Monday, 2 July 2012


I don't know how to start writing,but this is what I'm gonna explain the reason why this blog has to be on hiatus for a while or perhaps for a longer time until everything turns back to normal.

I guess,some who have been following me on instagram or fb have known about an incident happened to me last Thursday,for those who do not know,my home was robbed when  2 friends and I were at the office.

Many valuable belongings got stolen including my biggest contributors to this blog,my laptop and DSLR.
I was in real shock and couldn't believe everything I ever had gone in a blink of an eye.

It was not the first case happened to us,last year after 2 months moving in,my cell-phone was stolen and we were  peeped during shower unnoticed!

I told myself,moving in/out is not an easy task,needs a lot of money as well,so we decided to stay and see if the situation will get any better.

It did,especially after the one house(a bunch of young men) we suspected was the one behind all of these,after they moved out,everything was fine until last Thursday.

So,they got into our house from the roof through the ceiling,and from my observation,only people who know the structure of the house,or at least,was once in house knows how to get inside through the ceiling..

Police couldn't do much,and I don't hope they would do much*sarcastism* ,so this is the end of the story,I'll move out anytime soon.In fact,I have left my home on Friday and now staying with a friend for a while until I find a perfect place with high security to live in.

So,this explains why I cannot continue blogging for a while( don't know how long "while" 's gonna be).
It's not easy and it's saddening me because I love fashion blogging and from here I made a lot of new friends,and finally get the chance to share my ideas and get inspired by others' styles as well.

In fact,few weeks before this incident happened,my bf has started working on making a new layout for this blog and I have planned to organize my first giveaway as I had promised months ago.It was all very exciting but now I have to forget all of these for a while.

It's not gonna be easy to say goodbye for a while,but I do hope when I come back,you guys still remember me and give me more support!

However,in the meantime,I will always update my instagram and will upload OOTD of the day from time to time.If you're also on instagram,don't forget to follow me at @hidayash or can just check at the side bar.

Last but not least,to ladies especially,
Take care of ourselves because crime could happen at anywhere and at anytime .Nowadays,in Malaysia we heard so many frightening stories about ladies got robbed at car park,ladies got raped and many more.

We are weak by nature,but nontheless,bear in mind that if we think and act smartly,we can avoid such bad things from happening.


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  1. salam. owh, sorry to hear that, dear.. take a very good care, ya.. and hope to see you soon.


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