Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Salam all,
How are you guys doing?And how is your Ramadan so far?Sad that it's coming to the end pretty soon,and with the world tragedies that had happened and is happening in the world really give a big knock in the head,especially we, as muslims feel the agony of what is happening in Gaza,and the latest,another MAS airplane ill-fated tragedy that killed innocent souls.

Let's remember them in our prayers!

Last post about my trip to Holland last April.The next day after Amsterdam we went to Keukenhof,the largest tulips garden in Europe,and a fact about this garden is that,it is only opened 2 months in a year,starting from March till May,which I think is the peak season of tulips.

It was a lovely day,and I think I had tulip-headache that day,haha.

Till then.

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