I am already back in Malaysia.Europe was utterly beautiful and awesome,I instantly fell in love with it and told my bf I wanted to move there :P

    I will post more stories and pictures about the trip.

    Keep in touch.



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