Thursday, 30 January 2014


Salam guys,
Hope everyone is doing fine.
I am finally in my 2nd trimester.Upon entering 12th week,my morning sickness faded away a little bit,but starting the 13th week,it came back again,but not as bad as the first trimester.

I am glad and thankful for the opportunity given by Allah to carry this baby.My sickness is nothing compared to this beautiful gift God granted for me.

And with me finishing my exam with flying colors a couple of days ago proves that I can still do all things good like ever before :)

Hope this baby will also learn a lot while attending the class with me :P.All I need to teach him/her is to be able to speak malay,his/her other mother tongue :P

It has been almost a month since my last update about my Italy trip during Christmas holiday.After Pisa we went to some more places like Vincci,the birthplace of the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci,and later we went to Florence/Firenze,another famous city in Italy.

So,before I will forget about my trip there,here are some overal pictures of the city.

We'll continue with my Italy trip next time,and I will let you know the last destination I went to which was also my favourite city out of all Italian Cities we went to.Can you guess where?

The city art approved by City Hall.You'll see this interesting artwork everywhere in the city

And Italy is famous of its small cars,like this one

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  1. weeee, take care of yourself and the baby the way, the photos are awesome especially the last one!


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