Saturday, 11 February 2012

I Call it Balloon Pants

This post marks my 100th post! 
I know 100 posts doesn't sound that interesting to some people because there are more people who can write more than that in a short time,but for me,that's a life pride because I am committed to many other things and to take into account that I have a full time job and blogging is just a part of what I do during my free time. I hope I can write more in the future ;-) 

 And I guess you all have noticed the new banner on most top of this blog.Say I am quite a slow person when it comes to this thing,but I pretty much like what I made the other day.It's simple but cute.What do you think of it anyway? 

 Today I attended a wedding of my colleague's daughter(well you can guess what age range of person I befriend with,but I really love her as a friend because I learn so many interesting things especially about beauty as a woman)and then spent my evening at a cafe in Damansara Uptown and later on went to Ikea for hunting some small small stuff. 

 I love my balloon Jeans so much Ramon gave as gifts.And that explains why you see many of my outfit pictures wearing these pants. 

 So,until then. Bye.



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