Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kota Kinabalu Day 2

Second day in KK.We planned to go to Kinabalu National Park  and Kundasang,which took us about 2 hours and half by drive.However we woke up quite late that day and only made it to National Park as we needed to catch the mini bus back to the city center before 4 pm.It was a little regret for not making our trip to Kundasang,though.

As we were heading to the National Park,we rented a mini bus with some other people and suddenly there was a group of tourists from the Philippines started a conversation with us in the bus and decided to join us to explore the National Park!

After few hours wandering around ,we got back to the city center and on our way back to the hotel,we had a stop at a beach nearby facing the South China Sea.We decided to have dinner there since our stomachs were so empty and begged us to fill them up :P

We had dinner by the sea while watching the sunset,and no words could describe how beautiful it was.All the gratitude to our Almighty.

And we called it a day ;-)

Till my last entry about our last day in KK.
Bye guys.

*Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia

Kinabalu Summit!But we can hardly see it as it is covered with clouds



  1. love your scarf.. kain chiffon ke?
    btw, tak pernah pergi tempat-tempat macam ni. that was cool..

    1. No,it's cotton-poly.Yes,this place is cool and cool(temperately) actually.You should visit it too ;-)


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