Saturday, 12 May 2012

Recipe 7 : Assam Laksa @ Laksa Penang @ Laksa Utara

Today for the first time I tried this out.Oh,man I have been trying to learn cooking this since in Japan,but only today I had guts to try.My mom is a Penangite,and she cooked way better of assam laksa than I do,but I would say my first time wasn't bad at all :P

Except the thick gravy was a bit too sour and laksa(rice noodle) was not fully boiled,I guess.Lesson learned,lesson learned.

Next time shall do better ;-)

I guess,I shall just write the ingredients in malay because I believe that some ingredients are not widely sold in other countries but Malaysia.


Laksa in packet(Rice noodle)
3 Red onions *
2 cloves *
Belacan(shrimp paste) *
3 Red chillis *
3 Hot chillis/cili padi *
5 to 7 dried chillis *
2 Bunga kantan
Daun Kesum 
1 to 2 Crushed Serai/Lemongrass
3 to 4 asam keping

6 to 7 Fishes(Ikan kembung is the best for good gravy)

For side dishes:
Red onion
Red chilli

How to make

1.Boil the fishes until they're soft and keep the boiled water for gravy later
2.Now remove the fishes from their bones
3.Blend the fish with some water
4.Separately,blend the fish bones as well
5.And Blend all the ingredients in asterisk *
6.In the meantime,put/soak the rice noodles in cold water for 15 to 30 minutes
7.Now,boil the water that we keep aside at first,put the blended ingredients,and stir well.
8.Next,put the blended fish and later on the blended paste of fish bones(only the paste,you can now throw away the blended bones)
9.Stir well,and later put daun kesum,asam keping,daun kantan,and crushed serai
10.And put the salt lastly.
11.The gravy is ready,and now you can boil the rice noodles until soft and serve with side dishes.

Happy cooking,everyone!


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