Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Salam guys,
how is your fasting so far?For me all goes well,though I did not fast fully up to today,but I am glad that my baby behaved so well in my tummy :-) .Of course,I decided to give her a break some time as the length of fasting period here is up to 18 hours.

And I am so glad that this year is the first year I fast as a wife and the fact that I am able to cook almost everyday for my beloved husband.Forget the Ramadhan Bazaar or dining out in a restaurant because we would not find those here,and besides,what is better way to feed your husband's tummy than your own cooked food? :P

Well,I still have to write my stories on my recent trip to Holland.Not so recent anymore,but I think I need to jot down here.

The second day we went to Amsterdam,the capital city of Holland,obviously.Well,what European cities without old buildings,right?But I tell ya,Amsterdam is a city that has good combination of old and modern buildings.

Hope your enjoy the pictures below!

See ya!

 House Boat

I personally love this pic of my husband imitating Johnny Depp

 Hey kiddo,you ruined my picture

Cruising Amsterdam cause obviously I was too lazy to walk :P

 Now,who does it better,me or Marilyn?

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