Thursday, 16 January 2014

I'm back!

Salam guys,
I'm trying hard to get my blogging mojo back.Last time I said I may shut this blog down for uncertain reasons.

Well,I have certain reasons for that.But when to think of it back,I feel guilty because once I was very fond of setting this blog to emphasize my interest in fashion,travel and recipes,but in a matter of a second I wanted to shut it down.

Sounds stupid,I know :P

Well,my condition doesn't permit me to blog frequently these days,I am not feeling the best in the moment since December last year,and at some point I also feel I am not my normal self these days.

The reason why is because......


Finally,I have the guts to break this news.It has been almost 3 months already(today little bean inside me is 11 weeks and 2 days old).

Throughout this pregnancy so far,I felt worried almost all the time because this is my first experience in my lifetime,and during this 3 months my body went through very little changes,I thought "Am I really pregnant?" until last week when we met my doctor in charge here,and the moment she showed me the picture of our little baby,I knew for sure I am pregnant :)

 Our little baby at 10 weeks

I always wanted this baby,well,that's natural for married couple to brighten their lives with the presence of their own offsprings.

I admit that being far away from Malaysia,my family and my friends had somehow taken my good mood away.

I was very homesicked to the core,I was happy at one moment and cried the next until my husband didn't know what to do with me.

 Mutterpass(Mother passport) that document all infos about my health and baby's health till delivery

Alhamdulillah,I don't have any bad allergy during this pregnancy like vomitting,but I have little nausea,butterflies in the stomach,constipation,very bad starving and I feel exhausted easily.

But,I never regret a single minute of this pregnancy,because I knew I will love this baby very much.

 We keep my pregnancy journey in a diary so that when our baby is big,he/she can read about my pregnancy of him/her

Well,my stomach still hasn't showed,I pretty much look like the same person as I was before,and I guess from now on,I will post POOTD(Pregnancy outfit of the day!).

Till then guys,
Doakan saya selamat mengandungkan dan melahirkan.Amin.


  1. Tahniah deq.. Allah Be With u..
    Emotion swings tu biasa la.. Fighting!!

  2. Congratulation hidaya. .please jgn delete blog ni yer.. Asyik suka tgk your post.. keep updating bila ada masa ok.. nak tgk perkembangan waktu pregnant pula.. :))

  3. Congrats dear.. take care naa..

  4. syukur alhamdulillah...congratz!! semoga hidaya and baby sihat2 je..awal2 preggy memang mood swing sikit..inshaAllah masuk je trimester 2 semuanya back to normal..sebab kite masa trimester 1 tue memang moody n cepat sgt nak menangis..masak pon tak boleh..hihi.. :)

  5. thanks all for your warm wishes and tips :)

  6. woaahh congratulation on your pregnancy, Hidaya! Hope everything is well for you and your baby. stay fabulous and healthy! :)

  7. Salam,

    Mengandung memang banyak cabaran, nak nak pulak 1st baby. Tambah kesian, Hidaya kat perantauan, keluarga pulak jauh.

    Tabahkan semangat dik, saya doakan agar semuanya selamat. Insyaallah. Yakin pada Dia, banyakkan baca Al-Quran, mudah-mudahan Hidaya dikurniakan anak yang soleh dan beriman....Amin.


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