Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Heels Craze!

I want one of these!
I love Steve Madden's Gretta and Dynemite series.Too bad,they're over my budget :P
For me,buying heels is not like buying clothes,look nice in pictures and they'll look nice on your feet.
Truth is,it just doesn't work that easily.
Making some investment for comfortable shoes,but at the same time they'll be able to complement you and your feet.


  1. suka juga heels tp kaki ini xmembenarkan utk memakainya..kalau pakai juga kaki akan sakit sgt dan anak jari akan bengkak..sedih btul..yg boleh pakai wedges sahaja..huhu

    1. Me too.I don't always feel good and comfortable in heels.Except for some of my heels,I feel utterly happy with them because they are very comfortable,but over the time,your feet will sore a bit :P

      But,that's just the price you have to pay for looking beautiful,aite?

      Also,try not to wear tiny heels if your feet will hurt easily,which I also try to avoid.
      Wedges are great alternatives,but bear in mind that wedges could sometimes be more "dangerous" than tiny heels,because it's quite hard to control your whole foot as wedges platform covers from front to the back of your foot.

      Which I do sometimes,"terpeleot" bila pakai wedges sebab bukan senang nak control your foot compared to pakai tiny heels.

      Buts,still wedges are user-friendly!


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